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  • Upcoming Holotape changes for 2.3.a and Explanation of Features

    TL;DR make my holotape at any City Planner's Desk to get my desks and my leaders.

    So I really love my holotape and I think the flexibility it offers is a cool feature (plus I got better at scripting small things). I want to give a complete run-down of the Holotape Hierarchy here so that those who care can see. I also want to clarify a few things about the holotape. I'm going to write in white mostly, but I'm going to put technical stuff in bold red. This way if you're really curious on how a few things work you can read that, and if you aren't then you can skip it. Also note, as a shorthand I make the holotape respond with Data Corrupted... if there is a feature listed in the holotape that isn't implemented yet (teasers).  This drove at least one user crazy thinking they messe...

  • Holy Holotape Batman

    Version 2.2.a is going to be posted very soon (sometime tonight) and introduces a new holotape: Creation by COOTS Helper Tool (AKA COOTS Helper 2287). The holotape is craftable at any city planner's desk and offers several powerful things. 

    First, the tape contains a description of all the content currently in my mod and some teasers to what is up and coming (found under Feature Information). This means you can learn about my Compact Interior plot methodology and details (without specific crunch) on all my plots broken down by category: Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Martial, Recreational, and Residential. Information on plots that you are incapable of building, because maybe you don't have particular Creation Club content, is not available for viewing. This may not be ...