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Now you can have warframe melee weapons in your game.

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This is my first try at modding and I wanted some Warframe weapons in the game.
There are many weapons all from different classes of melee weapon in the game.

There is the Galatine a massive two handed blade that only the greatest can wield.

The Skana a starters weapon but still deadly in the right hands.

The Scindo a mighty two headed axe fit to cleave through any who stand in your way.

the Ceramic Dagger this weapon may be smaller than the other but a quick hand can use it to deliver devastating blows.

And finally the Jat Kattag a jet powered mace and I think that is enough said.


The Kama the Tenno's answer to a hatchet.

The Nikana an old weapon meant for more elegant time.

The Skiajati a weapon forged by a crazied man. (And named by one too)


The Magistar a mace wielded by the one who loves nature.

The Wolf Sledge a massive hammer for those who want to say "[email protected] you scale".

P.S. Skiajati's sheath is missing because it is a buggy mess I somehow messed up will fix and add soon™.

P.S.S If anyone wants to color models or textures for weapons it would: one, look better I suck at the textures, and two, make getting more weapons out faster.

If and when I get better and  modding I hope to make some more of the weapons and maybe even some of the guns,  but I thought this was a good start and I can't wait to hear the feedback.