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80-something total weapons (including guns), 8 drinks, 4 chems, and 4 maps from various Fallout games! (Read description for more information)

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Come join us at Hawkloon's discord server for betas, project updates, and dealing with constant mind-numbing idiocy!

the few small but unmotivating things that were keeping us from updating have been fixed. I know it took way too long and U12 might be right around the corner at this point, and we'll just have to update again. U11 didn't bring very many features that we were excited about making new content for except armor, and while we are planning on doing that, only one suit appears in this update. 

Here are the highlights from this update:

Vault Suit: Wear the clothing of a vault dweller. Shirt, pants, and shoes. 

Pip-Boy 3000 MK II: This will display some information on it and play holotapes. (See how to make your own holotapes below - requires Unity) It also has an additional functionality that will be revealed later. 

Plasma Weapons: These have a chance of melting your enemies into a pile on kill. 

Junk Jet: Fires various props out of it. (Configurable via loottable)

Nuka-Colas: Previously, we had normal, Quantum, and Dark. Now we have added all of the Nuka-Colas from old games and current, except for I think Cherry, Yellow, and Cranberry. We also have a half-assed original one, Nuka-Cola Caramel, for literally no reason at all for now. We also added a few crops from Fallout 4 as food.

Caps: Though this feature is currently useless, pressing alt use while holding a Nuka-Cola cap will consume it and add it to your caps stash, which will be counted on your pip-boy. Again, this doesn't yet do anything, but is a groundwork feature for future updates. 

And my personal favorite feature of this update... 

Modder Weapons! I asked around a lot on the Fallout nexus-i, and was given permission to use a good number of assets from various mods. Though not many of those weapons made it into this update, the Classic Super Sledge and Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle by DaiShiHun did, and I have a lot more models ready to go. 

We didn't get most of the things we wanted to include here done at all, and more is in the works for u12, but as you may have noticed, Hawk and I are less interested in this mod right now than we have ever been. Both of us have been working on commissions and other smaller mods, as well as the Batman megapack mod The Long Halloween ( However I do still care about this mod and I apologize for waiting so long to update it. It's a big task and life has been very busy. 

This may be a somewhat unpolished update, but I hope you enjoy it until u12 comes nonetheless!

To add your own holotape: Create an audiocontainer in Unity, then copy and rename the Holotape Test json. Change the ID in the modules section to the ID of your audiocontainer. It's that easy.



Did half the work. Any scripted objects and a lot of the guns in the mod were animated by him. 




For the framework, of course.


This user has given us permission to use all of his custom-made Fallout assets for our megapack. He's not the only one, just the only one we've gotten to so far.

Sketchfab Artists: This mod uses a number of CC downloadable assets from sketchfab. Creators of those assets are credited in the .zip archive "artist credits.txt" and all assets are linked there. If you see content you or someone else created in my mod that is not credited, let me know so I can add you to this .txt file. (Glamourous, I know.)

Also huge thanks to the Blade and Sorcery discord for being extremely helpful!!