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Swimout drastically increases the amount of radiation taken from hazardous waters, and severely reduces Strength and Endurance when swimming.

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In the vanilla game, you are able to swim super fast through hazardous waters without much of a penalty. Even the radiation exposure is a minimal issue that's easy to shrug off. Overall, this is not acceptable for the immersion of Survival Mode. With Swimout installed however, this will drastically change.


When entering a body of hazardous water, the received radiation has been increased to 1000% of the amount in the vanilla game. Furthermore, when swimming, the player will receive a massive reduction to their Strength and Endurance stats. Now you should never enter water unless absolutely necessary and with proper preparations.

From an overall gaming perspective, making water a realistic barrier is hard. In real life, people would normally avoid jumping into water simply because getting wet is too inconvenient. Simulating the sense of inconvenience in a game can be difficult without adding unreasonable penalties.

Fallout however, solves this problem in a really interesting way. As much as getting wet may not be the issue in itself, the radiation in the water introduces a new type of inconvenience, unique to the world of Fallout. With that being said though, the radiation in the vanilla game is still far too weak to deter players from entering water, especially considering how the overall swim speed is exceptionally high.

For compatibility related reasons, the perks Aquaboy and Aquagirl have not received any form of edits. From an immersion and survival perspective, a player would normally want to avoid these perks either way, because they are quite immersion breaking.


This mod is not directed towards average players, but rather to those who want the most hardcore survival experience possible in Fallout.

All in all, DO NOT download this mod unless you want the game to become significantly harder.

As of version 2.0, the mod was recreated to avoid touching unrelated assets and increase compatibility. The new version also only reduces Strength and Endurance in the water, unlike the original version, which affected all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.


Using Vortex is the recommended method.


All you need is Fallout 4.


Swimout should be compatible with most mods, unless they try to accomplish the same thing.