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The Beantown interiors project, the sister mod to Fallout 3's D.C. Interiors Project and Fallout New Vegas's N.V. Interiors Project, opens up many of the boarded building for you to explore.

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Beantown Interiors




Have you ever thought about scavenging the Commonwealth, even though, the super mutants, Ghouls or Raiders
may horrifically and violently rip your heart out? 

Have you said to yourself "D*** the torpedoes, I am going into Downtown Boston or I'm heading to the coast!", only
to find once you arrive that 99% of the shops and houses are all boarded up?
Have you ever wondered "Why hasn't anyone looted these buildings in the last 200 years?" (Well 210 years to be
exact, give or take the rotation of the earth and a few dings to my chronometer!)

If so, then this mod is for you!

The Beantown interiors project, the sister mod to Fallout 3's D.C. Interiors Project and Fallout New Vegas's
N.V. Interiors Project, promises to bring many of the elements from my previous mods which you've come to know
and love, into Fallout 4. I also hope to add more depth and, features, as my modding skills progress. This Mod opens up many of the boarded building for you to explore. 


Install with NMM or place the contents of this archive in Fallout 4/data folder, Activate with NMM.

Beantown Interiors Project is not compatible with the old versions of the Beantown Interiors Core, Nuka-Cola Decor or The Mad bombers Workshop. 


Remove from NMM or your Fallout 4/Data Folder. 


Fallout 4, (Pre-Survival compatible,  tested on game version and up.) 

Known Issues,


Beantown Interiors Add-on's,

Beantown Interiors "The Mad bombers Workshop" (Discontinued added to Beantown Interiors) 
Beantown Interiors "Nuka-cola Decor" (Discontinued added to Beantown Interiors)


Update v9.3.2
  • Fixes Compatibility setting for Bunker 13, 

Update v9.3.1
  • Adds Menu art icons for all gnomes and collectibles.
  • Minor bugfix's 

Update v9.3

Three New Interiors, 
  • 1 East Boston  (Easy City Downs),
  • 2 Salem,

Major bugfix pass due to changes made in one of the last CC updates. Updates, fixes in nearly every interior Beantown adds. 
Added compatibility setting for Insidejobs. 

Update v9.1:

Three New Interiors, 
1 Jamaica plain,
2 Charlestown,

Adds fake interior audio and sound markers to all of Beantown's interiors stopping it from raining on the inside.
Cleand Pre-Combined meshes with "FO4Edit PreCombined Data Editor".   (Forest Gromve Marsh, Nahant)
Other Minor Bugfixes.

Update v9.0:

Three New Interiors, 
  • Concord
  • Medford
  • Nahant

New Halloween Load Screen,

New compatibility settings for,
  • Bunker 13
  • Wasteland Imports (Hides the Nuka-Cola floor lamps that cause a crash due to a texture conflict)
  • Halloween Loading screens 

Many many minor bugfixes

Update v8.9.3
No new interiors, 
  • Mostly an XB1 update that reduces file size,
  • Updated Scripts,
  • Updated Gnome Meshes and Textures,
  • Navemesh fixes,
  • Other Drunken Gnome Fixes,
  • Other minor Fixes,

Update v8.9.2

Update v8.9.1

  • Fixes Xmas Load Screens always showing,
  • Fixes, Seasonal Load Screen settings option,
  • Fixes, incorrect material swap on a Mad Bomber Loading Screen,
  • Fixes, Missing Mad Bomber Loading Screen Mesh,
  • Fixes Several Drunken Gnome names,
  • Updates the options Holotape with correct Drunken Gnome Info.,
  • Fixes Several Typo's,
  • Drunken Gnome Loading screens now only show while the quest is active. 
Update v8.9
My biggest update to date even bigger then my first release of this mod! 
  • Adds 26 new interiors,
  • Fixes a bug in the Drunken Gnomes quest which made it impassible to complete, 
  • Fixes some Gnome Names, 
  • Fixes some bugs in the Settings Holotape,
  • Fixes the toy boat mesh so it can be viewed in the Pip-Boy,
  • Fixes Occlusions in Forest Grove Marsh,
  • Fixes the Water Glitch in Forest Grove Marsh, 
  • Adds new Loading Screens, 
  • Adds option to disable Seasonal Loading Screens in the Settings Holotape,
  • Many other minor bugfixes,
I'm happy to announce that all single story wood frame houses that can be opened up now are. Vanilla had 47, I've opened 44 of them, there were 2 used as vanilla interiors and one that was so far underground that it would have needed a massive overhaul to open with new LOD so I didn't attempt it. 
This is my "End of the Year" update, I will be around for small patches but don't expect anything major until 2017. 
I did not get the Drunken Gnome Prize finished again! I wanted to but for reasons and personal frustrations it's still WIP. If you cheat into it do so at your own risk! I may try to finish it between Christmas and the New Year but, don't expect it. It is on the list of things to do but, I'm now going to take some time for myself and also Port what I can from this to PS4 first. 
The Drunken Gnomes and I wish you and yours a happy Holiday and a Drunken New Year! 

Update v8.6

  • Adds six new interiors, 
  • Move  and fixes, one gnome who was originally in the Prydwin,
  • Fixes water issue in Forest Grove Marsh, 
  • Minor Bug Fixes, 

Update v8.5.2

  • Fixed, miss matched building textures 
  • Moved toys from junk to misc
  • Fixed an issue where some Drunken Gnomes were crafting the wrong object
  • other minor bugfixes

Update v8.5.1

  • Fixes Missing .bgsm files. 

