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MaikCG F4Biped. Animation rig for Fallout 4. This animation kit allows you to create new animations for the Fallout 4 for the first and third person and import vanilla animation.

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MaikCG F4Biped. Animation rig for Fallout 4.

This animation kit allows you to create new animations for the Fallout 4 for the first and third person and import vanilla animation.


1. Software
2. Specification
3. Instructions    
4. FAQ


General software information

3DMAx 2014
Motionbuilder 2014
Maya 2016
Havok 2 FBX Converter 0.1a


2. Kit

- F4Biped.max
This is the main working file.

Here skeleton bones from F4 linked to 3DMax Biped rig. This gives a simple operation for creating animation. Biped has an excellent opportunity to work with IK/FK animation arms and leg, own funds to work with clips and poses and finally import motion capture data. Built-in support twist bones on arms. When the likely expansion of the skeleton in the future (type as XPMS) bones will be added to the game skeleton without touching the control rig. File is also suitable for work with armor or clothes and their skinning, 6 bones replaced by point helper for complete symmetry "Skin" modifier. (Need increase symmetry  threshold from 0.5 to 0.55)

- F4BipedImport.max
File to import *.fbx vanilla animations.

- F4BipedCAT.max
For some can be complicated use Biped. For 1st view animation particularly, because the main purpose of Biped is a motion capture and join to Motionbuilder. I did it for myself! :D
That's rig for most inexperienced users based on system CAT.

- F4BipedCATImport.max
File to import *.fbx vanilla animations.

- F4Biped.FBX
The same file for Motionbuilder. Biped as base for control rig. Motionbuilder is an exelent tool for animation humans. The best choice for processing motion capture data. Since Havok Content Tools does not work with Motionbuilder, the animation need to export to the 3DMax or Maya.

- F4Biped.ma
The same file for Maya. This is a copy rig from Motionbuilder which in Maya called as HumanIK. Similar as with Biped here game skeleton linked to HumanIK rig.

- F4Animation.hko
Main preset for HavokContentTools

- Fallout4Rig1st.txt
- Fallout4Rig3rd.txt

Bones list for skeleton settings in the HavokContentTools. For 3rd and 1st person view.

- skeleton.hkx
File for Havok 2 FBX Converter.


3.1 Import vanilla animation

All F4 annimation created in the 64 bit version HavokContentTools. At the same time havok2fbx working only with 32 bit files. In order to convert you need to use HCT. Start 3dmax, open HCT export window and load F4Animation.hko preset. It conntain three variant:


Select option ConvertAnimation_x32.
In first filter "Merge Asset" you need choose vanilla *.hkx animation file
In third filter "Write to Platform" you need specify output folder and select file format - Binary, Packfile, Win32MSVC.
After this click "Run Configuration" and file wil be converted

Also you can select format - Tagfile, XML. This will extract the animation as XML (default *.hkt but it opens by notepad), in it you can find the names of events to track annotation (events created for F4 engine, mainly for playback of audio files)

Put the file skeleton.hkx and converted file (WPNReload.hkx for example) in folder with havok2fbx.
Then the console command will look like this:

havok2fbx.exe -hk_skeleton skeleton.hkx -hk_anim WPNReload.hkx -fbx WPNReload.fbx

Open F4BipedImport.max in 3dmax and import the resulting file. In the FBX imorter settings choose "File content: Update animation" (by default "Add and update animation"). It must be remembered that the main direction of the face is +Y axis. Havok2fbx turn animation to axis +X, you need select Root bone and rotate skeleton in the correct orientation. In named selection sets choose "SaveAnimation", it select Camera nodes and all Bip bones without Nub. Select main menu "Animation" -> "Save Animation..."

Animated tracks - off
Include constraints - off
Keyable tracks - off
Segment - on (and setup start/end frames)
Key per frame - on
You save animation for selected bones as xml file.(*.haf)

Open F4Biped.max in 3dmax. In named selection sets choose "LoadAnimation". Select main menu "Animation" -> "Load Animation..."
Load Into Active Layer - off
Absolute - on
Replace - on
Motion Mapping/Retargeting - choose SaveLoadMapping.xmm

If does not work, check to make things right, it is a tested method.

