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Black and silver recolor of the Cleanrot Set. Includes optional version that removes the twigs from the armor.

Permissions and credits
You'll find two options:

Default - This is the modded armor with no changes to the model
No Twigs - Removes the twigs from the armor

Fun fact: the twigs are called "cordyceps" in the texture files. I just found this interesting, and it fits with the Scarlet Rot.

**Disclaimer! Please Read!**

I use REVENANT ReShade, specifically the Lush version with a couple tweaks of my own. This is reflected in the screenshots I took for this mod, so keep in mind that it may look differently for you if you do not use a ReShade! 

Secondly, DO NOT attempt to play the game online while using any mods or you will be banned! Download Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher to circumvent EAC, or if you use Mod Engine 2 then that program will automatically disable it.


Works with UXM and Mod Engine 2. Extract the contents into the "parts" folder of whatever route you choose. If you don't have a parts folder for Mod Engine 2, you can create one yourself.

Graphics/ReShade/Mods Used for Screenshots

Remove vignette
Remove chromatic aberration
Ultrawide UI Fixes
Remove black bars
Increase animation distance

REVENANT Lush ReShade personal tweaks: Disable the ADOF, Chromatic Aberration, and Border.

I play on a 21:9 (3440x1440) ultrawide monitor with an NVIDIA RTX 3080. I used a FreeCam script from a Cheat Engine table to get close up shots and disabled the HUD. In game settings, I turned Depth of Field and Motion Blur off. For everything else I use the recommended settings from NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Tools Used In Mod Creation

Please refer to my Elden Ring Recolor Guide and Tutorial if you want to know how to create your own recolor mods or are curious about how I make them.

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