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Wearable armatures that fit over armor and provide slots for unique mods.

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This mod is now INCLUDED in the download for CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics, this mod page will not be updated further.

This mod requires CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics as well as AWKCR.
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Requires CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics v1.01b or above!

Not-so-dated cybernetics come to the commonwealth! This mod adds a light-weight two-piece Cybernetic Exo-Frame that can be modded with special gadgets that provide unique bonuses and special abilities. Both Upper and Lower armatures can modded to alter their appearance and color to better fit any character.

The Exo-frame is NOT armor, and instead fits over other armors, meaning it can be worn with any armor set in the game.

Legs can be modded to included a 'linked' spine that enables full-frame mods, and negates mobility penalties from wearing Power Plated CyberFrames.

Arms can be modded to 9 different visual variations. Both arms, Left, Right. Linked and Unlinked. Pullies on/off. Only 'linked' variations enable full-frame mods and help to negate mobility penalties from wearing Power Plated CyberFrames.


Version notes:
Update to keep up with Cybernetics 1.01b
Back end cleanup

Dropped the need for the unique crafting bench
-All wearables are crafted under cybertech of AWKCR armorsmith bench

Reduced mod category keywords for general keyword cap compatibility
Added Synth footstep noises while moving with exo-legs equipped
Added more variations to Arms
-Can now be set to spine-and-connector(s) only, if you wear cyber arm(s) but dont want the torso this allows you to connect to legs without excessive clipping from full arms


All of the main items of this mod are made at the AWKCR workbench under CYBERTECH. Once made they can be customized at an armor bench, paint/palette swaps cost nothing, some of the more advanced mods and armors have long parts lists, so remember to scroll the component list!


This mod rides on the systems from Pre-War Cybernetics. Some 'full-frame' gadgets require you to wear both leg and spine supports! That means you need to have the lower exo-frame (legs) connected to either an upper exo-frame (arms) OR the Torso piece from Pre-War Cybernetics.

Arm gadgets that require full body support.
-Grounded Stabilizer -Eliminates all scope sway, and reduces bullet spread by 20% while crouched and not moving. Requires connected spine and leg supports.
-High Impact Reinforcement -Sprinting into enemies can stagger them. Requires connected spine and leg supports, as well as secondary gadget on arm/legs.

Exo-frames can use mods for leg armatures from Pre-war Cybernetics
-Load bearing 1, 2, and 3, - provides 25, 50, and 100 carryweight.
-HighSpeed Servos - Movespeed increased by 10%. VATS Melee distance increased by 100%.
-Pneumatic Upgrade - Negates 80% of fall damge, and increases Swim Speed by 15%.
-Move assist Actuators - Reduced Sprint cost by 50%
-Low Noise Conversion - Sneaking is 40% quieter, but drains 4 AP per sec while moving.
-High Impact - Sprinting into enemies can stagger them. Required secondary gadget for arms.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.