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Inspired by Metro 2033, this mod implements a new resource: gas mask filters. Humans are required to wear a gas mask while wandering the wasteland in exterior areas. Meanwhile gas masks consume filters that keep out harmful radioactive dust.

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Xbox Release Available Release Notes:

- NEW Choking SFX for Male and Female Players
- NEW Repair Option - Repair with Duplicate Masks. Repairs 90% of mask condition and consumes an identical mask from the inventory.

- (BIG)Change: Edited all of the Overlays and Environmental VFX so that they are attached to the camera node. They will no longer need to be refreshed on changing location (no more flashes) and will no longer have a delay when turning the camera. (I tried my best, but let me know if there are any alignment issues)

- Change:Coughing now begins at 5 Filter Charge remaining from 20
- Change: Rewrote Player Sound FX script and attached scripts to make sounds play more reliably.
- Change: Updated Gas Mask ArmorKeywords, Gas Mask Frost, and Gas Mask Hardcore Drop Rate plugins
- Change: Updated NPCEquip script to prevent errors from accumulating in papyrus logs.

- Bug Fix: Fixed a filter crafting bug in which you could no longer access older crafting recipes after getting a new one due to missing perks.

Older Patch Notes
Show Release Notes:

- NEW Holotape Menu for Disabling mod Sounds/Volume
- NEW Hard Core Drop rate option (In the installer)
- NEW Toggle for PA environmental vfx & mask wipe item
- NEW Holotape option for adding/Removing masks from database
- NEW Holotape option for resetting database
- NEW Air Filtration in Diamond City and Goodneighbor. Players and NPCs do not need to wear a mask in these cities.
- NEW Radiated areas tool. Available in the Creation Kit, this allows modders to place down a Hazard radius that will require a gas mask.
- NEW Different filter amounts (Used Filters)
- NEW Adjustable X/Y Hud
- NEW Adjustable Filter Durations in the holotape. You can now set any filter duration.
- NEW Options to change radiation levels. You can change the radiation levels of Pleasant, Cloudy, Rainy, and Dust/Radiation weathers.
- NEW Craftable Repair Kit at workbench
- Change: Added condition to filter crafting recipes
- Change: Lowered Default Player Sprint volume
- Change: Air Filtration System menu redux.
- Change: Helper message for the filter perk
- Bug Fix: Animation conditions (for robot repair kit, stealthboy, vertibird)
- Bug Fix: No damage things breaking the mask Release Notes:

- NEW Destructible gas mask system. 

Gas masks will degrade as the player takes damage. A repair kit can be used outside of combat to repair gas masks. You can store repair charges (up to 3) by crafting them in the repair kit or spend components to restore the condition of your mask.
- Limitations: You may only have 1 instance of each mask (for technical reasons). 

Example: You cant have two M1A211 gas masks but if you have a armor mod on a mask, they will be considered different masks and have their own condition.

- NEW Gas Mask Vignette Overlay: Gas Mask Visor (see gallery for reference)
- NEW Added a tutorial for assigning a Gas Mask Vignette (Visor, Lens, One Eye, etc...) to the Destructible Gas Mask System.
- NEW Added a Standalone optional download for the M1A211 Gas Mask.
- NEW Added a crafting recipe for the M1A211 Gas Mask.
- NEW Added the M17 (from Metro Gas Masks) to the leveled lists, it will now appear on NPCs.
-Bug Fix: Constant Gas Mask Toggle now appropriately registers if you are in 3rd or 1st person to ensure the overlay is applied appropriately.
- Bug Fix: HUD Widget displays when the player loads a save. 
- Change: NPC radiation damage is applied more quickly.
- Change: HUD Widget 'Status' no longer displays the filter status, but instead displays the status of your currently equipped mask.
- Change: Removed the Horizon Patch (It is out of date) Release Notes:

- New Integrated Metro Gas Masks (go endorse :) ) | Graciously provided by Nutulator, the PPM-88 and the PMK-1 will now spawn on NPCs. These can also be crafted at the chem station.
- New Environmental VFX: Blood, Dirt, Dust, Frost, Mud | Each of these have toggles in the Holotape Menu. 
- New HUD Widget Holotape Controls: Position, Scale, Opacity, and HUD Toggle
- New Companion Equip Holotape Toggle Release Notes:

- New Vignette options in the holotape menu
  • - New Wipe Mechanic (Currently During Rain) Option in holotape to disable | Current Known Issues: "flashes" may occur due to the need to turn off the gas mask overlay before some of the rain effects. What happened to some of the cracks on my screen? We found out that only one refraction can be on the screen, so during rain, the rain's refraction has priority.
  • - New settlement Air Filtration system (Power -> Misc) |
  • - New mask wipe animation |
  • - New audio/visual for low filter (20% remaining) |
  • - New audio/notification for incoming weather (options for disabling in the holotape) |
  • - New masks added to the mask database | (List in downloads)
  • Added a Rad Only Mode (only sustain radiation during rad storms, dust storms, and snow) and No Radiation mode (no radiation hazard) |
  • - Added a option for No NPC Equip (npcs wont equip gas masks)

    1. Premise

     Inspired by Metro 2033, this mod implements a new resource, gas mask filters. Human NPC's and the player are required to wear a gas mask while wandering in exterior wasteland areas.While equipped, Gas masks consume filters that keep out harmful radiation attached to dust particles in the air. Filters prevent heavy radiation exposure in conjunction with a functioning gas mask. Power armor acts as a gas mask and does not consume filters but instead drains fusion cores.

