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This is finally my long due Tweaks Collection. It includes many many changes for realism and coherent behaviour for the game, zombies, items and more.

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Welcome fellow RP player !

This is the Tweaks Collection I've been teasing from a long time. It has been delayed due to many problems I've had since start of 2021, but it is now live. This collection contains many changes I've been dreaming of since some months by playing and seeing several problems with the game in itself. Majority of them will be fixed or even replaced with other mechanics in the future A20 but for now let's play with a few changes. Those should be agreable for many players, and I hope you will find them as fun as I have had making this, testing, changing, well, working on this.
It will include some of my other mods, you will have the list in the right part of the description.

Yes, I had fun with Paint once more, don't blame me, I need to have fun too.

Reasons :
As I said in the abstract, some gameplay features did not seem that cool to me, so I've decided to change them. I've read many topics, seen many players complain in forums like Steam, official 7 Days forums, Reddit, and Nexus forums. So, because I felt less alone to complain, I've decided to pick up ideas here and there and mix them to mine, thus creating a more and more growing mod. Then, I thought that realeasing it might be a good one, as I kept reading players complaining, Youtube content makers also have problems with some of the aspects of the game, that's why I upload this. Well that was the idea months ago, and I kept having problems in my life so the delay also grew up in the meantime. But finally, FINALLY, I release it and will continue to fix and improve based on suggestions, ideas from users here and there, and my feelings, so keep feeding the thread of comments if you think your thoughts may be useful.

Remarks :
If I know some ideas are in another simple mods, I won't add it. If I don't know, well I may "steal" your idea if you're a modder, do not fear, if I know your idea is great and I want to include it, I will ask before. Unless I've had the idea for months, sometimes we can have the same thoughts.
This mod will include some of my other mods, it is made in a "stratified mode" : everything is commented line to line (or idea to idea), and if you do not like a change, you can deactivate it easily, just read the article I wrote for that. Full list of tweaks is below, just read it if you want.
I did not include in this description many of the changes when those have been ported from another mod, I include my mods links so you can read their description instead.
Here I will use "rank" and "quality level" as the same thing, this means the number displayed on your item, from 1 to 6. Many players speak of "tiers" for that, but "tiers"' is also used to talk about the different equipement power, from a weak (T1 pistol, T1 double barrel...) to a strong weapon (T3 auto shotty, T3 sniper rifle...). To not confuse, I'll try to only speak of "ranks" or "quality levels" but if you read "tier" it is because of mental fatigue and habit of saying this word sometimes, do not be confused, I did not do anything relative to "tiers" of equipement in this mod.

Languages :
- French by me (obviously :D)
- English by me (well...)
- Japanese by ShachikuMacksan - thank you ! - stops at 1.4

Plans :
Make charcoal/burnt wood in burnt houses and charcoal piles in hearth places drop my charcoal instead of normal coal.

Updates History :

09/15/2021 :
1.5 :
- Boiled Water has now 4% dysentery because you can purify it easily.
- Cosmetic hat mods are craftable.
- Scrap Iron arrows and bolts are a thing, craftable but not lootable.
- Herbal Antibiotics now unlock at Physician level 2.
- First Aid Bandage can now also be crafted with a bandage instead of cloth, so you do not have to scrap your bandages to get half the cloth if you found 8 aloe creal somewhere.
09/15/2021 : New File : Khaine gave me the authorization to upload the Scrap Iron tools and Pipe Weapons parts from his Romero Mod. I extracted : Scrap Iron Fireaxe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Machete, and Pipe Rifle and Pistol. I think this goes well with mi mod and will give a power evolution feeling to 50% players like me that do not find iron tools easily. I didn't take the scrap melee weapons because they look too much like steel ones and I feel like stone ones are good enough. This will be a file that you have to download aside the main mod, and does not require it. Details in Technical Stuff.
09/12/2021 : 1.4 :
- River Water, Boiled Water, Beer and Grain Alcohol are now emptiable in inventory with a simple recipe. Now instead of throwing or leaving those, you can take them and empty them to gain some precious empty bottles if you need.
- Robotic Inventor now gives +1 active turret at level 3 and another one at level 5, for 3 active turrets at level 5, can be stacked with mods such as Perk Mastery or Custom Perks with no apparent problem if you so wish.
- You now have 3 new option values for block damage : AI and bloodmoon AI block damage 0% (zombies do only 1 damage to blocks), and player block damage 500% for more action oriented playthroughs.
- Blunderbuss ammo now add 80% to armor instead of 40% (reason to use my shells ASAP).
- You can now craft carbon filters and filter boiled water to remove the 3% dysentery chance and have a little more hydration.
09/05/2021 : 1.3 :
- Added meat items : hard meat for predators and soft meat for preys (with appropriate icons). Added recipes for that. This is a balancing update for those who use my/another More Zombies mod and have always plenty of wolves or bears or mountain lions and have too much meat. This reduces the normal meat amount and gives other meat types. As such, it is deactivated by default but can be activated as you wish (See details in Technical Stuff / Recipes for what to modify).
- Added property "CanPickup" on bed items. You can now pickup your beautiful queen size bed and place it anywhere else in case you want to change base, or if you have more than one base and placed another bed there, you can take your n°1 base bed and replace it easily to respawn here on death instead of where your other base is at 1000 km ( you know what I mean don't you ?).
- Now includes my Less Attractive Torches mod so think of removing it if you had it.
09/01/2021 : 1.2 : Added Charcoal item, in loot and recipes, only for immersion purpose and economic bunch of crafts in campfire, forge and chem station.
08/23/2021 : 1.1 : - Uploaded image for zombies modifications.
- Added Biofuel recipes and conversion to gasoline (see details for tricky additions).
- Crucible now uncraftable to regain most of the resources (like that if you bought one and found 10 of them just after, you can have good amounts of resources, fook this game), and new shotgun ammo which is made from blunderbuss ammo (like that you may not throw them when you have a collection of shotguns - see details). Also because it includes icons it is now required by both servers and clients.
- Removes crosshair when zooming with vanilla weapons - reverted in 1.4 for primitive and wooden bows.
08/15/2021 : 1.0 : First Release.

