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I am obsessed with sim racing. Modding games is one thing but modding hardware is where the real passion begins. What started with a cheap plastic wheel growed over the years into a serious modding project.





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If you're not familiar with stuff like this, the force feedback motor has so much power it could break your wrist if you don't know what you're doing. Peak force is 21 Nm. You feel immediate what the car is doing. There's currently no better method to simulate the steering forces of a real race car.


The maximum brake pressure is 55 kg so you have to really use some muscles to get the car to stop.


You'll sweating like a pig when you've driven a longer session. And that feels great. ;-)



Parts list


  • Custom build rig with 40mm aluminum profiles (based on the SimLab GT1)
  • Leo Bodnar SimSteering V2 Force Feedback System
  • Kollmorgen AKM53G
  • Heusinkveld Pro Pedals
  • Heusinkveld Sequential Shifter
  • Heusinkveld Handbrake
  • Sparco REV II bucket seat
  • Ascher Racing C26L button box
  • MOMO Mod30 steering wheel
  • OMP WRC steering wheel
  • Augury F1S steering wheel
  • Q1R quick release
  • Mobeartec RaceControl Pro button box
  • SymProjects GI Max gear indicator
  • SymProjects SimScreen SS-01
  • anodised bolts and nuts from Pro Bolt UK

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