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Conversions of the DA2 elven clothing to Origins, with high-res textures and NPC updates to use them in game.

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What it is: 
  • 6 brand-new conversions of the DA2 elf clothes, with textures upsized to 2048x2048 and supplemented where possible with higher-res Inquisition textures. These overwrite 3 of the vanilla outfits (come, comf and comk for both sexes), so they can be installed without worrying about item variation ID conflicts.
  • 27 new clothing items in various colour combinations to go with these new conversions. That's 9 each! Yes, I went a little overboard.
  • 7 default replacements for vanilla items, not including the main 6 outfits.
  • A complete overhaul of every elf in Origins and all DLCs except Witch Hunt (see below) to use these new clothes where appropriate, use other modded-in clothing where appropriate, and use vanilla clothing assets where appropriate.

What it is not:

  • 4 Feb 2018: The LODs have been... 'fixed' is a little optimistic, but they're much less broken than they were before. Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice - the problem is to do with the number of bones exported by Eshme's tool in Max, not anything to do with the number of polys/the skeleton I rigged them to. (For anyone suffering the same problem, the solution to get us to this stage was to use the vanilla MMH file instead of Eshme's exported one, and just change the references to the MSH and MAO in pyGFF.)

  • Improved Atmosphere: please remove or overwrite any UTC or UTI files that have duplicates in this mod.
  • tmp7704's elf proportions/elf update: in the da2_elf-proportions\ef\clothing folder, please delete ef_cth_come_0.mmh, ef_cth_comf_0.mmh, and ef_cth_comk_0.mmh .
  • Any mod that puts Merrill into her DA2 outfit. This mod also puts her into her DA2 outfit! If you're anything like me you have five different mods that all put Merrill into her DA2 outfit, and trust me, you don't need those either!
  • Will also conflict with any other mod that changes the clothes worn by elves in game.


  • Unzip into your My Documents\Bioware\DragonAge\packages\core\override folder and you're done.
  • To get the clothes in game, open the console and type runscript get_elf_city or runscript get_elf_dalish. City elf clothes have a wider range of colours, including reds, yellows, blues and pinks: Dalish clothes are predominantly green, brown and grey. Some outfits appear in both lists.
  • When installing in the middle of a game, only about half of this mod will take effect. All NPCs will switch into the new clothing shapes, but only NPCs in areas that have not previously been loaded will appear in the right colours/in their updated outfits. This is a limitation of how the game engine works and there's nothing I can do about it: start a new game if you want to get rid of the awful neon clothes/to update NPCs in already-loaded areas.

Changes made:
It's important to note that because these are default mesh replacements, all of the vanilla clothing items that use the replaced meshes look… well, fucking awful, frankly. They're all neon. I didn't want to replace them because that would also update any humans/dwarves wearing those clothes, so I made new ones.

As such: for the most part, NPCs were just changed into nicer-coloured versions of the clothes they were already wearing. Any Dalish (except Marethari) who were left wearing human-style clothes were then changed into elvhen-style ones: most city elves wearing human-style clothes were left that way. Specific cases below.

City elves

  • Zevran was not changed at all, except in the epilogue, where I changed him out of the elfy clothes he would otherwise have ended up in. (They were hideous. Trust me, I did you all a favour.)
  • Tabris's wedding party were put into white and green/blue (for the brides and grooms) and green/yellow (for the rest). Whether the brides'/grooms' clothes show up as green or blue will depend on whether or not you have Improved Atmosphere installed, as that mod features a tint override that affects these clothes. If you want the green ones but don't want the rest of IA, the file you need from it is t3_bow_wht.tnt.
  • As detailed below, I couldn't change Shianni or Tabris during the opening cutscene of the game. Shianni will be fine once she's outside the house. For Tabris, just console in the clothes and pick the ones you want.
  • Elven servants are a bit scattershot at present, and I'm considering ways to fix them (like dedicated servants' uniforms, but those would obviously have to work for humans too… that might be another mod entirely). Erlina has not been changed and is still in human-style clothes. Iona is in a very fancy-looking elfy dress… with shoes, of course.
  • Pol is in a bright lilac shirt, mostly to create visual contrast with the Dalish around him.
  • No Circle elves were altered, for hopefully obvious reasons.
  • Over in Leliana's Song, Adaia is now wearing a very fetching pink number.
  • No elves were changed in Witch Hunt, mostly because I haven't looked into converting the Sentinel armour from Inquisition yet.

Dalish elves

  • Velanna is in a dress. A green one. She likes green.
  • Merrill is in her DA2 armour.
  • Lanaya is also in Merrill's DA2 armour.
  • The Dalish armour was updated to use the models from tmp7704's Dalish armour port, and all hunters were swapped into it – including Mahariel and Tamlen in the origin.
  • All hunters have also had their helmets removed! This is because if you're using a DA2-style elf face mod, their ears poke through and look quite silly. (I'm assuming that most people using this mod are interested in visual continuity between the games in general, so.)
  • Zathrian was put into the Keeper coat.
  • Marethari was left unchanged for continuity with DA2.
  • Lastly, again, I didn't touch Witch Hunt, so Ariane has not been changed.

Known issues (it's in beta for a reason):
  • The biggest one is that the LODs are broken. I'm afraid I don't currently know how to fix this: as far as I can tell I've done everything right, they just don't work. If I ever find out what I'm doing wrong, I'll fix them and reupload. It's worth mentioning that because these are default replacements, if you delete all files ending in _2 and _3, the game will fall back on the vanilla assets. This will fix the wobbly LOD issue, at the expense of characters glitching in and out of their elf clothes as they get closer to/further from the camera. Pick whichever annoys you less.
  • Shianni and Tabris are both wearing their default, now-bright-neon clothes at the beginning of the Tabris origin (Shianni will be fine everywhere else). This is because their clothes are set by a script, and try as I might I can't get the **** thing to recompile once I edit it. Again, if I ever get it to work, I'll post an update.
  • Gaps sometimes appear inthe skirts of two of the dresses while running or engaged in very extreme combat animations (like spellcasting). This should only affect the Warden and Velanna, as NPC elves don't tend to do much running or combat. If it bugs you, the dress I put Velanna in is the working one.
  • There are currently no gore maps. Personally I consider this a feature rather than a bug, but if anyone's really desperate for that bloodstained wedding dress Tabris aesthetic, let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

Happy elfing!