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About this mod

This mod allows you to recruit Cullen, Jowan, Gorim, Ser Gilmore, Tamlen, Soris, and Leske into your party. A new female dwarf companion and a new male Kossith companion are also recruitable.

Permissions and credits

Read and follow the installation instructions on this page very carefully. Most problems that users have encountered are due to not following the installation instructions.

For the time being, you can use the console command "runscript kc_debug" (without the "" of course) to hire companions, change approval and romance flags, fix any quest-related bugs, etc..

As always, please report any bugs you find, so that I can fix them as soon as possible.

  • Recruit Cullen, Jowan, Gorim, Ser Gilmore, Tamlen, Soris, and Leske into your party as permanent companions
  • Recruit Adela, a new female companion, and Ox, a new male companion.
  • Explore new romances with Cullen, Jowan, Gorim, Ser Gilmore, Tamlen, Soris, Leske, and Adela
  • New gifts tailored for each new party member (with Bioware-style gift mechanics)
  • Each new companion has at least one personal quest (except Ox)
  • 20+ new areas to explore (plus a few new building interiors)
  • A couple areas reminiscent of old school, hack-and-slash style dungeon crawling
  • Six new armor sets (re-tints of existing models with new stats)
  • Six new weapons (existing models with new stats)
  • Eight new merchants for your one-stop shopping needs
  • The dialogues for Cullen, Jowan, and Gorim are around 12,000 words each

    Other Features:
  • Fixes the vanilla bug with Jowan's Intention quest (will start if you tell Jowan to run away in the dungeon or if you fire him from your party)
  • Fixes the vanilla bug that didn't set the proper plot flag when choosing to free the Circle as your "boon" when Alistair is king
  • Cullen's vanilla dialogue (Broken Circle only) is now circle-specific instead of mage-specific to account for non-circle mages
  • Fixes some (though certainly not all) of the annoying vanilla dialogue "bugs" in the epilogue slideshow and the goodbye speeches at the gates
  • Restored some original content epilogue slides regarding the werewolves and the Alienage
  • Added most of the otherwise unobtainable vanilla items to a chest in Highever as an Easter Egg
  • Includes a debugging/cheat console command

Current & Future Changes
    Change Log for Beta v4.0:
  • Added Ox, a new kossith companion (hired during Tamlen’s quest)
  • Rewrote most scripts to be more efficient
  • Extended Tamlen’s personal quest
  • Added more dialogue
  • Added a new lake area (seen during Tamlen’s quest)
  • Added auto-initiated conversations to camp
  • Modified the camp and party picker areas to accommodate more companions
  • Reduced the number of overridden files to improve mod compatibility (dialogue files, however, are still overridden)
  • Renamed almost every file in the mod to avoid any filename conflicts with other mods
  • Other stuff that I can’t remember

    Change Log for Beta v3.5:
  • Added Adela's personal quest
  • Removed all required mod dependencies (Awakening resources are now bundled with the main file)
  • Changed Adela's haircut to eliminate the mod dependency (Her old head morph has been packaged with the Optional Head Morphs file)
  • Resorted back to recruiting Tamlen later in the game to avoid the camp bug
  • Added several new area-based conversations for Leske
  • Added several new conversations for Soris
  • Included new ambient conversations for NPCs in Gwaren
  • Fixed a broken script that kept the thief from giving you gifts for Soris
  • Added the head morphs I use for all vanilla and KC companions to the Optional Head Morphs pack

    Change Log for Beta v3:
  • Tamlen, Soris, Leske, and Adela were added as companions
  • Two new areas were added to the map
  • Added new interior area to Gwaren
  • Three new companion quests were created
  • More gifts for new companions added
  • Cleaned up some scripts to make them run more efficiently
  • Updated partypicker screen
  • Improved loot in KC areas
  • A couple existing bugs were fixed

