Perks Changed

Action Boy/Action Girl - Action points regeneration changed from 25% to 50% at rank 1, and from 50% to 75% at rank 2.

Aquaboy/Aquagirl - Rank 1:  No longer provides radiation immunity while swimming or waterbreathing. Now lets you stay underwater for twice as long.
       Rank 2: Added 10% faster swimming.

Chem Resistant - Rank 1: Added - chems last twice as long.
  Rank 2: Removed - Immunity to chem addiction Added - Chems last three times as long.

Commando - Has 1 rank. Requires level 35. +25% Hip Accuracy with Automatics and chance to stagger.

Fortune Finder - Rank 4: Enemies won't explode into caps like a cartoon anymore. Instead the caps will be placed in their inventory when the perk activates.

Idiot Savant - Stupid noise and animation will no longer play when the perk activates. Changed name to Epiphany Prone and edited description.

Local Leader- Player starts game with perk. Set to hidden.

Lone Wanderer - When max affinity is reached with a companion, Lone Wanderer buffs will apply even when they are with you.

Ninja - Condensed the sneak attack multipliers so they're only spread over ranks 1 and 2, and made it so Unarmed sneak attacks are affected by them too, as they weren't before.

Nuclear Physicist - Fusion Cores no longer eject from Power Armour at rank 3. Instead added craftable "Unstable Fusion Core" to Chemistry Station under Grenades. Changed name to Nuclear Prodigy.

Party Boy/Party Girl - Rank 1: Removed - Immunity to alcohol addiction. Replaced with 50% less likely. Added - No negative stat effects from consuming alcohol.
           Rank 2: Added - Alcohol lasts twice as long.

Quick Hands - Reload Speed increase changed from 0.35 to 0.15(Weapon skills increase Reload Speed as well). (Included in Skills Only Version)(Doesn't edit the actual perk, but the ability it gives the player)

Steady Aim - Rank 1: Cone of fire mult changed from 0.8 to 0.85.
 Rank 2: Cone of fire mult changed from 0.6 to 0.7. 

Added Perks

Adaptive Metabolism - Stimpaks and Radaway work more quickly. Requires Medicine 70.

And It's Outta Here! - Melee attacks have a chance to disarm, cripple, or decapitate. Requires Melee 70.

Basher - Chance for weapon bash to cripple limb/critical hit. Requires Melee 50.

Bodybuilder - Immunity to stagger. Requires Strength 7.

Computer Whiz - Never get locked out of terminals. Requires Hacking 60.

Educated - Gain +4 skill points when levelling up. Requires level 4, Intelligence 7.

Gunslinger - Chance for Pistols to disarm/cripple. Requires Pistols 50.

H.A.T.S - Hologram Assisted Trajectory System. Grenades gain a throwing arc. Requires Explosives 30.

Heavy Gunner - Heavy Weapons have a high chance to stagger. Requires Heavy Weapons 60.

Investor - Invest up to 10x your Barter skill in stores. Requires Barter 20.

Iron Fist - Unarmed Attacks can disarm foes. Power Attacks have a chance to cripple their limbs, and criticals in VATS will paralyze them. Requires Unarmed 60.

Light Footed - Will not trigger floor-based traps. Will also affect Mines when combined with the Ninja perk. Requires Sneak 40.

Master Thief - Can pickpocket equipped items. Requires Pickpocket 90.

Math Wrath - V.A.T.S uses 10% less AP. Requires Intelligence 6.

Pillar of the Community - Rank 1: 10% better prices at player settlements. Requires Charisma 6.
Rank 2: 10% better prices with caravans. Requires Barter 50.

Rifleman - Rifles ignore 30% armour. Chance to cripple. Requires Rifles 75.

Shadow Shape - Crouching causes distant enemies to lose you. Requires Sneak 100.

Silent Running
- Running no longer affects stealth. Requires Sneak 70.

- Melee Weapons hit all targets in front of you. Requires Melee 40.

Tinkerer - New recipes unlocked at Chemistry Station for converting resources into other resources. Requires Science 75.

- Lockpicks never break, Requires Lockpick 100.

