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A custom compatibility patch between We Are The Minutemen, Militarized Minutemen, and Militarized Minutemen Uniform Patches and Insignia Addon.

Permissions and credits

This is my custom compatibility patch for these 3 required mods.

We Are The Minutemen
Militarized Minutemen
Militarized Minutemen - Uniform Patches and Insignia Addon


Militarized Minutemen uses custom created NPCs and outfits them accordingly. They have unique class names instead of the generic Minuteman moniker. These custom NPCs take the place of the vanilla Minutemen NPCs.

We Are The Minutemen modifies vanilla Minutemen NPCs by giving them perks, stat changes, and more. They are also level scaled to the player.

This patch combines the best of both worlds by modifying the MM custom NPCs with the perk, stats changes, and etc seen in WATM. The Minuteman Power Armor Units from WATM will also spawn alongside MM custom NPCs.

Key notes:

  • Do not install compatibility patches provided by We Are The Minutemen and Militarized Minutemen.
  • Militarized Minutemen Uniform Patches and Insignia Addon is absolutely required.
  • If you have the green version of MM installed, download and install the optional file from MM - Uniform Patches and Insignia Addon titled "Esp file for Green Uniform 1.9".
  • I provide minor color fixes for the Blue and Green version of MM, MM - UPAIA. See change list below for details.
  • My plugins are ESP flagged as an ESL.


  • Provided an option to remove the Colonial unit from spawning. Personally they look out of place for me and even more so if you are using the Green version of MM and MM - UPAIA.
  • Provided an option to replace the Vanilla Combat Armor with WATM Blue Combat Armor.


  • I have provided a patch for Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls v6.5.4. Added helmets from WATM and MM to BLD form list for the head shot script. Minutemen NPCs had their health adjusted to BLD levels. Resolves conflict on the laser musket and brought the Ghost combat rifle to BLD levels. Make sure this patch comes after BLD, the required mods, and my custom patch. It is located in the optional download section.
Load Order:


Change List:

  • The Sergeant outfit will now only spawn in Militarized Minutemen uniform instead of the Dirty Army Fatigues. I did this because of the vest clipping and It just looks out of place.
  • Removed leather armor legs from spawning due to the massive clipping issues. The leather armor arms will still spawn in all 3 variants.
  • Removed right combat armor leg due to clipping with the holster.
  • Restricted left combat armor leg to only the light version to prevent clipping issues of the knee guard, shins, and feet. The combat armor arms will still spawn in all 3 variants.
  • Makes sure that WATM wins conflicts on Minutemen face templates. Made specific exceptions on female face templates to make sure the face covering/mask does not clip with the nose and neck.
  • Prevent Minutemen npcs that still call upon vanilla default outfits from being naked. They should be wearing the Militarized Minutemen uniform.
  • Removes the hard hat, and flight helmet from the Engineer outfit. Mining helmet will come in only Black/Grey/Red.
  • Added Brown Flight Helmet to Blaster outfit.
  • Fixed an oversight in MM regarding chances of the gas mask and scarf appearing.
  • Incorporated WATM bag and backpack to appear. This will only apply to certain Minuteman NPCs.
  • Removed non-military related hats from the WATM leveled list and lowered level requirement. This will only apply to certain Minuteman NPCs.
  • WATM adds these additional headgear named "Minuteman Hat" and "Militia Hat". They have the same names as the vanilla version so I renamed them to "Minuteman Hat 2nd Edition" and "Militia Hat 2nd Edition".
  • Made the Local Minuteman Veteran that you can purchase from the WATM Command Table use the veteran outfit from MM. The regular Local Minuteman will have access to MM specialized outfits.
  • Made the Veteran Minuteman Follower from WATM use the veteran outfit from MM. The regular Minuteman Follower will have access to MM specialized outfits.
  • Made WATM Minuteman Reinforcement have access to MM specialized outfits at all 5 checkpoints.
  • Minutemen will no longer use pipe weapons. This will only apply to certain Minuteman NPCs.
  • Renamed WATM "Minuteman Backpack" to "Minuteman Rucksack" as MM already has a backpack with a similar name "Minutemen Backpack".
  • Made same changes found in the above Core section to endgame Diamond City Minutemen. Renamed to "Minuteman Envoy".
  • Made corrections on erroneous stats regarding MM custom NPCs.
  • Soldier, Trooper, and Sergeant have a higher probability of appearing compared to other classes.
  • Increased probability of the Helmet to spawn while decreasing the probability of Militia Hats for the Trooper. 
  • Removed Militia Hat from Soldier (They show up plenty enough in other classes).
  • By default Minuteman Ghost uses a copy of the vanilla Combat Rifle. I renamed the weapon to "Minuteman Ghost's Combat Rifle" and increased damage from 33 to 45. Made sure this is the default weapon for Minuteman Ghost.
  • Renamed WATM Power Armor Units to "Minuteman Mechanized Cavalry", they will start appearing at level 30 instead of 43.
  • By default WATM Power Armor units only spawn with Miniguns. I included the Gatling Laser with a 25% spawn chance.
  • WATM Power Armor unit without the helmet will spawn with the Crest Beret (Black - Armored Corps/Silver Crest/Headset Attached) from the MM - UPAIA.
  • Default Crest Beret now spawns in Dark Blue or Grey Blue.
  • Minuteman Vanguard will now spawn in with the Tricorn Hat or Crest Beret (Mountbatten Pink).
  • Changed guaranteed spawn to probability spawn on the Hood and Gas Mask for Minuteman Pyro.
  • Restricted explosives to certain classes to reduce the ridiculous spam throwing.
  • Fixed Hood and Helmet color in Blue version of MM and MM - UPAIA. 
  • Fixed Officer Cap Commander color in Green version for MM and MM - UPAIA.
  • Adjusted certain MM NPCs to have or not have idle chatter.


I have spent many hours testing and have developed a sure fire way to ensure that you can also replicate my results. This is assuming you have all 3 required mods installed correctly.

  1. In the main game menu right after you launch the game, in console type "tgm" without the quotes. This enables god mode.
  2. In console type "coc thecastleext" without the quotes.
  3. Move to the center of the castle.
  4. In console type "player.placeatme 000BB874 40" without the quotes. You can change the number 40 to something more suitable for your own computer.
  5. When exiting the game, remember to disable the exit save by bringing up the Pipboy first then exiting to desktop.

If your NPCs are spawning in naked. Please make sure you have all 3 required mods properly installed and tested. Then install my patch and test again. Make sure the mods are enabled in your mod manager if you use one. Double check your installation. Use the console commands I mentioned for both tests. If they spawn in naked without my patch, it is not caused by this patch. If they do spawn in naked with my patch, they should also spawn in naked without it. Make
sure to spawn in enough NPCs to get a good sample size.

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