Simple description :
The collection will change things like zombie reach, damage, chances of critical hits, armor values, antibiotics values, spike traps damage and durability. It adds pickable beds, lanterns and flashlights, spotlight can now be turned with advanced rotation. And now you can find Blessed Metal and its schematic in loot and reward, and have a recipe for it which is somewhat expansive.
Lucky Looter speed bonus is reduced by half (this is not "fast looter" perk... this is "lucky" looter perk, think of it devs, please), and you will have more hit points for each point you throw in skill branches (Perception, Intelligect...). Arrows and Bolts can be converted to their respective type : stone to stone, iron to iron, explosive to explosive... Vehicle speeds have been raised (for I did not released my speed mod yet, and I won't because there are others). Random values on weapons have been reduced, and on armor fixed to values I thought logical. Boiled water has now 3% chance of dysentery, because it's not mineral water and it made the game too easy diseases wise.
Also removes crosshair on zooming with firearms crossbows and compound bow.

Full list of tweaks file by file and topic by topic :
Unwrap to read. If you want the deactivated changes because you use my other mods, then you'll have to activate them and redo it each time you update. I'm sorry for the inconvience but it's the only way I've found to satisfy "vanilla plus" players and also people who do not like these, but here's a tip : each update, before replacing the files, if something has been added to a file (referencing to here), copy the previous version one from the last line of code (example : 173 for my recipes file), in the newer file (hit CTRL+G and type 173 then select all from here) paste the content just before the added lines and you're set (you'd be at 211 in the new recipes file but the last line of code is 209). Do it for each file that changed base on the color code here. Use Notepad++ to see line numbers, it's easier with it.

Technical stuff :
Unwrap to read.

Compatibility wise : Obviously do not use all my mods that I included at the same time than this one. Otherwise the game won't know what you're trying to do. Before you ask : Yes, this mod should be compatible with nesnikita Realism, by the looks of it they touch different things, and for workstations, you can pick them up or wrench them up, up to you, but shouldn't crash the game or something like that.

Gameplay wise : This mod is mainly made to go with at least my Random HP mod, my More Zombies mod, and my Lethal Headshots mod. Besides those, I use the wonderful Bdub's Vehicles mod, Zuzul0l's Custom Perks I've quoted before, and Riles Backpack+ 60 slots (and HUD but those are in the screenshots). I also have Vanilla Firearms Extended, which I fixed and updated. For other modpacks, I have some of lammetje's mods, he did a wonderful job. I also have in another modpack Perk Mastery and Better Quest Rewards from devon752, who is also a great modder. And finally Tactical Action by IvanDX, which you can find here.
For settings, I recommend less AI block damage. Less frequent drops, maybe deactivate them if you feel it. Loot to 50% for those who want a more RP Survival feeling of resource scarciness. And finally zombies run at night instead of sprinting. You don't want to be caught by a 60 or even 80 zombies horde at night when you explore a place.
Block damage reduction to 25% is enough to speed them down while you try to escape, and they won't run faster than you so if you have no stuff to fight them, you can avoid it. I've been caught by a horde of that type while exploring a Shotgun Messiah factory yesterday, even with 25% block damage, they have been able to pierce their way through real fast and eat my ammo and grenades like raisins. This is due to the only 10% body damage, while their heads are hidden behind a wall, so I would recommend this only if you want to play a survival mode.
If you prefer an action mode, just take the Lethal Headshots with no minimal body damage version, and play with 100% or more loot and usual settings. It's up to you to choose your way to play, I just recommend stuff based on what playstyle I see more when I read forums.

Credits go to Fun Pimps as usual.

My Other mods :

Lethal Headshots
More eggs in nests
Less Attractive Torches
More Zombies and Larger Roaming Hordes
Random Zombies HP
Harvestable Oil Lanterns
Harvestable Work Stations
Craftable Fergit'n Elixir
Up to 5 max Land Claim Blocks
Disconnected Perks
More lockpicks
New Cooking Recipes


I now have a Paypal account. Some of you here and there told me they wanted to donate but I refused several times. Why did I changed my mind ? Well, I think it is important to let people who want to donate, do it. So I let the link here and people who want to can donate. But. Think of it. Some charity may need money. If you have money to spend, you may think of donating to charity instead. Otherwise if you really want to you can donate to me.