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Adds armor and weapons from DA2 to DA:O

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT: As of yet not all armor is available to all races and genders (but most of them will be in future updates). The list looks like this:
1)Champ Warrior=ALL races and genders, except golems and dogs :p
2)Champ Mage=humans and elves, all genders
3)Champ Rogue=ALL races and genders, except golems, dogs and qunaris :p
4)Fenris armor=elf male
5)Templar commander armor=human female and elf female
6)Apostate robe= humans of both genders
7)Merrils robe= elf female
8)Templar armor=human male
9)Chantry robes=human male and female
10)Isabella and varrics armor= All race and genders except qunari.
11)Raider armor=Helmet is for ALL races and genders, except golems and dogs.
12)Noble light armor=Human male only
13)Noble light armor v.2= Human male only
14)Leather armor= Human female only
The rest of the armor is human male only. NOTE: This particular armor isn't finished yet, so don't be surprised if it looks weird while moving. The helmet is completely finished though.

15)Grey warden hood from Legacy. Since it seems that tmp7704 didn't want to add them, I did it with some help from prux. These should fit with the armors from tmp7704s mod here: The hood is available to dwarves, humans and elves of all genders.

16) Bethany's circle robe= Human male and female, as well as elf female.

So if you try to equip the champion rogue armor to a male human, their body will turn invisible until you unequip the item once again.

If you like this project, please endorse, vote, or post a screenshot of your characters using the items from here. It's always fun to see that there are people actually using them :)

This mod will add ported armors from DA2 to DA:O.

And yes, I did say port. Bioware has fortunately been generous enough to allow it as long as it is only between the dragon age games:

I was actually planning to not do this and concentrate on other projects, but since I was asked to do a rigging tutorial not long ago I made this in the process, and thought I might as well release it. Note that I have just tested the armor in-game a few minutes, so there might be some issues with the weightpaint that I havn't noticed. Please be patient for updates, as I'm a bit busy in my real life at the moment.

It should also be mentioned that the texture files have the same names as in DA2. What this means is that any retexture originally meant for DA2 will also work in this mod if you extract their .dds files and put them in your DA:O override folder. Unfortunately, most DA2 retexture mods gives you an .erf file. but by following the instructions below you can extract the .dds files from this .erf:

Download: Any DA2 retexture you wish of the already ported armors.
Download: 'pyGFF Editor' (

Open the program. ('editor')
Go to file menu -> Export
select the .erf file you want to extract the textures from
tick all the .dds files you want to export
select a folder to export them into
place all the exported .dds files into your override folder.

(a huge thank you to Aremeta for telling me how to do this, for recommending pyGFF editor and for making all these fantastic retextures )

Download the .Dazip file. Take the Dazip and run it in your DAupdater/DAModder/whatever you prefer.

Note that to actually add the armor to your inventory you will need the console enabled, and then use the code below.

Mage champion armor:
runscript champ_mage

Mage champion hood:
runscript champ_m_hoo

Staff of parthalan (staff version):
runscript stf_prl

Staff of parthalan (greatsword version, arcane warriors only):
runscript gsw_prl

staff of parthalan (longsword version)
runscript lsw_prl

Warrior champion cuirass:
runscript champ_w

Warrior champion gloves:
runscript champ_w_glv

Warrior champion boots:
runscript champ_w_boo

Helmet of the fallen:
runscript fallen

Champion rogue armor:
runscript champ_r

Champion rogue hood:
runscript champ_r_hlh

Champion rogue gloves:
runscript champ_r_glv

Champion rogue boots:
runscript champ_r_boo

Templar commander armor:
runscript meredith

Templar commander gloves:
runscript meredith_glv

Templar commander boots:
runscript meredith_boo

Templar commander hood:
runscript meredith_hoo

Fenris coat:
runscript fenris

Fenris boots:
runscript fenrisboo

Fenris gloves:
runscript fenrisglv

Bethanys or Anders robe depending on wherer male or female is wearing it (Robe of the apostate):
runscript beth_robe

Merrils robe (Robe of the First):
runscript mrl_robe

Merediths sword (magehunter):
runscript mer_gsw

Templar armor:
runscript temp

Templar gloves:
runscript temp_glv

Templar boots:
runscript temp_boo

Templar helmet:
runscript temp_hlf

Templar winged helmet:
runscript temp_winged

Templar shield:
runscript temp_shield

Raider helmet -tintable-:
runscript raider_hlf

Raider armor:
runscript raider_arm

Raider gloves:
runscript raider_glv

Raider boots:
runscript raider_boo

Chantry robe:
runscript cha_robe

Chantry hat:
runscript cha_hat

Varrics/Isabellas armor (depending on gender):
runscript rogue_armor

Varrics/Isabellas gloves (depending on gender):
runscript rogue_glv

Varrics/Isabellas boots (depending on gender):
runscript rogue_boo

Bethany's circle robes:
runscript robe1

Staff of the apostate:
runscript beth_stf

Tainted longsword:
runscript lsw_taint

Grey warden hood from legacy:
runscript gwhoo
(check for the rest of this armor)

Noble light armor:

Noble light mask:

Noble light boots:

Noble light gloves:

Noble light armor (v.2):

Noble light boots (v.2):

Noble light gloves (v.2):

Leather armor:

Leather gloves:

Leather boots:

You might need to scroll down a little in your inventory to find it afterwards.

Pretty much all goes to EA/Bioware for their meshes and textures. I just ripped it from DA2 and rigged it before exporting it to DA:O.

It should however also be noted that @veritrix saved me a lot of time by making the files for Merediths sword readable for the toolset.

Credits should also be given to @ladyofpayne and @Darth Parametric regarding the ports from the DLC "Mark of the Assassin". @ladyofpayne provided the files and requested me to port them in the first place, and @Darth Parametric saved me from some really backbreaking work of sorting out all the files that otherwise where mixed all together with numerical names that didn't make any sense whatsoever. No small feat, I assure you. I spent weeks trying to do the same, an dstill didn't manage to find all the relevant files.

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