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Takes TaliRedmint's fantatic Creative Perks, and turns it into a total perk overhaul! Now with scaling Weapon Proficiency perks!

Permissions and credits
This is a total perk overhaul, built on top of Creative Perks, with additional patches for some other mods to flesh out specific perks.

As featured in Life in the Ruins
see the modlist in the Wabbajack Gallery for more information

Better Perks, Better Tree
-Generally, perks that are for specialized builds now have higher special requirements and have been consolidated into the same stat, e.g. melee based perks are now all high strength, but things like Local Leader, Lone Wanderer, and ranged weapon perks have low requirements. Gumshoe (creative perks version of Mysterious Stranger) was moved to Perception, Steady Aim was moved to Perception, Lone Wanderer was moved to Luck (because you need Charisma to not have friends?). Things like that.
-Perks that are universally useful, but not really required for a build, cap collecter, scrapper, fortune finder, scrounger, have generally have higher requirements. Rank 10 perks are generally now niche perks for specific playstyles that utilize having that special maxed out, rather than just good perks that everyone will want (e.g., ninja, sniper).
-I've also integrated various other overhauls via optional replacer patches, to greatly expand some perks. Wasteland whisperer gives you animal companions via the Beast Master Mod, Freeze greatly expands the gameplay surrounding intimidation, and Locky Bastard gives you multiple ways to break into where you're not supposed to be!

Level requirements for perks have been reverted to vanilla values.

SPECIAL Requirements
Perks now require increasing specials for each rank (e.g., gunslinger 1 requires agility 1, gunslinger 2 requires agility 2, etc). Special training now maxes out at starting stat + 10.

Weapon Proficiency Damage Perks
The first rank of all weapon damage perks now grants you Proficiency with that class of weapons. In the vanilla balance version, Proficiency is 10 + 2 * player level % increased damage. This roughly correlates to taking every damage perk right before the next one becomes available (based on level). Yes, a single perk now grants you base scaling with the weapon class, allowing you to expand your choice of weapons with a single perk, removing the annoyance of being forced to use a single class of weapons at higher level because of how expensive it is to invest in multiple weapon perks. Subsequent ranks of the perk grant you special bonuses with that class of weapons.

The Last rank of all weapons perk grants Mastery. This is an additional 10% damage (and has been included primarily because disabling the perks is incompatible with anything that uses them for crafting).

The Perks!
If a perk doesn't have a description, it uses the Creative Perks effects.

1 Big Leagues (Weapon Proficiency - melee)
2 Heavy Gunner (Weapon Proficiency- heavy)
3 Blacksmith
4 Synth Body Modified Effect Level 3 now grants reduced damage from other synths
5 Buffness: NEW PERK: Grants you health and armor bonuses based on your strength score
6 Ironfist: (Weapon Proficiency- Unarmed)
7 Pain Train
8 Aqua Boy/Girl: New Effect: Increased swimming speed, and improved healing from drinking water
9 Blitz
10 Barbarian: Modified Effect

1 Explorer: NEW PERK, Bonux EXP for location discovery, a move speed buff, and unlocks fast travel in survival mode (to Red Rocket locations)
2 Rifleman: Weapon Proficiency- Rifles: Rank 3/4 use the old concentrated fire mechanic
3 Locksmith: Changed 4th Rank, now instead of never breaking a bobby pin, you always start on the sweet spot when lock picking (taken from Creative Perk's Beginners Luck effect)
4 Steady Aim
5 Gumshoe: Modified Effect - Mysterious stranger at lvl 2, other levels tweaked slightly
6 Night Person: Rank 1 & 2 Vanilla, ranks 3 Creative Perks (a melee effect doesn't make sense in the perception tree, and the perception buff has some nice mechanical and thematic synergy with Gumshoe). Also includes a fix for night vision so it doesnt suck.
7 Awareness: MODIFIED Rank 2 Replaced with "aiming highlights enemies, and mark them with a compass pip
8 Bullet to the Knee: NEW PERK, Deals extra damage to limbs
9 Penetrator
10 Sniper: NEW PERK: Rank 1 slows time slightly, while sneaking and aiming but drains ap, rank two improves control and reduces ap drain, rank 3 always crit against full health enemies

1 Lead Belly
2 Shotgun Surgeon (Weapon Proficiency- shotguns)
3 Armorer
4 Strong Back
5 Chem Resistant (Vanilla)
6 Refractor: New Effect Lasers have a chance to be absorbed, charging your critical meter instead of damaging you
7 Solar Powered: Modified Effect 
8 Ricochet: New Effect - chance to deal damage to attacker (no longer insta-kill)
9 Survival Instincts
10 Ghoulish

