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Removes every perk limitation for items in workshop mode (Vanilla & DLC)

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Settlement Objects Unlocked
What does this mod do?

So you've stumbled across this mod wondering what exactly it does. It's very simple. This mod takes all the perk/quest/magazine requirements on a vanilla workshop item and throws it in the trash. Now you can build what ever you want right out of vault 111 without having to go around doing quests, hunting down magazines etc. 

What does this mod NOT do?

This doesn't add any new items to the game. I hope I've made that clear.

A little info on why i made this mod.

This mod was originally intended for personal use only. I got tired of starting a new save and going around doing things to be able to build. Settlement building is what i enjoy most about the game and don't enjoy any of the limitations Bethesda have put in place. So i made this mod to make things easier for myself.


I haven't done any testing what so ever on this mod. I don't plan on testing it or updating it (sorry). If there is a problem drop a message in the forum and someone or myself will try to help you with what ever issue you have.

Installing this mod is very simple. Below is how to do it.

All DLC Owned

  Manual install:
          - Download the SOU All in one file and extract into your 'fallout 4/data' folder

          Installing through NMM:
          - Again download the SOU All in one file and install

Few DLC owned (not all - see above)

Manual install:
- Download the 'SOU Main' file
- extract into 'Fallout4/Data' directory
- Download the 'SOU <DLC>' file(s) according to which DLC you own in the optional file list
- Extract into 'Fallout4/Data' Directory

Installing through NMM:
-Download the 'SOU Main' file through NMM and install
-Download the 'SOU <DLC>' file(s) according to which DLC you own in the optional file list and install

No DLC owned

Manual install:
Download the 'SOU Main' file and extract into your 'Fallout4/Data' directory

Installing through NMM:
Download the 'SOU Main' file and install 

You can either disable through NMM or remove the ESP files manually in the 'Fallout4/Data' folder
This shouldn't (I say that because I haven't tested it) affect your game when uninstalling. When you uninstall it will just place the perk/quest/magazine limitations back on the workshop item.

v1.1 Removed all perk requirements from stores and turrets
v1.2 Merged all ESP's into one file called 'SOU All in one'

What i can guess is this mod will probably only collide with mods that also change the perk/quest/magazine limitations on workshop menu items.

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