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2k Retexture for both, LOD2 and some tweaks for Merrill outfit

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This is some texture edits and mesh edits for the Keeper robe from Loincloth Fashion and the Merrill robe from Kirkwall Exports. Made for use with Elves of Ferelden, but that mod is not essential.
I made these a while back, hopefully someone will enjoy.

Keeper Robes
2k retexture using Inquisition resources. Comes with a version that removes the finger vallaslin, and a version that keeps it.

Merrill Robe Fixes
Retextured in 2k. Fixed shine and improved skin tinting.

Merrill Mesh replacers
  • LOD2 so it won't deform from a distance
  • (optional) New port of the Merrill robe, which I made for personal use and exported to use the Kirkwall Exports file paths for convenience. Has slightly different hands.
  • (optional) Also exported to use the Loincloth Fashion Keeper robe path, so you can put the Keeper robe on a female elf and it will appear as the Merrill Robe
  • All should use correct tint file

Optional Files
- Version of the Merrill textures that removes the nail polish

-Files that let elf males wear the Merrill outfit. This has its own normal map to remove the breast curvature but it otherwise uses whatever Merrill textures you have in.

Installation instructions
Install either Loincloth Fashion and or Kirkwall Exports as Addins via Mod Manager.

Download these files, Unzip and drop in override (your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder). They will overwrite the files in your Addins directory.

Keeper Robe
Unzip file and put in override
Delete the redundant files in the folder (No Vallaslin on fingers or Vallaslin) you don't want. The Normal and Spec maps are universal so don't delete them.

Merrill Robe
Unzip file and put in override
Just delete whatever mesh files you don't want, they are loose files. Exception being the MAO files- do not delete those if you have any of the mesh files.


Thanks to Ashhawk for upscaling the Merrill textures and figuring out the issue with the DA2 specular map shine.