1 Local Leader 
2 Attack Dog
3 Inspirational (Weapon Proficiency for companions)
4 Party Boy/girl
5 Dressed for the Apocalypse: New Perk Bonuses while not wearing armor
6 Lady Killer /Black Widow: Modified Effect scales with charisma, lvl 3 grants half effects to same sex
7 Cap Collector Modified Effect  Also grants bonus cha with enough caps
8 Intimidation Optional - Freeze Intimidation Overhaul patch
9 Animal Friend: New Effect - Animals are now neutral / friendly
10 Wasteland Whisperer - vanilla effect

1 Medic
2 Engineering
3 Demolition Expert (Weapon Proficiency- explosives)
4 Hacking: Vanilla (I recommend using the Ultimate Hacking mod, with my patch)
5 Chemist
6 Scrapper
7 Science
8 Forced Evolution: New Perk - themed around creating a modified FEV strain, and injecting yourself to become part super mutant. Grants permanent improvements to Strengh and Endurance, but penalties to Charisma, immunity to Disease, and health regeneration below 50% that scales with how much health you are missing. (Don't try to remove this perk with a respec mod, the stat changes really are permanent)
9 Robotics
10 Nuclear Physicist

1 Quick hands
2 Gunslinger (weapon proficiency- pistols) Ranks 3/4 use the vanilla Gun-Fu mechanic
3 Action Boy/Girl: New Effect - AP Regen based on your move speed
4 Sneak
5 Ninja: Modified: Rank 3 now causes distant enemies to lose you when stealthed (taken from Mr Sandman)
6 Acrobatics
7 Thievery
8 Gun Fu New Effect Bonus damage and defense against melee enemies
10 Mr Sandman: Creative Perks Modified: Rank 3 now applies a lethal poison with blades

1 Beginner's Luck: New Perk (based on giving weird random effects)- Rank 1 Chance to recieve 3x exp from any action, rank 2 Gives you a chance to find more ammo on your last shot, Rank 3 your enemies explode in a shower of caps
2 Spray 'n Pray (Weapon proficiency: automatics): Old modified Commando perk
3 Lone Wanderer
4 Fortune Finder
5 Scrounger
6 Classic Crits
7 Four Leaf Clover: New Perk - the effects from Creative Perks version of Beginners Luck (flat bonuses based on luck) have been moved here
8 Better Criticals
9 Life Giver: New Perk- Take greatly reduced damage while at full health (great for surviving explosions and ambushes)
10 Grim Reaper Sprint: New Perk- Variant of nerd rage, increases movement speed, gives a dodge chance, and action points on kills

Levelled Specials
An optional file is included which adds level requirements to Special Training, specials can only be increased through training every 7 levels.

-Anything that modifies perks will probably be incompatible, patches for Locky Bastard, and AutoHack are available (and recommended).
-Survival mods that enable fast travel should be turned off if you want the effect of explorer unlocking survival travel to matter.

BLD Patch
Thanks to ExpressFreely for making the BLD patch -check out his stuff here
Better Explosives Redux is recommended and people should avoid the Demolitions Expert perk as they aren't balanced for the mod and he never made any adjustments to the perk either (it is on his to-do list)

Recommended Load Order for the Full Experience
Lunar Fallout Overhaul (Optional: This is a full overhaul, not just a perk mod)
Creative Perks Plus
Locky Bastard (replacer patch integrates changes)
Auto Hack (replacer patch integrates changes)
Freeze Intimidation Overhaul (replacer patch integrates changes)
Beast Master (replacer patch puts the entire mod behind the Wasteland Whisperer, and disables the control chip crafting, animals are only tamable with that perk)

-Balancing and testing: I've only done basic testing on the perks, please provide any feedback in the comments. In general, my balance target is a Lunar Fallout survival playthrough with damage modifiers reduced to either normal or hard levels (personally, I love the extra details in survival, but hate that stealth ends up being the only real viable build).
-Make Refractor trigger the Refractor animation, instead of the Ricochet animation

Known Issues
-Levelled Specials isn't compatible with Respec mods. If you want to respec your character, disable LevelledSpecials.esp, and re-enable afterwards (otherwise you will be resitricted in how many special points you can assign).
-Forced Evolution's changes are permanent. This allows the bonuses to count for perk prerequisites, but means Respec mods will return the wrong amount of points if you try to respec after taking it.

My Other Mods

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An AWKCR free version of Thirdstorm's masterpiece, with loads of updates and bugfixes. Also includes standalone Super Mutants, and a lite version of the regular UNPCs

Creative Perks Plus - Finishing what TaliRedmint started - a total perk overhaul.

Gunmetal Faction Distribution Framework -  An (almost) AWKCR-free framework for distribution of Gunmetal Armor, Weapon and Clothing Skins (and who doesn't love free skins?), as well as Creation Club skins.

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