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Adds a skill system similar to previous games. Also makes some changes to the perk chart.

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  • Chinese - Mandarin

For those playing Fallout 4 VR there is a patch here by shadowking97. So be sure to download and endorse that if you need it(Pre 0.9 only. Doesn't work with new interface).

Update: The mod now uses and requires the amazing new LevelUpMenuEx Framework by Neanka. No more Holotape!

Patching Perk Mods for Be Exceptional

Adding Skills to Be Exceptional - Tells you how to edit other things as well, like skill point gain, tag skills and traits. The mod is made to be very user friendly when making your own changes.


1. Download and install
LevelUpMenuEx by Neanka(Requires F4SE) and overwrite all when prompted.
2. Install Be Exceptional.
3. Disable the PRKF_VanillaPerks.esp and you're good to go! esp was removed in Version 0.95 of LevelUpMenuEx.


To uninstall you must:
1. Disable the Be Exceptional.esp
2. Enable the Be Exceptional - Uninstall.esp
3. Load your game.
4. Wait about 5 - 10 seconds, and save the game.
5. Exit the game, and disable the Be Exceptional - Uninstall.esp

So first off, this mod adds skills to the game. Not perks masquerading as skills. You level up, get skill points, spend those skill points, and watch as your stats improve. The real deal.

When you level up, you will be awarded a base of 10 skill points, and an extra amount equal to your Intelligence stat. So an Intelligence of 5 will get you 15 points altogether. You access them through the same menu you do perks.

If you are installing mid-playthrough, the mod will automatically calculate and award you the skill points you should have by that point, based on your intelligence.

The Skills:

Barter(Better prices per point spent)
Chemistry(Unlocks Chemist recipes every 25 points) - Not included in Skills Only version
Engineering(Unlocks Armorer & Blacksmith recipes every 25 points)
Explosives(Increase to Damage & Area of Effect per point spent. Also unlocks Demolition Expert Rank 1 Perk at 25 for crafting purposes)
Gunsmith(Unlocks Gun Nut recipes every 25 points)
Hacking(Unlocks higher levels of terminals per 25 points spent/50 points from Expert to Master)
Heavy Weapons(Increase to Damage, Range, Hipfire Accuracy and Reload Speed of Heavy Weapons per point spent)
Lockpick(Same as Hacking but with locks)
Medicine(Increased effectiveness of Stimpaks/Radaway per point spent)
Melee(Increase to Damage per point spent)
Pickpocket(Increase to pickpocket chance per point spent. Also allows reverse pickpocketing explosives at 25)
Pistols(Increase to Damage, Range, Hipfire Accuracy and Reload Speed of Pistols per point spent)
Rifles(Increase to Damage, Range, Hipfire Accuracy and Reload Speed of Rifles & Shotguns per point spent)
Science(Unlocks Science! recipes every 25 points)
Sneak(Increase to Stealth per point spent)
Unarmed(Increase to Damage per point spent)

All skills unlock their perk equivalents every 20/25 levels, depending on how many ranks there are. These perks have been edited to have no effect and are hidden from the player. This is purely for compatibility with any mods that might rely on these perks being unlocked e.g. A crafting mod that has recipes requiring Demolition Expert 4.

I've also replaced the skillperks with my own custom perks, as well as made some changes to the existing ones. This is the successor to my older Be S.P.E.C.I.A.L! mod, so you might notice a few similarities if you've played it.

Some Examples of Perks I've Edited:

Local Leader 
- This is one of those perks that just felt kinda forced. There's no way around it, you ARE going to get this perk in every damn playthrough of the game, it's pseudo-benefits are just too convenient to pass up. Really, something so basic as linking up your settlements shouldn't be locked behind a mid-tier Charisma perk - people can trade just fine without your brilliant leadership skills influencing them I'm sure, and sticking 8 planks of wood together to give someone a place to sell their goods out of doesn't seem like it requires any particularly leaderly qualities at all. And don't even get me started on how silly it is that you have to be some kind of Man of the People to be able to put a Hammer & Anvil next to a Table...

Anyway, I've removed this perk from the chart and set it to hidden, and made the player start out with it already unlocked, so you can put a campfire down without needing to be a student in the art of coercion. We anti social types have to eat too, y'know?
I've also added another perk in its place called "Pillar of the Community" that gives you better prices from settlement vendors, and from caravans as well at rank 2.

-  Also condensed the sneak attack multipliers so they're only spread over ranks 1 and 2, and made it so Unarmed sneak attacks are affected by them too, as they weren't before.

Nuclear Physicist - Changed name to Nuclear Prodigy, because Physicist just sounded so...standard, I guess. Also removed the ability to launch fusion cores out your back at rank 3, and replaced it with the ability to craft Unstable Fusion Cores from normal Fusion Cores at the Chemistry Station, under the Explosives submenu. No more premature explosions when alt-tabbing out! This also lets you use them outside of Power Armour.

This is just a few of them. You'll have to see the others for yourself. Full list of perk changes here.

Oh and also I've added specialisation perks in place of the skill perks that will require you to have a certain skill level to unlock. Example: The Investor perk needs 20 Barter to be able to unlock it, and will allow you to invest up to 10x your Barter skill in stores.

Coming in the Future

I'll be rebalancing the perk tree around the idea of a level cap of about 50. This means less point sinks and more meaningful perks. I'll be linking another mod that will let you choose the cap in case you want to go over 50. Or you could just play without a cap if you want.

And there you go, hope you enjoy it.
I'd appreciate your endorsement if you do :)

My Other Mods

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