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An abandoned Institute project that provides the Sole Survivor with access to shortwave time-travel.

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Xbox link: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4014170

The Courser Recall Collar is an abandoned Institute project designed to provide instant maintenance to Institute Coursers while out in the wastes. Deemed excessively resource intensive compared to simply building new coursers the project was left to collect dust, with only a few working prototype collars ever being produced. Upon entering the Institute the Sole Survivor can find the remaining prototypes in the Synth Retention Bureau Armory, and even improve and customize the device's mechanics.

Proper explanation:

This mod adds a new Institute themed collar item to the game for the guinea pig Sole Survivor to use on their wasteland adventures. If you've familiar with Weaver in Dota 2, or Tracer from Overwatch you'll understand it pretty quick. The core mechanic is a personal time-warp that rewinds position, health, and even limb damage, several seconds backwards in time at the press of a button.

More Info:
The mechanics of the time-warp can be customized with an armor bench, allowing you to change the cooldown, ammo cost, and the rate at which it records data. By default the device has a 45 second cooldown, costs 70 Fusion Cells, and rewinds about 4.5 seconds. The default explosion deals no damage, however with upgrades it can deal reasonable energy damage or even set off a mini-nuke.

Equipping the device will add another armor item to your inventory with the [trigger] tag, hotkey this trigger item and use it to manually activate the device.

The device was not originally intended for use with Power Armor, however there is an alternate version of the device which can be worn and activated while wearing power armor. This version uses the [Eyes] slot (since thats one of the few normal slots that be adjusted while in PA) and uses a consumable {trigger} item that shows up in the AID section of the inventory. Mods between the two versions can be inter-changed.

Bodyslide files are included for the female version. Bodyslide is completely optional, the mod comes with prebuilt meshes for males and females.

Usage notes:
-Extreme fall damage can possibly kill you before the warp is able to fire, even if you press the button before hitting the ground. There is a
built-in fall damage contingency to the device but it's better to pull the trigger early than to rely on it.
-Technically the device allows you to get backwards through areas you are supposed to be cut-off from. Always keep regular saves, or be willing to use the TCL console command to get back through story-locked doors.


Several prototypes are sitting in the Institute SRB, look right as you enter and you'll see them resting on a shelf through the glass window.

Alternatively you can find a single prototype in the Railroad HQ by the firing range.

You can craft it at a chemlab/the Cybernetics Lab if you use CROSS_Cybernetics (not required).

There is a secondary, Power armor compatible, version that uses the [eyes] slot. It has to be crafted at a chemlab/cyberlab.

Finally, you can console search "Recall" to find the item ID of the armor item. The PA version is marked with the [Eyes] tag.


The device can be customized at any armor bench. Most of the mods alter internal mechanics, but the Height mod alters where and how the device sits on the shoulders, which should help to avoid clipping on some outfits.

Ammo Mod: Disabled (70 Cells, no AP cost) / 35 Cells, 50% AP / 7 Cells, 75% AP
--Ammo mods alter how many and which resources the device uses, the device cannot activate without the required resource(s).

Cooldown Mod: 40 seconds (Standard) / 20 seconds / 10 seconds / 5 seconds / 1 second
--Cooldown mods reduce the time required between time-warps, keep in mind that the numbers here are added to a base-line cooldown that is determined by recording step.

Recording Step: 0.75 Seconds (Standard) / 1 second / 1.50 seconds / 2 seconds
--Recording step effects how often data is recorded, and subsequently the base-line cooldown. The longer the time between steps the further (though less accurately) you will time-warp backwards.

Gadget: Disabled / Reactive Activator(25) / Reactive Activator(50) / Energy Flux Field / Hacking Spike / Impact Dampener / Overcharge Warp
--Reactive Activator can automatically fire the time-warp when Health crosses below a threshold. However these will not save you from large lethal damage like nukes and fall damage.
--Energy Flux Field will generate Fusioncells when the wearer is hit by laser weapons, also provides some energy resistance.
--Hacking Booster adds a guess to hacking.
--Impact Dampener reduces fall damage, and provides some ballistic protection.
--Overcharge Warp makes the exit explosion when you begin to time-warp into a damaging EMP blast, increases the activation cost by 10 cells.
--Fusion Warp makes the exit explosion into a mini-nuke, this effect costs a fusion core with each use, however the device will work normally if the user has no spare cores. Using a Fusion Core will ignore all other Fusion Cell or AP costs.

Shoulder Height: Low / Med / High / High-Wide
--Low height fits on most skin tight outfits, med fits looser outfits, and high fits over most armor. High-wide is an alternative shape that fits some armors better than others.


Version notes:


Added Palette Material.
--Material can be swapped to the new palette material with a new option at the armor bench.
--30ish color combos can be swapped around by changing the Palette Index mod. (pictured is .54)
Fixed an ammo consumption issue. (No more free rides!)



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