    2. Features

    • There is a settings holotape. Pretty much any of the features of this mod including those not specified here can be disabled/enabled via the holotape menu.

    • Humans wear gas masks while in exterior areas (normal version) OR equip them if precipitation starts (precipitation version)

    • There are a few Factions that are exempt: Children of Atom (cause they love radiation), Ghouls (heal from radiation), Synths (Gen 3 or otherwise UNLESS they are undercover), A few Unique NPC's whom I deemed too "superior" for Gas Masks,

    • Humans receive scaling radiation damage per second if they do not have a gas mask equipped OR they have no filters while in World Regions (Commonwealth, Goodneighbor, Diamond City, etc...),

    • NPC humans remove gas masks on location change if they enter interior areas (normal version) or they remove them in pleasant weather (Precipitation/Rad Weather version).

    • Destructible Gas Masks with degrading glass overlays.

    • Visual/Sound effects play when the player: Does not have a gas mask on, equips a gas mask, replaces a gas mask filter, or has their gas mask damaged. 

    • Audio sliders for SFX in the main audio menu.

    3. Required Mods

    • Hud Framework If you would like to have the hud element, this is required

    4. Recommend Mods

    5. Compatibility

    • No overt compatibility issues, but there can be some odd interactions.

    6. Installation

    • If you have a previous version: Uninstall the main and all Optional files.
    • We have an fomod installer for NMM/Vortex users.

    • Core files go into "(...)Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data"
    • Data files include optional esp files that go into "(...)Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data"
    • Data\Meshes files include the Glass Overlay files. Choose one of the FOV's and copy the lowest overlay folder into "(...)Data\Meshes\FO2287\"

    7. Suggested Mod Load Order (in order):

    Put Gas Masks of the Wasteland LOW in your order. Do not use LOOT. LOOT prioritizes this mod high in the load order which often causes issues.

    •  Main:Gas Masks of the Wasteland
    •  Optional Files/Weather Mods 

    8. Tips

    • In Vault 111 (at the entrance) and at the Red Rocket station (in garage) I have placed "Survival" Containers that have a supply of Filters and a Gas Mask to get you started.

    • While indoors, filters will not be consumed and bandannas reduce radiation exposure by 75%.

    • If the breathing, filter changing, or other sounds appear too loud, there are sliders in the Audio Menu that to change their volume. 

    9. Known Issues

    • When entering Power Armor while a mask is equipped, it plays the unequip animation.

    • Looking at the pipboy makes the overlay shift upwards, exposing the edge of the texture. Using Pip-Pad will fix it.

    • Not all gas masks are yet animated/implemented. Only the M1A211, Gas Mask with Goggles, and the Raider Gas Mask.

    • Any interruptions like crouching or getting hit during animation removes the annotations, making the animation broken.

    • Stimpack (and possibly other "AnimObject" items) have priority over gas mask, equipping both in pipboy will result in only the stimpack animation being played.

    10. PSA For Modders

    • Weather mods should be compatible but if you would like it to be consistent, open a weather in the Creation Kit go to the Precipitation and change the Weather Classification flag to an appropriate setting (snow is rad storms).

    11. About Me

     This is my first mod, a way of "breaking" into the scene after being an active user of mods for quite some time. I have aspirations for many mods to come and am looking forward to becoming an active member (assuming time allows).

    If you'd like to donate and support I'm on Patreon or single payment at Paypal

    12. Credits/Team

    -Team 2287-
    D1v1ne122 - Leader, Programmer

    - Contributors -
    Scrivener07 - Programmer
    MaxG3D - Animator/Overlays/Textures/Sounds

    Goldenscale001- Sound
    DogtoothCG- Modeling/M1A211 Gas Mask
    payl0ad- Compatibility Patches
    Abbalovesyou- Child Mask Conversions
    HugeBoomer- Gas Mask Expert, Sound
    The Shiny Haxorus/Robersonb1 - Animator, Compiler
     Nutulator - Modeling: PPM-88, PMK-1
    Truly Britsy - Modeling: GP-5

    - Testers -

    THanks to all our testers who gave great feedback!

    Klaus Von Wonderstrap