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Adds a sweet, romantic, sultry bathing encounter with Alistair. Includes a surprise note and gift. For females - human, elves, dwarves. Can be used with all other Alistair mods and any romance overhauls.

Permissions and credits

I felt like making the title of this mod series a bit romance novel-esque
Alistair is a gorgeous god who could easily be on one of those cheesy romance book covers
Or like those hilarious and clever fan-made Varric Tethras romance novel "covers" you see all over the place 

Also, it's fun.

The video of this mod is no longer available.
The video I posted of it, with an age restriction, was flagged for review.
I don't know if it was an algorithm or someone reported it intentionally.
YouTube took it down and gave me a community guidelines strike.

Apparently this scene is considered pornographic and sexually inappropriate because of nudity.
I mistakenly thought topless nudity was okay with an age restriction placed on the video.
Like how the game is given a Mature rating for sexual content.

So it doesn't happen to you.
Video game topless nudity is considered by the website to be pornographic even with an age restriction added to it.
If you want to share scenes from this mod on YouTube-
or from any of the other beautiful romantic mods on Nexus that contain nudity, be careful
don't use a nude body mod for it-keep them in their underwear

Just wanted to let others know, in case someone reports their videos too.

This mod adds a sweet, romantic, sultry bathing encounter with Alistair.
You will receive a surprise note and gift from your love when you return.
So make sure to check your (plot) inventory and codex!
I wanted the note to be a surprise so there isn't a snapshot in the image section.

The scene is repeatable.
The gift will only be given after the first time you meet Alistair there.
Mod is only available after your first night with Alistair.
For females - human, elves, dwarves. 

You can play this mod via a flower
It is over under the big tree by that small pond behind Bodahn and Sandal.
See image section for specific location.

Download the file and unzip it. I use 7zip.
Navigate to the dazip in the unzipped folder and install.

This is a dazip file. The simplest way to install it is to use your daupdater tool.
\Origin Games\Dragon Age\bin_ship 

There is one big difference between the human/dwarf scenes and the elven one.
The elven version contains a kiss at one part where the human and dwarf versions have a hug instead.
There were technical reasons for this due to body size and proportional issues.
Like usual hair, body, and cosmetic mods can cause unintended clipping.
Depending on what mods you use, you may find eyes not closing properly. I had this issue myself with one of my dwarves.
Unfortunately, it is not something I can control as it has to do with whatever cosmetic mods you're using.
Water and fog may cause slight distortions.
I plan to release a few more scenes as a part of my "Alistair Nights" theme
I have things I created for Alistair videos sitting in my toolset that I will slowly convert to romance mods

This mod is completely compatible with any and all Alistair mods and all romance overhauls.
It does not edit any core game resources.

Quite a few fellow Wardens helped me out in testing this mod!

Many thanks to mckatsims for being my beta-tester, allowing me to fix and tweak tiny issues I had overlooked through all her screenshots and recordings.
Big thank yous also to sphleah and bornalittledifferent for testing and taking the time to take and share screenshots! 
Many thanks also to Seafax for testing, screenshots, and a never-ending support of both me and my work.
And another big thank you to Tinimaus, who I dedicate this mod to
for her friendship & support
and I give her full credit for the idea of steamy water and gentle water sounds with the Thedas Love Theme
which, of course, I was given permission to use in previous scenes of mine
 And as always thank you to BioWare for the toolset and game resources

This was never intended to be a copy of Tinimaus' beautiful Alistair Romance mods Hot Water or The Steamy Bits.
This scene was from my own Zevran romance mod I released last year.
 I converted the bath scene for Alistair for my YouTube videos and have now, with major edits, scripted it into a mod.

Tini and I both respect each other's work greatly.
I apologize if it appeared that I plagiarized her work in any way to anyone.
She actually asked me if I'd make more Alistair mods.

I do not take credit for the idea of adding water sounds or steamy water adventures with Alistair
Tinimaus showed that first in her Steamy Bits mod.

That being said, this entire scene was inspired by multiple mods and ideas- 
-bath scenes in other mods- 
-The Steamy Bits- 
-my own Zevran bath scene- 
-my Magical Kiss waterfall (which was inspired by my Skyrim fanfic)- 
-the idea of a hot springs-warm bathing area in Thedas- 
I enjoy bathing in the hot springs in Skyrim with my companion Bishop (from Mara's Skyrim Romance), a game I have been playing for years
I wanted to do the same with Alistair