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Be your own Nelson! Conquer the seas and subdue the primitives!

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Avast, me hearties!

Welcome to Port Royal, haven for any and all free spirits of the Seven Seas!
Ever wanted to build your own fleet with which to conquer the wretched Commonwealth seas? Ever wanted to signal all your enemies of your arrival, have them tremble in fear at the mere mention of your name? Or maybe you wanted to be a new Nelson, uniting sea and men under the same banner, civilizing the dreaded waters. If so, then look no further, for this is the mod for you!

The booty

Six whole boats for you to use and decorate as seen fit by your perfect decorating skill
Flags that will rally your men and blast away them filthy scallywags;
Fully working boat parts and cabins, for a pirate must feel at home even when on land, far from his beloved ship!
Doors, beautiful doors for all your ship's private parts.
A full set of MODULAR BARGE for when the booty is too large.
One life preserver for all those landlubbers you sometimes have to accept around.
One fishing rod. One's have to do something when not being a pirate.
Other, absolutely necessary items for a ship's deck.


They all have snap points for doors and alike.
They all allow placement on water and ground. Get Place Everywhere like everyone else for easier placement!

For some video proof of the objects added, check out

Ahoy, matey! An old salt would like to see your creations. Share them in the image section (ask if you dunno how to share). I love me some great screenshots! He'd also like to to check out this old crates for whatever loot they have

Vanilla Extensions
Stairs, Ladders, Ramps
Red Rocket Reborn
Pipe Galore
Box Houses
The Cabin in the Woods
Wasteland Billboards

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!