Baldur's Gate 3
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now for patch 5! :)

Permissions and credits
New Character Creation Presets

23 new head presets for character creator (so far, planning to add more later)

Comes with their own unique textures and meshes. If you wanna edit the textures included in this pak. file, you have my permission to do it for personal use. I do not give permission to edit meshes, thank you for understanding.

Do not reupload this mod, not to other sites, not to discord servers! 

No NPC should be affected by these edits but I have not been able to test very far into game.

Use Candor mod manager or similar program! Import the zip file into Candor (DO NOT UNZIP IT) and enable it, then you can start the game and you should be able to select the new preset faces.

If you have older version of this mod installed, remove it first with mod manager, close mod manager, open it up again and then import the new version.

You will need: Patch 3 Mod Fixer

Just disable in your mod manager, if you had started a game with one of the new faces it will revert back to vanilla. You picture will still have the mod face though.

○ 8 Elves (also for half-elf and drow characters)
○ 3 Tieflings
○ 2 Githyanki
○ 3 Humans
7 Gnomes (You will need Playable Gnomes - mod)

If you do not like these, just do not use them, instead of leaving a mean comment!

Thank you
AlanaSP for sharing export/import settings on Larian discord
Padme4000 for helping me while my files refused to work
Vyrelis for sharing blender datatransfer tutorial
Larian Studios for amazing EA game and assets

Tools used
Export tool
bg3 modders multitool
3ds Max

Mods shown in screenshots
Padme's Character Creation Added Colours
Padme's New Hairs
Extra Hair Slot
Basket full of outfits