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Power Armor and some other armors are made more powerful to increase their usefulness.

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Power Armor and Armor Defensive Improvements (PADI) is a mod that increases the Damage Resistance and Armor Health of Power Armor, as well as improving a few other armors and outfits.


Almost every change made by this mod will be useful both to you, your allies, and your enemies.

Power Armor

The Damage Resistance and Armor Health of all Power Armors have been increased between five and ten times. This means that Power Armor now offers significantly better protection from ballistic and other types of physical damage. Furthermore, wearing Power Armor will negate an additional 80% of the damage from any ballistic weaponry.

In contrast to this, the Energy Resistance has not been changed at all. This means that Power Armor is excellent for stopping projectiles, but laser weapons will easily chew through it. Instead, just like in the vanilla game, Energy Resistance is something that must be improved using the upgrading system.

Power Armor now also comes with a distinct weakness in the form of plasma weapons. When wearing any form of Power Armor, the incoming damage from plasma weapons will be amplified by 300%. However, notice that while having armor pieces equipped on the Power Armor, they will by default offer a fair bit of protection from the damage types that are used by plasma weapons. As such, a good set of Power Armor will still offer much better protection from plasma weapons than if you weren't wearing anything at all.

In addition to their base stats and traits, PADI also makes some improvements to Power Armor upgrades. The following paints have been changed to increase their usefulness:

  • Titanium Plating now increases the Armor Health by 30% per piece, instead of 10% like in the vanilla game.
  • Explosive Shielding should now be about twice as efficient at reducing damage from explosions compared to the vanilla game.

From a balance standpoint, all this means that Power Armor has become more specialized. For example, after joining the Brotherhood of Steel, fighting common raiders might suddenly become a lot easier, while the Institute and their synths will be a greater threat. And enemies with plasma weapons will of course be extremely dangerous.


PADI makes some improvements to the "Wastelander" collection. That includes the following:

  • Radstag Hide Outfit
  • Explorer Outfit
  • Scavenger Outfit
  • Drifter Outfit
  • Spike Armor
  • Helmeted Spike Armor
  • Cage Armor
  • Helmeted Cage Armor

They may look menacing, but these armors and outfits all lack the ability to be upgraded by any means, are quite heavy, and take up most or all body slots on the wearer. With PADI installed, the armors and outfits in this collection all have increased Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance, along with a boost to the wearer's Endurance. The helmeted variants will also provide a small amount of Radiation Resistance. All in all, they are going to be inferior to a set of fully upgraded normal armor, but they will be much more viable than they were in the vanilla game.

Since these armors often are worn by (important) raiders and raider bosses, these characters are also going to be a bit tougher in combat than they previously were.


This mod is very much open to feedback and ideas for additional modifications and improvements to be made.

PADI should technically work at any difficulty level and by itself without issues. However, it is primarily designed to be used in Survival Mode alongside WDI and/or FallExD, which both are mods that will increase the damage received in combat. If PADI is used without having such mods installed, it might become a bit overpowered.


Using Vortex is the recommended method.


For the main part of the mod, all you need is Fallout 4.

For the optional DLC files, you need their respective DLCs.


PADI should be compatible with most mods, unless they make edits to any of the same assets.