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Adds an additional cutscene to the end of the Dalish Elf origin, before the vanilla farewell scene of the Warden leaving with Duncan. The new cutscene attempts to show the clan and the Warden mourning the loss of Tamlen, allowing our Warden to express some emotion (for once) over what happened to their best friend.

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Kissing Tamlen
A Flower from Tamlen

This is a mod for the Dalish Elf Origin for both male and female elves.
It is one part of my ongoing project to fill in some of the holes of the vanilla Tamlen storyline.
This small part of my Tamlen project adds a cutscene that plays before the vanilla farewell scene of the (soon-to-be) Warden leaving the Dalish camp with Duncan.
It attempts to show the clan and the Warden mourning the loss of Tamlen.
The scene takes place in the camp, around the big bonfire, the same fire that Paivel recites his poem by.
I felt that it was an appropriate place for a small service.


Just for clarification- The fire you see is just the bonfire in the Dalish camp.
It is not a funeral pyre.
As we all know, the Dalish do not burn their dead.
And our poor Tamlen's body has not been found so the clan can't bury him.


The scene will be triggered after your invitation to the Grey Wardens and Duncan asks if you're ready to leave. 
It does not matter which response you choose as each response will trigger it.
The Keeper will say her usual "come, da'len" line and then the scene should play.
Once my scene concludes, the vanilla farewell scene will be triggered and you will leave with Duncan for Ostagar like normal.


I was inspired to make this mod because of my ongoing disappointment that at the end of the Dalish Elf origin there is 
no scene showing the funeral for Tamlen that the Warden mentions to Duncan 
no show of emotion from our Warden over their very significant loss.  

Download zip file, unzip.
Use WinRAR or 7z, or whatever you normally use to unzip files.
Then move the entire folder into your override folder.


If you cannot unzip the file, or it gives you an error, try re-downloading it and using different software to unzip.
If you're still having problems, send me a pm.

This scene edits one significant file of the Dalish Elf Origin:

bed100cr_duncan.dlb and dlg

Any mod that edits this file will conflict with mine.
However, you can still make it compatible with those other mods by manually deleting
any other copies of "bed100cr_duncan.dlb and bed100cr_duncan.dlg" in your override folder.


Mods that address bugs, change dialogue files, or edit multiple game core resources
often leave you the option to delete files and use only the ones you want.
(Like Improved Atmosphere and the multiple bug fixing mods on Nexus)
If so, simply delete those files as instructed above, allowing mine to override everything.


If you have any issues with my mod, please leave a detailed message or send me a pm and I will help you however I can.


Hair Mod seen in screenshots:
 Risibisi's Look Hair
Any and all issues with hair mods should be directed towards the original modder
(this is both at my request and at Risibisi's)


A big thank you to Tinimaus and sphleah, my lovely testers!!

Music is from the Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC Soundtrack:
"Lost Elf Theme"


A Tribute video
(shows some scenes from a future mod I am releasing)

My Kissing Tamlen mod:

 My A Flower from Tamlen mod: