Fallout 4

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...and florals and houndstooths and dots and stripes and...
Standalone furniture combining pre-war style with post-war damage.

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Update 4/10:
Thank you to everyone who downloaded and endorsed, it's appreciated- and I'm so glad other people are as into the idea of ratty old retro furniture as I am!  I'm working on version 2 right now, here's a preview! http://imgur.com/a/76N9h

I know, there are a lot of furniture mods out there now.  And a lot of them are absolutely fantastic.  But, none were quite what I wanted for my game. 
I wanted more variety than the vanilla settlement system allowed, but didn't want to deviate from the aesthetics of the game, or to fill my settlements with perfectly undamaged pre-war items.  So objects that kept the Midcentury Modern and post-WWII aesthetic of the game in terms of color and pattern, looked decent enough to use, but still had enough wear and tear to fit seamlessly into the post-war world. 

I mean, if jeans and t shirts can survive the apocalypse, I refuse to believe every set of sheets, every table, all the rugs, and each couch in a color other than red simply evaporated the moment the bombs fell.  

Updated version of the beds from my mod Cozy Beds have been included.  There is a no-bed version of this mod, use that if you want the old textures and/or don't want to redo all the beds you've already placed.

This uses vanilla categories and is compatible with other crafting mods. 

Version 3.0 - Now in BA2 format from creation kit. Improved bed textures, new wooden dining chairs (to match the tables), fixed collision on modern domestic coffee table.

NEW in version 2.0- 10 Diner booths, 10 Patio sets, 6 grills, 4 breadboxes, and 30 curtains

There IS an issue with the patio chairs- see photos for details.  I've got no clue, if anyone knows how to fix it I'm all ears.  I also realize the rugs are not (or not always) showing up in the menu.  I'm trying to figure that out, too.

Version 1.1 update:
corrected a few bugs found in the initial release.  See changelog for details.