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Adds additional cutscenes allowing Mahariel to bury/say goodbye to Tamlen. Triggers after you discover his final fate. For the vanilla Dalish Elf origin storyline - m/f Mahariel who romances Tamlen. This is not designed to be used with mods that add him as a companion.

Permissions and credits

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Kissing Tamlen
A Flower from Tamlen
Clan Sabrae Says Goodbye


If you're a lover of Tamlen, please check out this beautiful short story by ravendas1
It was inspired by this mod and Tinimaus' Killing Tamlen

A Shroud of Cedar and Oak
by ravendas on AO3


Here is the EF version with my Warden Mahariel

This mod is a creation that has been very important to me to get just right, a vision I had that was a challenge to bring to life.
It has been a pet project of mine since last year and I really poured my heart and soul into it's design.
Obviously, Tamlen is a character that I cherish and so I've always wanted a scene allowing my Warden to properly tell him goodbye, to find closure in what happened to both of them and in how it completely changed her life forever.
So this is my vision of what that scene could be. I hope you enjoy it! 

This is a cutscene mod for the Dalish Elf origin for the male or female Mahariel who romances Tamlen in the beginning of the game.
I tried to design the scenes in such a way as to allow you to interpret and roleplay them as best suits your Warden. 
It adds 4 new back-to-back cutscenes t
hat show Warden Mahariel's reaction to Tamlen's final fate.
It allows you to (finally) lay him to rest properly.
You will also receive Tamlen's ring "Ma Vhenan" and a special note in the codex under "Items"
In the images section there is a screenshot of the ring
Stats are +5 willpower, +5 constitution, +12 defense, +20% spirit defense, weakens nearby darkspawn
It is the fourth release in my series of Dalish Elf mods centered around Tamlen and Mahariel's relationship
this mod is meant to be used alongside all three of them, in particular with my Kissing Tamlen mod where you receive your friendship ring, Bellanaris.
You will receive Tamlen's matching ring with this mod.

This will all trigger after the shriek attack at the player camp, when you encounter Tamlen. When Alistair approaches you about "who was that", you will be given responses that will trigger the scenes to play. Any conversation choices you make will trigger it.

Download, unzip (I use 7zip) and install the dazip file using either a Mod Manager or the DAUpdater.
If you want to uninstall it, I suggest using a mod manager, but you can also uncheck the mod under "Downloadable Content" in-game and then delete the folder goodbye_tamlen from your ...Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/AddIns folder.
For reference I use the DAUpdater to install dazips and remove them using Altorian's DAO Mod Manager 

This mod is no longer considered in beta. 
All the versions appear to be working as intended.
Please share screenshots and recordings as I would love to see how the EM version looks with male Warden Mahariels!

I will add an additional option in the future where you can go back and visit his grave after the burial.
I've just needed a break from the Tamlen heartache.
The scenes are specifically designed for a Tamlen romance during a vanilla Dalish Elf origin playthrough.
Barring any game breaking bugs or issues, I consider the scenes complete as they are and do not plan to change them.

During testing, discrepancies in voice-over volume vs music were found,
based on personal game settings for the volume of your sound effects, music, and dialogue.

Experiences during the moments that Tamlen speaks varied depending on these settings.
I recommend that you turn your music and background noise down, while keeping your dialogue volume level up higher at 10.
Otherwise, it may be slightly hard to hear Tamlen speak one or two of his lines, despite my many efforts to balance out music volume and voice over volume.
-Hairstyles that cover your face will block some up close shots of your Warden-
-You will be wearing your current armor in the flashbacks of your time with Tamlen, there is nothing I can do about that-
-Heavier armor may cause weird clipping in the cuddle scene-

I appreciate the many compliments I receive on my elf, but I will not be listing all the mods I used on my Mahariel.

Hair mod for my elf can be found here in Risibisi's lovely hair conversions for Origins:
Look Hair! - Dracarys
If you have any questions or issues with installing the hair mod, 
please refer all your inquiries to the original modder, Risibisi.
This is at both mine and Risibisi's request, thank you!

This will conflict with any mod anything that edits the following game files:
cam110ar_camp_arch3.lst (map)

Please note this mod must be installed before you return to camp and the scenes with the archdemon and shrieks are triggered.
So, any existing save file must be from before you fast travel.
If you load a save from after the shriek attack, but before speaking to Tamlen, he will not be a ghost in the first and last scenes.
The party camp map, with the shriek attack, must be loaded for the first time with this mod already installed.

This mod is completely compatible with Killing Tamlen and I actually think it's a nice compliment to mine, as it flows well together.
(and I mean, who doesn't need more feels at this point in the storyline??)
It also works fine with Bi Tamlen and Opening Cutscene Dialogue Fix by mintflavoredwindows
If you have Immortality's Ser Gilmore companion NPC mod installed, Ser Gilmore will be present in the scenes with the other companions


Origin Mementos - Dalish Elf by Gewitterwolke
If you have this mod installed, you will have to download my optional file "Dialogue Override Files"
Unzip it, and put the folder into your
...Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override folder

Doing that should allow you to have both mods installed at the same time. If this does not work for you, please let me know.
Please note though that you will not receive the amulet you normally receive with Gewitterwolke's mod because it too is triggered by the dialogue you have with Alistair and my files will have to override theirs.

 Improved Atmosphere by SpaceAlex
You must delete any copies of these files from the IA area folders in your ...Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override folder:


Otherwise you will have tents in weird places during one of the cutscenes 
 and Tamlen will not show up properly as a ghost in the designated scenes where he's supposed to be one
Also, it obviously wouldn't make much sense to use this with Karmas Origins Companions



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For the Dalish Elf Origin

Kissing Tamlen
A Flower from Tamlen
Clan Sabrae Says Goodbye

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