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Brings a substantial, yet grounded expansion to Militarized Minutemen by Corvalho1, adding new features such as new camouflage patterns, insignia badges, ranks, tactical accessories, headgear and outfits. Also adds many QOL improvements such as making the outfits craftable, removing leather/combat armour from NPC Minutemen and various bug fixes.

Permissions and credits

What is it?
This mod serves as an unofficial but endorsed "Expansion Pack" to Militarized Minutemen by Corvalho1.The Militarized Minutemen Uniforms, Patches and Insignia Addon, does exactly what it says on the tin - It adds a large selection of new shoulder patches, rank insignia, camouflage patterns and other military identification symbols. This mod also adds wearable flag patches and rank-insignia to the Minutemen Uniform's Plate-Carrier.

Vocational Patches (Left Shoulder Only)

New vocational patches are added that can be worn on the LEFT SHOULDER of every variant of the Minutemen Uniform added in Militarized Minutemen. These patches are used to distinguish between the different roles and vocations of the personnel within the Commonwealth Minutemen. 

These patches have also been integrated to the Levelled Lists for the NPC Minutemen.

New Rank Insignias
A number of new rank insignia have also been added. 

I chose the ranks existing during the period 1955-1968 of the US Army, as I believe this time period best portrays the setting of the Fallout series. As such, do note that some ranks from the modern day are omitted.


For the ranks already included in the Militarized Minutemen mod, low-visibility variants have been added. 

In addition, the new rank of First-Sergeant has been added.

I have also included rank insignia for Specialists.

The rank insignia for Enlisted/NCOs and Specialists can be worn EITHER on the shoulders, collar, or the Plate-Carrier.

Warrant Officers/Commissioned Officers
As rank insignia can now be worn on the Plate-Carrier and Collar, I've added the rank insignia for both Warrant Officers as well as Commissioned Officers.

These insignia can ONLY BE WORN on the
Plate-Carrier, or Collar.

Plate-Carrier Modifications
Flag Patches
from the Militarized Minutemen mod can now be worn on the Plate-Carrier from the mod. In addition, I've also added positions where Rank Insignia can also be worn.

Water Canteen and Magazine Dump Pouch are also available as optional modifications to the Plate Carrier.

Magazine Dump Pouch reduces reload times by about a half-second.

Water Canteen increases chances of survival in the wasteland.

Battlebelt is also available for some outfits

New Identification Symbols
In addition, new Identification insignia for Medical and Military Police Personnel are included. These are worn in place of the shoulder rank patches.

These have also been integrated to the Levelled Lists.

New Shoulder Tabs
Shoulder Tabs can now be added to the Militarised Minutemen Uniforms via modifications or levelled lists.
Full-Colour and Low-Vis Variants both available.

These have also been added to the levelled list NPC Minutemen.

New Camouflage Patterns
New Camouflages have been added, with some being implemented to the Levelled NPCs :

- Forest Pattern : Non-Digital jungle pattern based of Singapore Army No.4 pattern. (Click for Screenshot)

- Navy Pattern : A navalised variation of the Forest pattern. (Click for Screenshot)

- Tiger Stripe : Tigerstripe pattern in green. (Click for Screenshot)

- Woodland DPM : Disruptive Pattern Material for Woodland. (Click for Screenshot)

- 1942 Frogskin : USMC WW2 Frogskin Pattern (Click for Screenshot)

- Woodland ERDL : Leaf-inspired pattern for woodland environments developed in 1948. (Click for Screenshot)

- Winter ERDL : Woodland ERDL adapted for winter use (Click for Screenshot) - includes winterised Plate Carriers (Click for Screenshot)

- Desert : Hybrid of DBDU and DCU Patterns for desert environments, perfect for Nuka-World. (Click for Screenshot)

- Desert Tigerstripe : Desert variant of Tigerstripe pattern. (Click for Screenshot)

- Commonwealth: Hybrid of ERDL and DPM to work in various terrains and environments in the Commonwealth (Click for Screenshot)

- Urban: Dazzle pattern in dark grey for night-time or use in urban environments, based of the CTRG pattern from ArmA 3. (Click for Screenshot)

- Rhodesian Brushstroke: Disruptive brush pattern for use in arid bush environments. (Click for Screenshot)

- Woodland Vertical Lizard Stripe: Vertical lizard stripe for woodland environments. (Click for Screenshot)

- Woodland Flecktarn: German Flecktarn-style pattern for woodland environments. (Click for Screenshot)

Woodland M81: US improved ERDL for woodland environments. (Click for Screenshot)

Portuguese M63: Vertical lizard-stripe pattern developed in Portugal and utilised by many Cold-War era militia. (Click for Screenshot)

Two-Pattern Uniforms
A few uniforms can be worn with two patterns :
- Woodland ERDL (Green and Tigerstripe Top) 
- Desert (Tan and Dark Grey Top) 
- Woodland DPM (Green and Dark Grey Top) 
- Wasteland Camo (Green and Dark Grey Top) 
- Tigerstripe (Woodland ERDL Top) 
- Commonwealth (Green, Dark Grey and Tan Top)
- Rhodesian Brushstroke (Green, Tan and M63 Top)
- Woodland Vertical Lizard Stripe (Green Top)
- Woodland Flecktarn (Green Top)
Woodland M81 (Green and Dark Grey Top)
Portuguese M63 (Green and Rhodesian Brushstroke Top)

These have also been added to the levelled list NPC Minutemen.

Minutemen Crest Berets
New Minutemen Crest Berets, that can be crafted at Chemistry Stations or bought from the armoury vendor Sharon at the Castle. Can also be found on NPC Minutemen.

The berets use the improved models from Graf Panzer's STRAC Hats. 

Beret also includes option Headset (model from CROSS_COA by Niero)

Additional Outfits:
Minutemen Uniform with Battlebelt

Minutemen Tactical Rig and Flannel Shirt:

Minutemen Tactical Rig and Flannel Shirt and Combat Pants:

Minutemen Heavy Rig with Flannel Shirt and Combat Pants

Minutemen Recon Rig with Flannel Shirt and Combat Pants

Minutemen Garrison Attire:

Minutemen Oakley M-Frame Sunglasses and Tactical Beanie (Native Support):

Minutemen CVC Helmet (Native Support):

Minutemen Ghost Gas Mask:

Minutemen Pro-Tec Helmet (Native Support):

Minutemen Heavy Assault Helmet AKA Altyn Helmet (Native Support)

Minutemen Boonie Hats:

Minutemen Cavalry Sword
As of Update v2.1, the '2287 Light Cavalry Sword' will be issued to selected units of the Minutemen

What Mods Are Required?
Militarized Minutemen by Corvalho1

A Very Special Thanks To :
Corvalho1 - Militarized Minutemen mod
Graf Panzer - STRAC Hats
TheFallenKing - XB1 Port
Mandarinn - Battlebelt assets from Wasteland Clothes
3D_Molier - Water Canteen model
ProfessorHotbuns - Flannel Shirts models and textures
Niero - CROSS mods and permission to use assets.

nieverson - Lowa Zephyr GTX boots (assets)
BigLo - Tactical Combat Swimwear (assets)
hussky9 - Oakley M-Frame \ Altyn Helmet (assets)
chairborneit - Pro-Tec Helmet (assets)
 Hippiebrother3 - CVC Helmet (assets)
Nutulator - Metro Gasmask (PMM-88)
TH1098 - Blucher Sabre (assets)
hifoo - Boonie Hat (assets)