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A massive overhaul of Fallout 4 that rebalances many systems within the game to create a cohesive system. Difficulty has increased, but there are also quality of life improvements.

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Welcome to the Wasteland that should have been
requires all DLC except texture pack
available for Xbox and PS4 (mirror section)

Lunar Fallout All in One (older version here) is a massive overhaul project that rebalances almost every aspect of the game. You will find yourself in a world that does not hand everything to you. You will need to prove yourself with low level equipment before better gear becomes available. Perk choices will be more difficult as each option has been weighed against each other. Scarcity is a real thing in the Commonwealth, but high risk offers high reward.

This overhaul was started in 2016 as a series of smaller overhauls with the intention of bringing Fallout 4 closer to what I felt it should have been on release. Since then it has grown past my initial expectations and become quite a bit more. I have also grown more confident in making bolder changes as I've become a more experienced modder with a greater sense for the overall balance of the game. There has been a slow shift towards increasing the challenge of the game beyond my original intent. However this has come naturally in the process of balancing all of the systems within the game rather than purely to increase difficulty.

All in One? Yes, this mod encompasses almost every element of the game I felt needed fixing or balancing (as well as suggestions other users have made). The goal was to make one mod that covers all critical areas of the game. If you could only use one mod to improve fallout 4 I'd want this to be your choice. My personal limits set have been no added scripts, no third party mod requirements and no files other than the esp. There is very little "new content". However the changes are significant enough that the game should feel fresh. This mod is a great excuse to try Fallout 4 again if you lost interest shortly after release (or just want to try another play through with a different overhaul).

Okay, Okay! What's in it?
For a more complete list of changes check the readme in the Documents section, but here is a quick overview.
  • Perks have been balanced so that there are more good choices available and fewer overpowered/game breaking choices.
  • Settlement management feels like part of the game, with perk requirements for many structures and mortal/diverse settlers you actually need to defend.
  • Combat AI has been tweaked to be more interesting/challenging.
  • All weapons have been balanced against each other and the other changes in this mod. Base damage has been increased overall. Weapon attachments rebalanced.
  • New weapon damage perks and some new receivers added to the game (level 85+)
  • Many armors have been tweaked and better balanced against each other. In particular removing Railroad ballistic weave option from some hats and underarmors.
  • NPCs and creatures have been adjusted to increase diversity in the world and how the world evolves as you level up.
  • Companion changes and improvements.
  • Food and drink overhaul with a perk requirement to craft better foods.
  • DLC integration and tweaks.
  • Economy tweaks that make merchants more interesting and getting rich more challenging.
  • A soft limit to power armor at early levels (requires Armorer ranks to repair parts).
  • Legendary effects added (and OP/magic effects like exploding bullets removed).
  • Only Legendary humans, supermutants and synths carry legendary items (no legendaries from creatures)
  • Loot tweaks for immersion and increased rarity.
  • Hazards more hazardous. Traps do more damage and sources of radiation like water and storms are more of a threat.
  • Some early game freebies removed (like being given one of every crafting bench at Sanctuary).
  • Slower leveling to create a soft cap (higher levels will require much more experience to unlock). However the V.A.N.S. perks counter this if you don't want it.
  • Lots of little quality of life changes.
  • Survival gameplay changes (compatible with most survival mods). Antibiotics are much harder to find.

Optional Files
I have set up a separate mod page to handle Patches and Optional Settings. Check it out as it offers some nice options and if I'm ambitious I will make more in the future. Of particular interest, there is a patch to help support use of other weapon mods and a patch to allow supply lines with Cap Collector.

I've also made a Lunar Fallout Weapon Pack which is a patch mod for a set of 3rd party weapon mods to add them to the game balanced with the rest of Lunar Fallout.

NSGM has been kind enough to share their German Translation of Lunar Fallout Overhaul. I will include the most recent version they share in the optional files section. Thanks!


Check the Articles section of this mod page for a list of recommended mods.
Because this is such a large overhaul it will likely conflict with many mods. And when it doesn't, there is a good chance other mods will throw off the balance I have created here. In many (hopefully most) cases, conflicting mods will simply not be needed with this mod as that element of the game is handled here. I will attempt to help as much as possible to guide you in figuring out if a mod works well with this. Care was taken to touch as little as possible that would cause conflicts outside of what I was directly editing (so things like quests and settlement workshop manager were not touched). For the most part, if something conflicts with my mod, I've probably already handled what that mod is trying to do.
  • Weapon mods will likely need a patch to increase their damage and the level at which they show up in game.
  • Anything that touches Legendary weapons system or Addiction manager will need patches to not break things.
  • Weather is not touched in here so weather mods are compatible.
  • Settlement mods should be compatible. I use Sim Settlements and Conqueror with no issues. I've edited Settlers, settlement structures and leveled lists that determine what gets placed in your workshop storage. Adding decorative items to the workshop will have no balance impact so go ahead.
  • Anything that edits NPCs (especially raiders and settlers) will likely be incompatible or need a patch.

Compatibility Patches and Useful Tools
Whisky's Lunar Fallout Scripts: AWKCR, Chem Redux and more
Ruddy88's Simple Sorter I've been told this works well with Lunar Fallout
Nedned has released several patches related to Lunar Fallout.

My mods not included (that are compatible, not necessarily recommended):
Cappy in a Haystack Easy Find
Alternate Trashcan Carla
Younger Patrick at Drumlin Diner

Special Thanks:
axle356258 for letting me include Settler Sandbox Expansion in the mod.
frogs345 for letting me include Increased Weapon Mod Distribution in the mod.
colorlessness for playtesting (and giving FO4 a second chance)
shamelesscreature for lots of great feedback