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This mod unlocks all the hairstyles that are normally not yet available at the beginning of the game for you to use while creating your character. A version that does not unlock the hidden "La Coiffe" hairstyles is also available. It also unlocks bloodshot eye colors.

Please note : as of September 2016, the latest versions of LooksMenu by expired, a mod which frankly you really should get if you don't have it already and are remotely interested in character creation, have a built-in option to do what this mod does, saving you an .esp slot and making it redundant unless you absolutely don't want the hairstyles that are hidden behind La Coiffe magazine pickups unlocked.

 It is disabled by default, so to enable it you'll need to go to your Data folder, then F4SE, Plugins, open the f4ee.ini file and change bUnlockHeadParts from 0 to 1.

I'm leaving my mod up for people who want the optional file or might want to use it over the LooksMenu option for some reason, but I thought people should know this :)

This mod allows you to use the 14 male hairstyles and 8 female hairstyles that are normally not yet available at game start while creating your character.
This includes hairstyles that become unlocked after completion of the main quest "Out of Time", and the "hidden" hairstyles that are normally unlocked by picking up "La Coiffe" magazines in the game world (an optional version without these is available).

This mod was created with FO4Edit.

Installation :
- Install with NMM or your mod manager of choice, or manually by
dropping "UnlockAllHairstyles.esp" in your Fallout 4\Data folder.

Uninstallation :
- Deactivate the mod in your mod manager or delete the .esp if installed manually.

Changelog :
- v1.1 : the bloodshot eyes colors are now unlocked too.
- v1.2 : hairstyles from the Far Harbor and Nuka World DLCs have been added.