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Tired of spamming Sleeping Bags and Mattresses in Survival Mode? This lets you sleep up to 8 hours in sleeping bags and on dirty mattresses on Survival Mode. HOWEVER, you only gain the benefits you normally would from sleeping on that type of bed.

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Been playing on survival and need to get rid of exhaustion?
Want to restart adventuring when the sun comes up?
Overjoyed by having to "sleep" in a sleeping bag 3 to 4 times in a row for morning?

I made this super tiny, quality of life esl so you can sleep up to 8 hours in a sleeping bag or on a mattress.
This does NOT make these act like a regular bed (like other mods do). You still only get the effect of up to 3 hours of sleep from a sleeping bag or up to 5 hours for a mattress.

Similar Mods & why mine is different:
tl;dr the way I wrote this mod is to maximize compatibility with other survival options mods. It should be compatible with a butt ton of them.

I want to start off and be clear that this is not me throwing shade at the following mods (they are all good). I simply approached this from a different modding perspective: I do NOT edit any vanilla records or replace any vanilla scripts.

First there is No Dirty Mattress or Sleeping Bag Restrictions (Survival). There are two versions of this. The script version replaces your stock script of hardcore management with a new one. The plugin version changes the vanilla records of these two to behave exactly as normal beds.

Next is Survival Sleep Anywhere and Survival Options (I use this one). They each change vanilla records to make the lower bed types behave like a normal bed.

What I do that is different is that I wrote a script that interrupts the normal way Survival mode knows when you go to bed and when you wake up and replaces that with my own. This way I don't need to edit vanilla scripts I just "mute" sections of them. Technically, my script causes HC_Manager.pex to UnregisterForPlayerSleep which is the core system that tracks when you go beddie-by and when you wakie-wakie. It then causes my "sleep manager" to RegisterForPlayerSleep instead and lets me handle all the bullshit. The only thing(s) I change is how long you can sleep in a sleeping bag and dirty mattress until you are woken up. Anything else (like limb healing, sustenance, and updating sleep effects) I let HC_Manager do for me. In this way I've maximize compatibility with this feature and ANY other survival options mod that replaces HC_Manager.pex.

Let NMM do the trick or put the two damn files in your Data folder.  Suck it up and figure shit out.
You risk problems if you uninstall this mod. There be two methods...b-b-but why?
1) You have to change the Difficulty from Survival, quit, and uninstall (and then magically change the difficulty back to Survival... I think there are mods for that).
2) Uninstall my mod. Now in game run the following command on the console: CQF HC_Manager StartupHardcore

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