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Head preset for Elf, Half-Elf, Drow, Human and Tiefling (body type 1 only).
Includes optional Shadowheart/Minthara head replacer.
Non-replacer ready!

Permissions and credits
Head preset using textures from Themia by Aloija on top of Shadowheart's head meshes from Alt Shadowheart Presets by ArthurRevan. 

Replacer heads moved to Optional Files.
Also includes an optional Shadowheart and Minthara head replacer.

UNZIP the file.
Copy .pak file to 'C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods'.
Open BGMM.
Drag the mod from the right panel to the left.
Click "Save Load Order to File" then "Export Order to Game" on the upper buttons.

Q: Heads are floating/frozen?
A: Set Animation LOD to High in your graphic settings.

Q: Speak with the Dead VFX/other face effects not working?
A: Patch has been released but will override/get overridden by other mods with the same fix. Load order respective of said mods will matter EXCEPT with my other mods (Vemperen's Other Heads, Strong Heads & Lore-Unfriendly Gith Heads). I've added every UUID from all my head mods to each one so load order (among them) shouldn't matter.
UPDATE: Padme has made a patch for this and other head mods combined! Go DOWNLOAD IT and THANK HER!

Q: Naked men showing up instead of character creation?
A: You did not install all required dependencies. You still need the mod fixer.

Q: Will I make these work for strong body type?
A: That would take some work, and I don't have plans for it right now.
In the meantime, check out my Strong Female Heads mod.

Q: What hair/horn did you use for the screenshots?
A: Check below.

Q: Nothing happens? Mod doesn't work/appear?
A: Please read instructions carefully, and make sure you have all the requirements.

Hair mods used in screenshots:
Customizer's Compendium
Tav's Hair Salon
Vessnelle's Hair Collection
De-Accessorized NPC Hairs
Honey's Hair Kitchen
Ellian's Hair

Horn mods used in screenshots:
Horns of Faerun
Customizer's Compendium

My thanks to:
Padme4000 for the awesome tutorials.
Aloija for the awesome textures.
ArthurRevan for the awesome head models.
People on the Discord for the awesome help.