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With these tools, you can import existing meshes, create and export new meshes to DragonAge, using the powerful open-source modelling suite named Blender ( free downloadable at www.blender.org ).

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What's new ?
Sept. 18 2010 : My login on BSN is now OK, maybe it was a temporary problem... But my suggestion to use discussion to bugreport is already good.
Sept. 13 2010 : Seems Bioware banned Natural Bodies and my account on their network ( hey, BW guys, explains please ! ). SO I will able to support DragonBlender only in the Nexus. Use the discussion tab to ask about specific problems with the tool. Leave comments free of bug report or help, and use the discussion instead.
- Sept. 12 2010 : I've released a fix for 0.20, with the working features currently available at this time. The next step will be 1.00, planned for late October.
- Mar. 30 2010 : DragonBlender 0.20 is in late, and I have many things to do at the side. I released the things working quite well : MSH,MMH and Package tools. Since I'm working on a all-in one tool, they are in rewriting phase and some new features will come when 0.20 will be released. Animations will also be included in 0.21 version ( 0.20 will have only model editing abilities to speed up the dev).
- Feb. 08 2010 : I've posted a modelling walkthrough to help people using DragonBlender 0.11.
- Feb. 07 2010 : 0.20 beta 1 is online. Report bugs to author with a screenshot of Blender console, please.
Please note that only MSH tool is in testing at this time.

- Jan. 17 2010 : 0.11 final release is uploaded. It includes some new features. Next release will be 0.20, with at least 80% rewrited code for better import-export.
- Dec. 12 2009 : 0.10 Release version is online.

3 tools are provided:
- MSH Tool : A mesh editor to load or create meshes in msh files
- Package Tool : A ERF/RIM package extractor or creator
- MMH Tool : An importer for MMH hierarchy and skeletons

These tools are included into "DragonAge_Tools_020.blend", a ready-to-work Blender file.

Tools are made near user-friendly. See the tooltips, the UI infos in dark red and [?] button to see what to do.

Blender 2.49b , free download at http://www.blender.org
Python 2.6 , free download at http://www.python.org
( If your Dragon Age toolset doesn't work with Python 2.6, see the Python 2.5 fix folder )

- Extract all files on your disk
- Launch the "DragonAge_Tools_020.blend" with Blender
- To start, launch the upper script (Tools_Manager.py) by right-click on it and "Execute Script"
- Refer to the lower text and "Modelling_Walkthrought" to have an idea of the possibilities on using the script.

Files needed in the same folder than the blend file using any of the tool:
- BlenderUI.pyc
- GFF_Const.pyc
- GFF_Reader.pyc
- Library.pyc
- lang_default.txt ( or other language files )
- BlenderIO.cfg
- Icon_256.png

The *.py files are provided only if you want to run them directly into one of your already-made blender file.

Known Issues
Vista / Seven
- Extract or replace files in folders Blender has autorizations ( not in "Program Files" or other system folders ) or run Blender as administrator.

Since I had not much time for anything else than bugfixing for 0.20, if someone can make walkthroughts for the 0.20 version, it will be appreciated.

Scripts : See in code