Update v8.5

  • Fixes some errors in Nuka-World

Update v8.4.9

  • Fixes a Huge mistake in Nuka-World

Update v8.4.8

  • 1 New Interior, 
  • Updated Meshes and Textures

Update v8.4.7
  • Adds Compatibility setting for Lexington Interiors
  • Fixes Compatibility with Subway Runner door in Lexington                                                           
  • Fixes, Occlusion issues In Concord 

Update v8.4.5

Changes Identical to master edits used to disable Pre-combined meshes. This was done to keep people from freaking out over what may look like a dirty edit but was used to fix the sprint bug.

Fixes two typos

Update v8.4.4

Adds 4 new buildings,  
  • 2 In Concord 
  • 2 In East Boston (Easy City Downs)  

  • Sprint Bug Fix 
  • New Meshes and textures 
  • Other Minor Bugfixes

Update v8.4.1

  • Fixes followers not following the player into "Abandoned House" in concord and "Hatch" in Lexington. 

Update v8.4

Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World

  • New models and textures,  
  • Adds Nuka world collectables,
  • Adds "Drunken Gnomes" Quest

The "Drunken Gnomes Quest" can be completed BUT the prize is not fully finished. If you do somehow find all 35 Drunken Gnomes you will still receive the prize.   

I don't expect anyone to find all the gnomes before I finish the prize and if someone does they  
A. Have less of a social life then I do! 

B. Cheated!!!!  
I'm leaning towards "A".  

Happy Hunting

Update v8.3.1

  • Adds a missing Material that for some odd reason didn't pack with the other assets
  • Cleans some Dirty Edits (Un-deletes unintentionally Deleted Ref's)

Update v8.3

  • Adds Two New Interiors,
  • Fixes land height bug in Far Harbor,
  • Adds Compatibility setting for "Plenty O Exploration"
  • Updated Meshes and Textures,
  • New Clutter
  • Adds Perk to the Eyeful and Titter magazines.

Update v8.2.2

  • Fixes a bug in the Mad Bomber Quest where the magazines were not enabling the correct bombs. 

Update v8.2.1

  • Fixes missing scripts in the .ba2 archive.

Update v8.2

  • Fixes Virtabird bug which was reintroduced because I screwed up! 
  • Minor bug fix for item names,
  • Adds 5 new interiors,
  • Adds New Collectible items,

Update v8.1

Fixes occlusion issues in new locations.

Update, v8

Requires Far Harbor

  • 7 new interiors to explore. 
  • Minor Bugfixes,
  • New Hardcore Clutter option to reduce the amount of clutter.
  • New Far Harbor collectibles. 
  • Building mesh update, You can now shoot through the windows of every building. Thanks robboten for the updated collisions.

Drunken Gnomes did not make it into this update. Well it did but it's hidden until I finish the quest. I'm also thinking I may  hold it back until Nuka world releases. You will see load screens for gnomes but the quest itself is incomplete and will not start. The gnomes placed in the world are hidden from the game.  

Update, v7

Minor Bugfixes,

  • Fixes an issue with Virtabirds flying through buildings.

Update, v6

Minor Bugfixes,

  • Fixed "The Suicide Bomber's Guide to Survival" adding the "Wasteland Survival Guide Lvl 1 perk" 
  • Fixed "Nuka-Cola Digest" Showing the wrong Vault-Boy icon when found.

Major BugFix,

  • Fixed missing buildings around "Green Tech Gen."

Adds 5 new exploitable interiors,

  • 1 in Forest Grove Marsh,
  • 1 in Lexington,
  • 3 Jamaica plains,

Includes a Beantown Interiors Settings .ini which will automatically set 

Update, v5.1

  • Adds 1 new interior to Forest Grove Marsh,
  • Fixes the occlusion culling LOD issue,
  • Changes the name of the BTInt Options Holotape to [Settings] Beantown Interiors for future compatibility with  Fallout 4 Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)


You must edit your Fallout4custom.ini,

Add the following under [Gameplay]:

If you don't you will get the "Sprint Bug" in every cell I've edited!

Update v5

Only thing that changed was the version number. When I added console support on Beth.net there stupid versioning system kicked in and updated to v5. I'm only making is change to keep the versioning the same on both sites.

Nothing has changed in the PC version. 

Update, v4

Minor Bug fixes to existing content,

Major changes,

  • Three new open world interiors, (Forest Grove Marsh)
  • Options Holotape, (Holotape gets added to player on update or when leaving Vault 111 for the first time)
  • Two new free form crafting quests, (Nuka-Cola Decor and The Mad Bomber's Workshop)
  • 12 new quest related perk's magazines, (not all have been placed in the game world)
  • New Crafting items for (Nuka-Cola Decor and The Mad Bomber's Workshop)
  • 40 new unique clutter items,  (not all have been placed in the game world)
  • The ability to craft static versions of the new clutter at any settlement workshop.
  • 8 new Beantown Interiors Loading Screens,

Please read the options Holotape to understand all of the new features. 

Update, v3

Minor Bug fixes

  • Fixed a Bookshelf door which should have been a Static Bookshelf.
  • Figured out more about the materials swap, Now all painting are distressed.
  • Adds one new load screen interior to Concord, (Abandoned House)

Release, v2

Just opened in the lovely town of Concord, 

Eleven previously boarded homes.

Featured Videos


Elianora, for the Nuka-Cola Lamp Shade Textures.

robboten, Ethreon, for fixing up my mesh collisions so you can now shoot through the windows. 

VlitS for helping pack ba3's for the XB1 version

LoneRaptor and, Kinggath for quest scripts and help getting "Drunken Gnomes" working the way I wanted.