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Organizes workbenches by type in the workshop menu.

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Do you hate the "Crafting" submenu in workshop mode? Do you have to scroll there forever because you have a lot of different workbenches there? Do you want some more order in there? Then this mod... might make it a little better.

This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add a new submenu called "Workbenches" to the workshop menu. It then contains further submenus, for each workbench type. That is, instead of selecting "Crafting", and then scrolling through all the benches you have to find the Weapon Workbench, you can select "Workbenches" -> "Weapon Workbench" and get a list of workbenches only.

Currently, the FOMOD installer contains patches for Automatron* and Nuka World, as well as Horizon and AWKCR.
In addition, a patch for any mod can be created by using the "WorkbenchOrganizer" script contained in my Script Collection.
If you use zEdit, there is now a patcher module in my zEdit Script Collection as well.

If you use either of the patcher scripts, you don't need to select the included patches from the FOMOD installer. Especially for the zEdit patcher, since it is supposed to run on your entire load order anyway.

* The Robot Workbench also gets it's own submenu. If you don't want that, just don't check "Automatron" in the installer.