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This mod allows you to have a alternate end to the quest "The Nuclear Option" , also if you've completed "The Nuclear Option" A holotape is provided to reverse the effects. This is a Main Quest End Changer, Full Description contains spoilers.

Permissions and credits
This mod will be updated by RuneImp for all updates after 0.2beta, he has  graciously offered to take over this mod  and continue its advancement.

Important - Uninstall 0.1Beta Before installing 0.2Beta

Please report problems you may encounter - if you don't report them I won't be able to hunt them down and fix them, or be able to tell if its related to other mods.

The Description here contains spoilers related to the main missions of Fallout 4,  If you haven't played through the game, and do not want to know what may happen,  I suggest you stop reading now, Sorry but there is no way to describe what this mod does without giving spoilers.

This mod contains NO Loose files (there is a loose version now for those who prefer).  This is a scripted mod.   It uses one quest to add a holotape to your inventory (for those who already completed "The Nuclear Option")

I consider this a beta mod, far as I know everything is working properly for all three playthroughs for "The Nuclear Option" for my testing, but if you find anything not working properly please report.

Tested on games where "The Nuclear Option" had been completed and the holotape restoration works for everything far as I can tell.  If you find any problems please let me know so that I can get them fixed.

Playing through "The Nuclear Option"

What this effectively  does is lets you run the mission for the mintutemen, Railroad or Brotherhood of Steel  like  you normally would, but when it comes time to detonate the reactor, your given  a choice, you can disarm the detonator or blow up the institute.  If you disarm the detonator, there will be no cut scene and The quest will complete.  If you choose Misdirection, the quest will seem to continue as normal however the institute will remain intact while the CIT ruins will be destroyed.  If you choose to become enemies with the brotherhood/railroad the three faction members will begin attacking out on the roof top, The Nuclear Option will complete successfully, however any quests related to that faction that are running will fail.

The Minutemen are the only faction you can not become hostile with, becoming hostile with them essentially  kills the ability to have companions, as any time you attack any minutemen, your companion wants to leave (Do to affinity) and then begins attacking you after you dismiss them.  Felt it best to leave this out of the options sense companions are a key piece.

When becoming enemies with the railroad certain companions may no longer like you, and/or may attack you on sight (like Deacon) but many of them won't care which way you go.

When you become enemies with a faction, and had Shaun (synth child) leave with you from the institute, Shaun will be found inside the enemy base,  making it so you have to assault the enemy base in order to get Shaun to a new location.

After you've completed "The Nuclear Option" and selected not to detonate the bomb, you can fast travel back to the institute,  or use the alternate entrance via the public works tunnel (exposed to player via railroad  or minutemen quest line).  

After returning to the institute everything should function as if you never attacked them and had not been kicked out from the institute.  The Normal Synths, Venders, and Named NPC's should be  wandering  around  doing their normal things.  If you killed any of these actors prior to the attack on the insitute - they will not be restored, they will still be dead.

When you've Already Completed "The Nuclear Option" Prior to installing the mod

If you destroyed the Institute and want to restore it, when the mod  is  installed and the first time you load the character, you'll be given a holotape, you'll find it in your inventory under the misc section labeled "Institute Restoration".  Playing this tape will allow you to restore the insitute back to its previous self before destroying it, like above, the actors will be back in place inside the institute as though you never attacked it.  Any actors that were dead prior to the nuclear option quest will still be dead.  This will restore both the inside and outside of the institute.

Additional Features of Hollow Tape

Some items in some of the areas may not properly reset,  if they don't, while your in that cell, for instance, the Old Robotics Wing, load up the holotape and you will be given options for that area for additional restoration features, like in the Old Robotics Wing,  restoring the Klaxon's on the walls to their default state.

Additionally for the BoS questline, there is a option for restoring  the hole that Prime makes at CIT, if the option does not show for you when you go to the CIT building, visit the institute, then return to the CIT building.

The Central Elevator

The original elevator control system is tied  directly into the quest lines and the elevator essentially becomes non-usable after the attack.  After "The Nuclear option" has been finished and you chose to restore or not blow up the institute, the elevator controls are swapped for a functional set with a new elevator script to make them work.  When arriving, you may have to click the elevator button twice the first time you use it in order to get the elevator moving, this is because the old control triggered a final command on the elevator and the new script hasn't yet taken over, after that, the elevator should function as normal.

Known Problems

These are minor issues and easy to clear out via the console or normal play, the institute was not meant to be returned to after "The Nuclear Option" so  no cleanup for that quest was done, as a result, the following may happen:

Railroad / Minutemen Quest line - you may end up with 3 of these faction hanging out in the
teleporter room.  They are random spawns, no linkage to them that I can
find, so there is no way to remove them sort of  using console
commands, killing them,  or tossing synth grenades in their general 
direction ;)

Brotherhood of Steel Quest line - You may end up with 2-3  randomly  placed  suits of BoS Power Armor that is tagged as owned,
these are leftovers from the attack on the institute and  have no
linkage to them to be able to remove that i've been able to find.

There is no cleanup scripting  for the institute  after the questline, so
dead bodies, and the such will remain until their normal timers expire.

I hope you all enjoy, This one I consider to be in beta, I have played through  all three quest lines on this mod, and everything seems to work properly.  If you run into any problems please report them so that I can hunt down what is causing it.  I had to hunt down a ton of stuff just to get the restoration working properly, and I may have missed one or two items along the way.  believe me  when I say there is alot to making the institute useable after 'The Nuclear Option'.


Question: I don't get a option to restore the institute on the holotape when I have already played through the quest.

Answer:  One of two things have happened, the quest didn't fully end, you may still need to collect your reward from the minutemen or railroad, and after doing so the quest will be fully ended and you will be able to restore the institute.  Even though the quest itself is tagged as completed, the reward is a misc.  quest bit that finalized the mission (looking for alternative check).   type sqs mq302 to see the quest stages in the console, if the line 1000 doesn't say (Done) after it, you still need to collect your reward.

If its not because of the first one, The second thing that may of happened is you didn't fully get  kicked from the institute do to a hickup,  or a mod added the institutes faction back to your player.   To remove the faction from your character, type player.RemoveFromFaction 005e558 in the console and then run the holotape and the option to restore the institute will be given, on running it you'll be added back into the institutes faction and made a member of the institute.


               Can't believe I didn't notice but previous version had a typo in the ESP name
               (Insitute instead of Institute) so the scripts weren't getting loaded.
               Uninstall Previous version to ensure that the misnamed ESP gets removed.

               Two Main files will be available for download:
                  1) BA2 Version - No lose files, only the ESP and a BA2 file containing the scripts.
                  2) Loose Version - Contains the ESP and Scripts as Loose files instead of in a

               More menu choices when activating the detinator:
                  1) Misdirection - The Bomb goes off but only blows up the CIT building.
                  2) Disarm the bomb, becoming enemies with Railroad (railroad playthrough)
                  3) Disarm the bomb, becoming enemies with Brotherhood (Brotherhood playthrough)
               When becoming enemies with the faction at the end by disarming the bomb if
               You choose, the faction leader becomes Killable, along with the two guards on the

When Choosing to disarm the bomb, You will no longer have to have the end  of
               mission dialog conversations with the leader.

               Some minor script changes and fixes.
0.1Beta - Original Upload.