When you received fbx file from havok2fbx open F4BipedCATImport.max After import fbx select Cat root (_Bip) and bake animation to new layer. In the layer !ConstraintLayer! contain set of constraints to be attached to the skeleton, you should not delete it. Just save only new layer (CollapsedLayer) with the baked animations and upload it to a file F4BipedCAT.max. Well done!

3.2 You can make animation directly to the biped/CAT.

3.3 Export biped to Motionbuilder

Open F4Biped.FBX in the Motionbulder, disable F4Biped rig (Source: None), in 3dmax in the named selection sets choose "LoadAnimation". Select main menu "File" -> "Send to" -> "Send to Motionbuilder" -> "Update current scene"
Warning! This option worked only if 3dmax and MoBu the same version. Autodesk can't able to send from 3dmax2016 to MoBu2015 or 3dmax2014 to Mobu2016.
In this case need to select Bip bones ("LoadAnimation" in the named selection set) and export selected to *.fbx file. In the MoBu bisable rig and load this file to "BipImport Track" in Story window. I wondering why I'm writing all this, Motionbuilder will benefit only those who really know what it is. :D

3.4 Weapons FPS and TPS.

What I have to tell you. For all animation F4 using identical skeleton. And of course weapon bones saved with them. The difference in these two skeletons - in the 1st person skeleton absence 14 bones for skinning, it has no effect on the animation, as well as a absence bone CamTarget in the Fallout4Rig1st.txt for HCT

Animations for the FPS weapons (\Actors\Character\_1stPerson\Animations) - weapon directed at the axis +Y, neck and head rotated back by 90 degrees so as not to accidentally fall into the camera. Body movement only in order to hands not stretched. HCT export with preset AnimationExport1stPerson.

Animations for the TPS - the same direction at the axis +Y. Most of the animation is done inplace. Locomotions to do with the actual shift Bip ans skeleton root. Still need to change the position of the Bip_Camera and Bip_CamTarget bones, as its default offset from the character is taken from an animation file. HCT export with preset AnimationExport3rdPerson.
For weapons exists a set of common animations (Actors\Character\Animations) and an additional set which stores the individual weapons pose bones (Actors\Character\Animations\Weapon). I looked up a couple of files, there is no even animation, just a pose.

All annotations for animations recorded in Note track. Warning! Note track not added to the main track Root object, it added to the transformation track. Already made.

In any case, use vanilla animations as an example of files


4. FAQ


q) can i ADD new animation for Fallout4?
a) YES
for more details about this i offer to look at the topic:

q) can i import vanilla animation into the 3dmax?
a) YES

q) can i add new armor and cloth?
a) YES, using files for the 3dmax or maya you can create new model and copy skinning from the body mesh to new model and export to nif file. you can import vanilla model and change it. for the 3dmax use - niftools-max-plugins-3.8.0

q) can i work with weapons with this files?
a) YES

q) can i create animation for two or more actors?
a) YES. in 3dmax need select all nodes in the scene and using rename tool add some prefix for them, after this import -> merge existing file and you will have two actors in scene. also 3dmax ease works with objects with the same name, permissible merge existing file without rename. in Motioonbuilder there is such a thing as "Namespace". in MoBu need to add namespace not only for bones but also to constraints before merge existing file. Maya? no, not heard, perhaps there is any simple mel-script to renaming

q) for 3rd person animation or for 1st person animation can use this rig?
a) both

q) can i import animation from Skyrim?
a) YES. use the XPMSE_Biped to import Skyrim animation to biped and after this save bip clip and load it to the F4Biped

q) where to get HavokContentTools?
a) a few yaers ago Intel distribut HCT free (including the 2014 version), today greedy Microsoft bought Havok and closed distribution program, therefore so hard to find in free access. but the Internet has kept all, HCT is not distribut by torrent, but can be obtained through personal contact amongst mod makers


27 July 2016

any questions please let me know

Test export ^_^