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  • Adding Skills to Be Exceptional

    Hi there! This guide will show you how you can add your own skills that will work with Be Exceptional. This is mainly for those who wish to create a patch for BE and their own mod, but find that the prepackaged system doesn’t really merge well with the balance of their mod.
    I apologise about this being sort of short & sweet. I actually had a nicer looking guide fully written up here when the universe decided that finishing it without a problem just wasn’t quite soul wrenching enough and crashed my browser :(

    Specifics on setting up the skill effects can be found here: Patching Perk Mods for Be Exceptional.

    Adding Skills

    Create two Actor Values: aaEnergyWeapons, and aaEnergyWeaponsDisplay(Give this one a name & description).

  • Perk Changes and Additions

    Perks Changed

    Action Boy/Action Girl - Action points regeneration changed from 25% to 50% at rank 1, and from 50% to 75% at rank 2.

    Aquaboy/Aquagirl - Rank 1:  No longer provides radiation immunity while swimming or waterbreathing. Now lets you stay underwater for twice as long.
              Rank 2: Added 10% faster swimming.

    Chem Resistant - Rank 1: Added - chems last twice as long.
        Rank 2: Removed - Immunity to chem addiction Added - Chems last three times as long.

    Commando - Has 1 rank. Requires level 35. +25% Hip Accuracy with Automatics and chance to stagger.

    Fortune Finder - Rank 4: Enemies won't explode into caps like a cartoon anymore. Instead the caps will be pla...

  • Patching Perk Mods for Be Exceptional

    This is a guide for creating a patch for mods that edit the skill perks(Rifleman, Gunslinger etc.).

    First of all you'll want to load the Skills Only version of BE along with the mod you want to create a patch for as non active files in the creation kit.

    The Main Skill Handler Perk

    All of the skills(Minus the crafting skills) are handled by a single perk in BE: the 1BSWeaponSkillsPerk so open that(It only managed weapon skills at first, but I eventually put non combat skills in it).
    They do not actually range from 0 to 100, but from 0 to 1(in steps of 0.01) because perk entries only allow entry to 2 decimal places and that causes problems. Dividing by 100 circumvents this.
    The ones you see in the menu are for display. They directly influence t...