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Gun framework for U8: bullets shot will match the current weapon spell. You can cycle through fire modes (Burst/Semi/Full Auto) by pressing the Spell Menu Button. Includes options for customization and making your own gun mods.

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Fisher's Elemental Guns (U8)

A new gun framework which utilizes the sorcery components introduced in U8. You can imbue the weapon with a spell, and the bullets fired will have that same spell charge applied.

The Firearms can currently be found under "Exotics".

Note: This mod is currently a work-in-progress, so I will continue to fix bugs / add more models. I have also made the plugin available for other modders to use for their own gun mods.

Elemental Guns Update 1.1.0

In this update I've added a 9mm pistol variant and have included support for Burst and Full-Auto modes. To cycle through fire modes, press the Spell Menu Button while holding the 9mm pistol (revolver only has single fire mode).

This will hopefully make it easier for myself and others to create rifles in the future.

Note for Modders:

You can add this mod as a dependency to create your own guns with my plugin. I will be putting up a How-To guide shortly.

You can find the source code for this project (as I develop it) here:

My U8 Mods: