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Adds a very cool and very tactical beanie available for the player, both male and female. Comes with 12 colours for the beanie itself and 2 types of radio headset accessories. Craftable by player at Chem Stations. Works with most custom hair mods.

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This mod adds a very cool and very Tactical Beanie for the player in Fallout 4. 
*Has been tested to work with most custom hair mods*

The Beanie includes customisation options for:

- Beanie Colour (12)
- Headset Accessories (2, Retro + Modern style)
- Modern Headset Colours (2)

The Beanie is available for crafting at Chemistry Stations

1) Go to any Chemistry Station
2) Select the category 'Beanie Crafting' 
3) ???
4) Profit!

Winter Hat (assets) - Winter Hat by dzib
Retro Headset (assets) - CROSS_Chosen_Of_Atom by Niero
Modern Headset (assets) - Tactical Combat Swimwear (TCS) by BigLo (jmanumber1)
Porting, Rigging and Implementation Zachtan1234
Screenshots -
 DonJunk, LittleLight042, OhDeerSKR, Nero (Cybaa)

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