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Each pistol is unique, with it's own sounds, animations and custom behaviours. Ammo capacity, bullet force and recoil are customizable. See mod page for details and download.

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Update V3.0.0 - U10 Revival Update

Pistol Pack has been updated for U10! Make sure you also download and install "Elemental Firearms and NPC Gun Waves (U10)", or else this mod will not work.

- Added Five (5) new pistol variants:
- Beretta
- C7
- HI-Pistol 9mm
- Silenced Kruger

- Added Three (3) Enemy Pistol Waves:
- Random Pistols
- Beretta Pistols
- Dual Kruger Pistols

Update V2.0.0 - Enemy Pistol Waves

This update adds a few NPC pistol waves, which you can find under "Firearm Waves". Enjoy this one! The next update is already in progress :)

Keep in mind that the larger waves may run into performance issues on some setups.

(I added map compatibility with Drags new map, and TOR maps. You can edit the waves to add them to any map you choose.)

Changelog 2.0.0 - "Enemy Waves"

- Added 9 Enemy Waves

- Script improvements: NPC interaction added

- Improved bullet penetration & bullet damagers:
 - pistols: 5dmg
 - Revolver: 15dmg
 - Drakefire: 20dmg

-Removed blunt damage to player from shell casings

Fisher's Pistols V1.0.0 

Each pistol is unique, with it's own sounds, animations and custom behaviours. Regular updates planned to add new pistols and more scripted modules. Ammo capacity, bullet force and recoil are customizable by opening Item_Weapon_*.json and editing the values under "modules".

Pistols will be under "F-Pistols" in the spawn book.

Basic Controls
Use: Fire
Alt-Use: Reload or Cock Hammer

Pistols Added:
* Basic 9mm Pistol
* Enforcer Pistol
* Drakefire Flint-Lock Pistol
* Infinity Revolver

+ Piercing bullets with custom damager
+ Instant-kill on headshots
+ Scripted animations for: Shoot, Reload, Empty
+ Powerful blunt damagers to pistol-whip and knock down enemies
+ Adjustable Ammo Capacity, Bullet Force and Recoil
+ Weapon sounds: "gun ready", "gunshot", "slide action", "empty click"

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