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Faction Pack which adds the Minutemen as a playable Liberators Faction!

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 4.1.7 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror
Faction: Minutemen
Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Commanders & Special Units: Yes
Decorations: No
Soundscape: No

37 Commanders, 9 Special Units, Matching Outfits and Ranks, and Much, Much More!

Adds the Minutemen as a playable Liberator Faction, so you can be a General with some agency in your Army.

5 Ranks, each with improved gear and weapons if their stationed settlement has an Armory, (Standard recruits have a 10mm and the Army's uniform)
(You MUST have an Armory in your Soldiers' settlements in order for them to equip the next corresponding uniform/weapon)
Level based on the players level! So theyll never be too weak and wont start too strong! (They'll be too weak in the early beginning though!)
Feel too weak or don't like the getup? Equip your Soldiers with Armor and Weapons of your choosing!

Soldiers will also display their rank Insignias on their collars, sleeves, and vests! Wow!

 37 (Thirty-Seven!) unique commanders! Most commanders are promoted for being long time leaders of their respective settlements, and are tied to their homes!
Companions can lead anywhere you like! 
Travelling Merchants are the type of people who like to roam around!
(Packs which add the same Commanders will display names twice, but since they use the same NPC records you can only use each NPC once)

9 Unique Soldiers to be hired! They start off stronger than your standard Recruits but they wont level up and they come demanding higher pay!
Minutemen related SUs have to be unlocked by taking back the Castle / Armory.
(They're about as strong as Crpls-Captains but tend to need more resources)

Uniforms are now... Uniform! Standard outfits across all Soldiers per rank, displaying the corresponding Rank Insignia, Patches, Vocation Tabs/Patches and Faction Patches, as well as Different Camos+Berets (and helmets!) for Enlisted/Officers so you can tell them apart at a glance! (Counter intuitive but ~Variety~)

Minutemen Patrols will also have their uniforms replaced with ones which have ranks / tabs / patches!

Even if you dont play as the MM and only use them as an opposing faction appropriate uniforms and ranks are added to attackers/defenders!

Contractors also come in more variety! Theyll show up in one of 15 (Fifteen!) Unique Outfits and have a variety of Weapons (8)!
Bounty Hunters will show up in one of 7 different variants of their getups, toting Revolvers and Lever Action Rifles. (Yee-Haw)
K-9's will also come in one of 7 varieties of the Dog Harness and one of 11 different skins! (77 unique combinations!)


If you have the Vault Tec DLC an additional plugin is required in order to make Overseer Barstow and Clem function as commanders
(its flagged as an esl so it wont count toward the limit). This is so VTDLC isnt a requirement to use the mod.

If you use a mod which adds more variety to settlers, you'll also see more variety in your troops (ie something like Better Settlers, which adds tons more face presets + hairstyles, and mortal settlers for a much more ~immersive~ Settlement Defense interaction)!

>>>>>To Do List / Planned Updates<<<<<

Commanders / Commander Cards 
Special Units 
Functionality with Militarized Minutemen + Rank/Insignia Addon

Keep up to date with changes to conqueror! (Post May 2020)

>>>>>"Eventually" -but unlikely<<<<<

Decorations / Soundscapes (asked another mod author to use his assets) Permission Granted!
>>> Doogle and I will be merging our mods (*eventually*) for the ultimate MM experience <<<

HD Flag Models (asked another mod author to use his assets) Permission Granted!

 Item which allows you to come to the aid of settlements before visiting them once youve gotten Radio Freedom broadcasting
Seems more complex than I thought, tried but dont have the time, still thanks to u/TimmyTheQuiet 

Unfortunately moving forward the non Mil Min version will only receive minor edits (ie no additional "to be" Conq functionality which may be added beyond 4.1.7), as the two versions are so different that I would have to completely remake any new units / additions twice (I didnt have the foresight to make the non vanilla changes in a separate esp, and dont have the time to go back and 'fix'* my 'mistake'*), and the whole purpose of this endeavor was to fashion it around Mil Min from the get-go.       *There is nothing to fix as no mistakes were made :P

Thank you to illuminaughty78 for updating Vanilla to 1.7!

If anyone is unhappy with anything in the mod (ie uniforms or prefer Vanilla / another set of mods / want less random mods in Variety) YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION AND BLESSINGS to freely change whatever you see fit and PM me the files, I will happily drop them in the files section. Editing and managing files is NOT fun (surprise) :D Not everyone enjoys it my way, but just as KG laid his foundation and gave us the freedom to mold his mod how we wanted, I am happy to allow anyone to use this as a foundation and save himself xx hours and mold the MM into the faction he wants.

Variety will be updated alongside the main mod, since the only edits are to 2 NPCs and sorting that out would only take about 5 minutes / patch. The main Version will *NEVER* (maybe) require more than Mil Min + Patches Addon. (At the very least I'll always have a version that doesnt require the DLC, since I ~detest~ the concept of paywalls)

:( If it isnt in these sections it likely wont be added if asked (ie functionality with mods I dont use etc)
(No I don't use We Are The MM) :(
Suggestions and recommendations for new outfits / units (or balance changes) are encouraged!

Highly recommend these mods to enhance your liberating experience and thanks to these authors for their amazing mods!
cyanide4suicide Modern Weapon Replacers: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33523
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zachtan1234 Patches + Insignias Addon: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32369 
Niero Cross Mojave Manhunter: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32214
fadingsignal K-9 Tactical Harness: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17686
MrEsturk Equippable Dogmeat Skins: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21592
My Minutemen Faces Patch https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42286 (original by SeriouslySarcastic
My Flare Gun Overhaul https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42282

And of course if you're using this mod you already know about The king and his amazing team!