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Adds new hairstyles to the charactor creator.

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Hi Folks,

after a loooong break I decided to mod DAO again, especially the hair thing

I still love beautiful hairstyles and "The Sims" creators have made so many amazing stuff during the last years, I couldn´t resist
Today I will share all hairstyles I have converted so far. This time with better bone weight, so that the hairstyles look better in game (thousand kisses to Risibisi for her help *_*).
Because of the fact, that the hairstyles are originally made for the Sims, they don´t fit 100% perfect on the DAO head and longe hairstyles may clipping with some armors. But that´s the price when you want use this hairstyles.
For now the hairstyles are only available for HF. Maybe I´ll convert them also to other races, but I´am´s so time consuming and my free time is limited.  So if you have a request just let me know, maybe I can convert it faster. Hope so ^^

Sooo...I hope you´ll like my mod..happy HAIRSTYLE DAY


All the meshes and textures in this mod are not mine. I only converted it to the game DAO. It´s all the work of the following amazing “The Sims” creators:
Anto/Wingsims/Enrique/Nightcrawler/Simduction/NewSea/Simplysimmer/CoolSims/Simpliaty/TsminSims/Stealthic/Wildlyminiaturesandwich/Leosims/Cazy/IvoSims/LuminaLoverSims/Skysims/MEELLANIE/Pixleboy (I´ll post all the links to the creators below).
Thank you all so much for your fantastic work and permission

A big thank goes also to all the people who made it generally possible for me to mod this game:

Boodrl for her Video tutorial (find on Risibisi´s side, check the link below)
Risibisi for her mod tutorials and her personal help klick
TerraEx for the Chargenmorph complier klick
NewByPower for the Blender Import Script klick

Thank you all sooo much. Without your help I would never have been able to modify the game.


1. Download the mod
2. Extract the HAIRSTYLE DAY VOL.2 folder in your "My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override" directory
3. Run CharGenMorph Compiler

Alternately, if you want to simply edit your chargenmorph file yourself, add the line(s) of the hairstyle(s) you want use under the gender/race hair section.

For example you want use the "Luna" hairstyle for HF.
Put the Luna folder under "My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override" directory.
In the Luna folder you can find an txt file with the following line : <resource name="hf_har_Luna_0" cut="1" />

Just put this line under  <hairs> <human_female> in your chargenmorph file and save it.

Voilá...the Luna hairstyle should now appear in the caractor creator.

Please notice

There are many mods wich conflicts with the changenmorph be sure to use only one file!!!
If you use more cosmetic mod at the same time, edit your chargenmorph file manually or use CharGenMoph compiler.


- Delete HARSTYLE DAY Vol.2 folder from your override folder.


Blender 2.49b
Blender ImportExport Script
Dragon Age: Origin Toolset

Links of "The Sims" creators

Wingsims (
Enrique (
Anto (
Nightcrawler (
Simduction (
NewSea (
Simplysimmer  (
Simpliaty (
TsminhSims (
Stealthic (
Wildlyminiaturesandwich (
Leosims (
Cazy (
IvoSims (
LuminaLoverSims (
Skysims (
Pixelboy (
Birkschessims (

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