    Change Log for Beta v2:
  • The nightmares in the Broken Circle quest now work
  • The doppelgangers in the Gauntlet will now appear
  • Better lighting in Highever Castle
  • Added a new town to world map
  • Replaced cave area in Gorim's quest
  • Added a new area to Gorim's quest
  • Removed the village in Dragon's Peak
  • Relocated all Dragon's Peak merchants to new town
  • Added new merchants to Gwaren
  • Roomier party picker screen
  • Reduced the difficulty of some quests
  • Reduced the stats of the equipment
  • Armor tints are now built-in (no separate download)
  • Improved audio quality for the voice over for certain NPCs
  • Cullen, Jowan, and Gorim have much more dialogue
  • Made some minor changes to Eamon's, Gorim's, and Cullen's dialogue
  • A vanilla bug that caused Cullen's epilogue slide and throne room conversation to not show up has now been fixed
  • Fixed some vanilla dialogue "bugs" in Jowan's dungeon conversation (for compatibility with Cullen-Mage Romance option)
  • Fixed some vanilla dialogue "bugs" in the epilogue slideshow and the goodbye speeches at the gate (for compatibility with the several dialogue fixes mods)
  • Fixed Cullen's Broken Circle vanilla dialogue so that it is circle-specific instead of mage-specific to account for non-circle mages (for compatibility with Non-Circle Origin Mage Dialogue Fixes mod)
  • Improved compatibility with other companion mods (especially with Ser Gilmore NPC)
  • Skip the Fade should now be compatible
  • Cullen-Mage Romance option should now be compatible with Compatibility Plug-in
  • Most known bugs have been fixed
  • Consolidated all the compatibility plug-ins into one zip file

    Future Updates:
  • More dialogue for all companions
  • Officially add Bann Teagan (is only recruitable by console command at this time
  • Voice over for elderly herbalist and other ambient NPCs (any volunteers?)
  • Voice over for main characters (someday...)
  • Better cutscenes (I'm slowly learning how the cutscene editor works)
  • Different camera angles during conversations
  • Improved atmosphere in new areas (more ambient people/animals, decorations, etc.)
  • Chanter's board in new town (in progress)
  • Better compatibility with other companion mods

Installation & Uninstallation
Installation of Karma's Origins Companions:
1. Completely uninstall the old version of Karma's Companions. (See below for specific directions)
2. If any of the files listed in the Compatibility section below are in your ...packagescoreoverride folder or subfolders, they MUST be deleted. Use the search feature on your computer if necessary.
3. Download, extract, and install the dazip (by double-clicking on it)
4. Download the latest Bug Fix file, and extract the contents into a new folder in ...packages/core/override
5. Either download and install the mod Awakening in the OC (if you have Awakening) or download and install the Awakening resource pack (if you do not have Awakening)
6. If you have Bloodworks, Dark Times, Ser Gilmore NPC, Tevinter Wardens, Lealion, Cullen-Mage Romance Option, Quests & Legends/Valeria, Return to Korcari Wilds, or Saarebas, you need to download and install the Compatibility Plugin Pack. (See below for specific directions.)
7. Start a new game or load any save BEFORE Lothering. (Installing the new version and continuing from a save during or after Lothering could cause quests to become unplayable and areas to become unreachable.)

Uninstallation of Karma's Origins Companions:
    Delete the following files and folders:
  • karmas_companions folder from your ...My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Addins folder
  • karmas_companions_package.erf file from ...packages/core/data (does not exist in newer versions)
  • any of the bug fix files in ...packages/core/override
  • any compatibility plug-in folders in ...packages/core/override

Installation of Compatibility Plug-ins:
Currently the Compatibility Plug-in Pack contains compatibility fixes for Bloodworks, Return to the Korcari Wilds, Ser Gilmore NPC, Tevinter Wardens, Lealion, Quests & Legends/Valeria Addon, Dark Times, Saarebas, and Cullen-Mage Romance Option. For the most part, these plug-ins just replace their char_stage area (partypicker screen) with mine. If you prefer a different char_stage or mine is giving you trouble, just delete the char_stage.are/.lst files contained in these folders. However, doing this may cause some of my companions not to show up in the partypicker screen, so be careful.

1. Download the Compatibility Plug-in Pack.
2. Extract into your ...packages/core/override folder
3. Delete the folders of the mods you do not have

Installation of Optional Head Morphs:
To install the head morphs, extract the zip file into the ...packages/core/override in your my documents folder. If you do not want to use all of them, just delete the one(s) you do not like.

    To uninstall, just delete the extracted files:
  • df_adela.mor
  • dm_bdn120cr_gorim.mor
  • hm_bhm100_jowan.mor
  • hm_bhm300_cullen.mor
  • hm_bhn100_gilmore.mor
  • dm_bdc200cr_leske.mor
  • em_bec100_soris.mor
  • em_bed100_tamlen.mor
  • hm_arl110cr_teagan.mor
  • dm_genfl_oghren.mor
  • em_genfl_zevran.mor
  • hf_genfl_leliana.mor
  • hf_genfl_morrigan.mor
  • hf_genfl_wynne.mor
  • hm_genfl_alistair.mor
  • hm_genfl_loghain.mor
  • qm_genfl_sten.mor

At this time, it is compatible with Ser Gilmore NPC (partly tested), Tevinter Wardens (partly tested), Lealion (partly tested), Saarebas (tested), Quests & Legends/Valeria (tested), Dark Times (tested), Bloodworks (tested), Return to Korcari Wilds (tested), and MerAnne's Dwarves (theoretically tested :D). Party Recruiting, Enigma Battle Arena & Dungeon, Lady of the Forest Companion, and Project Anima are NOT compatible due to limited space in the party picker screen.

