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Thanks goes to RetroBabe for making this mod even possible.

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To be honest, I didn't really like any of the settlements. And I wanted to be near my companions, but not in the same place. And I like water, water is good.
So when I saw that  someone made a mod that added a new settlement that was pretty close to Oberland Station, which is where I send all my companions because its actually a half decent place for a settlement, I thought It'd be good to set up a player home there.
I'm no architect so the main building is probably a trainwreck.
Since I actually had grass toggled off when making this, I soon realized my horrible mistake when I loaded my game the next day and saw it sticking right up through the floor boards. So, if you have major OCD, open up the console and type "tg", which toggles the the grass off. When you're done, type "tg" again to enable the grass. Oddly disabling the grass helps with performance?
236 items used, wont take 1,000,000 hours to load.
Also if you dislike my snarkiness, thats fine. But in between those passive-aggressive words are some helpful tips.
Chalk Outline Cine ENB/Reshade used, it'll probably look different if you don't have this installed. it's a good ENB but it makes my $300 laptop cry.
If I missed any mods, please tell me so I can add them to the lists.
Installation details in the readme included.

Required mods:
Transfer Settlements (duh?)
Camp Crystal Lake (older version, you need this for it to work.)
CREAtive Clutter
Adobe House Kit (unless you want no walls on the main building?)
Simply Modular Housing (unless you want no floors/foundation.)
Unique Prefabs (i'd put this as just recommended but i felt its too big of a thing to get rid of. unless you dont want the RV & treehouse.)

Highly recommended, not (necessarily) required:
Thematic and Practical (without this, you'll have a few missing furniture. nothing big)
Plant Me (literally used 3 things from this, you probably wont even notice anything is missing.)
Craftable Display Shelves (for the bobblehead shelf.)
Northland Diggers (2 missing workbenches, but they were just for the aesthetics anyway.)

Recommended, not required:
Eisenwolf's Legacy (It'll most likely say something from this is missing. its right. you're missing the crafting table to make chili con deathclaw.)
Eli's Armour Compendium (it'll most likely say something from this is missing. only a missing crafting table to make the clothes.)
Wasteland Imports (^, just a missing NCR flag, feel free to skip this especially if you sided with the Legion. you heathen.)