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  1. txaml
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    need a patch to correct most of the changes for perks...
    less SJW would be nice, something that includes FO3/FNV style perk changes.

    well at least it makes FO4 playable and tolerable now...
    oh well cannot expect perfection after all bethesda expects modders to fix everything for them so...
    1. rcoll
      • member
      • 458 posts
      • 54 kudos
      Not really sure what you're trying to say here...I'd appreciate it if you could elaborate a little.
    2. frosty-theaussie
      • member
      • 303 posts
      • 22 kudos
      If someone complains about anything SJW-related, consider it an invitation to ignore everything they just said.
    3. rcoll
      • member
      • 458 posts
      • 54 kudos
      That's the thing though...I really have no idea what he means by that. If he's looking for any kind of sjw perks, he ain't finding them here lol.
    4. Lethargickitten
      • supporter
      • 82 posts
      • 4 kudos
      What tf does that even mean "less sjw"? What is he even trying to say here. This is a comments section for a perk mod. There's nothing relating to sjw an any way.
      I'm utterly lost.
  2. Keleigh3000
    • premium
    • 2,637 posts
    • 93 kudos
    Neat! I'm one of the folks who asked for this, so thank you. I'm putting together my loadout for my next playthough and this is definitely going in it. I'm changing Nuclear Physicist to 'Quantum Mechanic' for my own fun though, I used to be one IRL.
  3. Eladano
    • member
    • 26 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Oh I needed this mod for 2 years (unfortunately one of those years was on console so I didn't have a choice). Since I'm doing my first PC play through right now, I'll put downloading this on hold. In the mean time, I wouldn't mind seeing the list of available perks grow (wouldn't we all). Might I suggest the cowboy perk from FONV, even though you adding it in would only really affect 2 vanilla and 2 DLC weapons (.44, pipe revolver, lever action(FH), and .44 nuka world(separate from vanilla, right?)) and modders would have to make a patch if they wanted it to be affected by your mod (and hence have the balance altered). You could also add a similar style of perk that gives you better damage with any pipe gun (feel like that might be easier) or any pre-war military gun( combat rifle, combat shotgun, assault rifle, plasma, laser weapons etc. but NOT the hunting rifle or 10mm (just so i doesn't give it to everything)). Or one that gives a damage boost based on the level of scope zoom, making high zoom scopes useful for something. I don't want to be some whiner who just says "It's not good enough!" because it is (to the tune of over 3,000 downloads across the versions), but I'm also that guy who downloaded More Perks for FONV as soon as I installed the game. I don't know how to end this wall of text.
  4. Closeded
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    Looks Good. Why did you change Chem Resistant; it's always been about lowered addiction chance, and in the originals it was a trait that also lowered chem duration (the opposite of what yours does). I would suggest changing the name of Chem Resistant. I'm using your mod right now, and have it changed to Chem Lover. I also added back in the Idiot Savant sound; I wouldn't suggest changing that though, I think I'm the only one on the planet who actually likes the stupid laugh.

    Your mod is pretty awesome, my biggest peeve about Fallout 4 was the lack of skills.
    1. rcoll
      • member
      • 458 posts
      • 54 kudos
      Well basically I felt Chemist made better sense as a crafting skill, so added its duration effects to Chem Resistant instead. I think you're right about the name though, I'll probably rename it something funny in an update lol. Btw it still lowers addiction chance by 50%.
  5. BUTCH93H
    • premium
    • 326 posts
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    All looks great except for removal of radiation immunity while swimming: that is a *censored* when on survival and you gotta swim your ass to the island where you set up Mercer Safehouse (can’t remember the name of the island). Admittedly, this only affects a player when they do a railroad playthrough, but it still sucks at times.
    1. rcoll
      • member
      • 458 posts
      • 54 kudos
      If you could get your hands on a radiation suit that would be all you need to get across and back without accumulating many rads, while swimming at a leisurely pace as well. Sometimes it's just more fun to find a way to deal with hazards instead of simply being immune to them. Now I'm just imagining if there was a perk that made you immune to damage lol.
    2. BUTCH93H
      • premium
      • 326 posts
      • 2 kudos
      Honestly, I was just trying to play devil's advocate. I have a hell of a lot of rad resist + 6-7 armor pieces with Railroad Advanced Hybrid Weave Mk.5 + a mod that adds implants to the game (one of which constantly heals my rad damage and health albeit at a slow rate) so I do not have any rads when I get out of the water. This is on my lvl 140+ character with enough caps, guns, explosives, and ammo to outfit every BoS soldier, Merc, Raider, Minuteman, Settler, Railroad Agent, Courser, and Super Mutant in the Commonwealth.