Many dialogue fix mods alter some of the same dialogue files that I had to alter (listed below) and thus will have to be deleted. I tried to incorporate as many of the changes these mods made to these files as possible. If I missed a change in any of the files below, please let me know. The rest of the dialogue files for these mods do not need to be deleted. The dialogue fixes for the major characters will still work. Only the farewell dialogue at the gate before the final battle and the epilogue slideshow won't be compatible. The character-specific dialogue, the party banter, the climax speech, the post-coronation dialogues, etc. should all still work.

    It will also be at least partially incompatible with any mod that alters any of the following files:
  • cutscene_slideshow.dlg <-- used by some companion mods, Companion Compatibility Core v2.0, many dialogue fix mods, and all epilogue alteration mods
  • 1p_200_alienage_guard.stg
  • arl230cr_eamon.dlg/.dlb <-- used by ZDF Dialog Fix
  • cir230_cullen.dlg/.dlb <-- used by Non-Circle Origin Mage Dialogue Fixes, ZDF Dialog Fix, & Cullen-Mage Romance
  • den200_gorim.dlg/.dlb <-- used by Improved Atmosphere & Gorim Shut Up
  • orz230_jarvia.dlg/.dlb
  • orz400_leske.dlg/.dlb
  • cutscene_postcoronation.dlg <-- used by some dialogue fix mods; fixes the vanilla bug that wouldn't set the Circle independence boon flag; can be safely overridden if necessary
  • den510ar_arl_estate.ncs <-- fixes disguises nudie bug; can be safely overridden if necessary
  • den511ar_arl_dungeon.ncs <-- fixes disguises nudie bug; can be safely overridden if necessary
  • cam110_reaction.dlb/.dlg <-- fixes Alistair's camp reaction to Tamlen; can be safely overridden if necessary

If any of these files exist in your .../packages/core/override folder or subfolders, they must be deleted before installing this mod.

This mod is compatible with Noob766’s Companion Compatibility Core v1.03; however it is not compatible with CCC v2.0. Matter of fact, in my testing v2.0 stops even the vanilla gates speeches and epilogue slideshow from playing. I highly suggest that you disable/uninstall v2.0 and revert back to v1.03.

    Many Thanks To:
  • xDarkicex, MasonP, xTrinitix, Tiffany, Jen, Kevin, Francesco, Trevor, viceGT, Robert S. Benjamin, Saenorel, James Deslaurier, DinoT, Jose Ramirez, Martin Beierling, Norrec, Felika, and Sam for their voice acting talents
  • Trevor for spending many frustrating hours acting as the alpha (and beta) tester
  • Anyone who downloaded v4.0 alpha from dropbox and submitted bug reports
  • rileyrose and WitchWolf for writing parts of Cullen's dialogue
  • Francesco, TangoCityLimits, and Amhran Comhrac for writing some of Jowan's dialogue
  • Salona and bageek for writing some of Soris' dialogue
  • bageek and Norrec for writing much of Leske's current dialogue
  • Kajana, Izlai, Anja Christensen, anonymous, and Brimfugol for writing various conversations
  • Kajana for compiling many, many, many submitted conversations in the toolset
  • tmp7704 from the Bioware forums for his wonderful model fix pack
  • Semper for creating some missing meta files and for use of his cave level
  • anyone on the Bioware forums who has ever answered one of my many, many, many questions (especially TimelordDC, without whom the gauntlet ghosts and fade would not be possible, and Jackkel Dragon, for his help with ability transfers)
  • FelioCusland for making one funny cartoon explaining why Cullen wouldn't want to join your happy little party of maleficarum
  • FelioCusland, mcgoy, Kajana, izlai, and anyone else who answered questions in the Comments section when I was not around to do so
  • Anyone who has reported a bug (especially Muzzow, who found the rather amusing nudie bug, and Norstaera and Tate, who submitted very extensive bug reports for v4.0)
  • Anyone that deserves credit for their help but that I might have inadvertently forgotten on this list

Recommended Mods:
Awakening in the OC (not exactly required but highly recommended for those players with the Awakening expansion)
Respecification (use this mod if you do not like how I spec'ed the companions)
Icons Project (replaces the horrible equipment icons in your inventory)

Want to Help?
I am looking for voice actors, cutscene artists, and dialogue writers of any experience level. If you are willing to help, please PM me.