Hi there! This guide will show you how you can add your own skills that will work with Be Exceptional. This is mainly for those who wish to create a patch for BE and their own mod, but find that the prepackaged system doesn’t really merge well with the balance of their mod.
I apologise about this being sort of short & sweet. I actually had a nicer looking guide fully written up here when the universe decided that finishing it without a problem just wasn’t quite soul wrenching enough and crashed my browser :(

Specifics on setting up the skill effects can be found here: Patching Perk Mods for Be Exceptional.

Adding Skills

Create two Actor Values: aaEnergyWeapons, and aaEnergyWeaponsDisplay(Give this one a name & description).
Open the 1BSSkillsFormList and drag aaEnergyWeaponsDisplay into it.
Open the 1BSSkillsActual FormList and drag aaEnergyWeapons into it. The indexes of both AVs must be equal.

Setting Up Skills to be Affected by Special Stats

Open the 1BSSkillsLists FormList, and from there open the1BSSkillsPE FormList.
Drag aaEnergyWeaponsDisplay into 1BSSkillsPE.

Changing How Special Stats Affect Skills

Open the 1BSPECIALMultipliers FormList, and from there open the 1BSSPECIALMultPE Global to change the multiplier. The formula is Value = Value + (Special * Multiplier).

Accounting for Vanilla Perks

Lets just say for argument’s sake that Energy Weapons is replacing the Rifleman perks.
Open the Rifleman perks, delete their perk entries(we don’t need them any more, since this will all be handled by the skill) and set them to hidden.
Open the 1BSPerksToRemove FormList and add the Rifleman perks to it. They’re already in it but you get the idea.

Open the 1BSSpecialSkillsPerksQuest Quest and then the aaaBSSpecialSkillsPerksScript Script(You'll need to unpack it's source file from the .ba2 archive).
Add these lines to the HandlePerks() Function:

If Game.GetPlayer().GetBaseValue(EnergyWeaponsDisplay) >= 20
If Game.GetPlayer().GetBaseValue(EnergyWeaponsDisplay)>= 40
If Game.GetPlayer().GetBaseValue(EnergyWeaponsDisplay)>= 60
If Game.GetPlayer().GetBaseValue(EnergyWeaponsDisplay)>= 80
If Game.GetPlayer().GetBaseValue(EnergyWeaponsDisplay)>= 100

Tag Skills

The Globals 1BSTagSkillsNumber and 1BSTagSkillsNumberOfPointsAdded allow you to change how many skills you can tag, and how many extra points tag skills get. Don't set 1BSTagSkillsNumber to something higher than the number of skills in the menu though, otherwise you'll get stuck in the Tag menu with more Tag slots than skills.


If you want to have traits in the game, then you'll want to set the 1BSTraitsOn Global to 1(I have them turned off by default). You can also use the 1BSTraitsNumber Global to set how many traits you are allowed to choose.
After that you'll have to open up the 1BSTraits FormList and add the perks that you want to appear in the menu. You can remove the 4 I added already as they are just examples.

Editing Skill Point Gain on Level Up

Open the 1BSBaseSkillPointsPerLevel Globalto change base skill point gain.
Open the 1BSSPSPECIALS FormList. This contains the Special stats that affect skill point gain. Right now it is just Intelligence but if you wanted you could add in Perception too.
Open the 1BSSPECIALSPModifiers FormList. Here you can edit the multipliers that determine how Special stats affect skill point gain.
Again, there is only Intelligence for now but you can add other stats if you wish(Remember the Indexes have to be the same though: Index of the Special == Index of the Multiplier.

Open the 1BSSPPerks and 1BSPerkSPModifiers FormLists. These contain the perks that affect skill point gain & their respective multipliers. Again, the indexes must be equal for them to work properly.

The formula is: ValueToAdd = BaseSkillPointGain + ((Special * Modifier)[Loops until end of list]) + PerkModifier[Loops until end of list].

And that's that. It should probably be said that if you are running Be Exceptional already before installing the patch, you should probably save a game with it disabled first and then re-enable it to allow it to start up properly with the new settings.

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