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Last updated at 16:30, 14 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 22:17, 22 Jul 2012


This mod adds dodge motion of using key tapping.

Dodge using (enable config in MCM):
Directional keys(A,S,D) + Dodge key(Left Alt key)
Double-Tapping Directional keys(W,A,S,D)
Automatically detects directions + Dodge key(LB:Game Pad User)

Back,right and left direction,when drawn weapons,spell,staff and unarmed.
Dodge motion not work well when spell and staff drawn right-hand.
Forward roll dodge can use when player has silent roll perk(only double-tapping).


+ Quick response. (Slower than TK Dodge Script Dragon ver.)
+ Enable dodge when player is equipped spell and staff.
+ Player has invincible time at the start of the dodge.
+ The dodge enables cancel attacks.
+ Attack and block enable cancel the dodge.
+ Enable Double-Tapping.


SKSE Version.

Required Skyrim 1.8+
Required SKSE 1.65+
Required SkyUI 3.0+

"skse_1_8_151.dll", "skse_loader.exe", "skse_steam_loader.dll" and "Data" Folder move to your Skyrim Installation Folder.
(<Steam install folder>Steamsteamappscommonskyrim)

Extract the downloaded archive in a temporary location.
Then move to your Skyrim installation "Data" folder.
This folder should be located at:
<Steam install folder>SteamsteamappscommonskyrimData

Don't forget to activate the TKDodge.esp file in your mod launcher by checking its box.

Script Dragon Version.

Required Skyrim 1.6+
Required ScriptDragon

Extract the downloaded archive in a temporary location.
Then move to your Skyrim installation folder (not data folder).
This folder should be located at:
<Steam install folder>/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/

After installing, don't forget check on dodge.esp.


SKSE Version.
Open the Console Command Window.
Type the following:
StopQuest aaaTKDodgeQuest

Save and close skyrim, and then delete the files.

+ Skyrim
| TESV.exe
+ Data
| TKDodge.esp
+ Scripts
| | aaaTKDodgeAliasScript.pex
| | aaaTKDodgeMCMScript.pex
| | aaaTKDodgeScript.pex
+ Meshes
+ Actors
+ Character
+ _1stperson
| + Behaviors
| | sprintbehavior.hkx
+ Behaviors
| sprintbehavior.hkx

Script Dragon Version.
delete the following files.


SKSE Version.
If SkyUI 3.0+ is installed, there will be a Dodge Mod menu in SkyUI’s Mod Configuration Menu with various options.

- DodgeKey
Press the chosen key for the dodge action. (default: Keyboard:left-alt or XBoxController:LB)

- Input Method
Choose operation to use the dodge.
DodgeKey/DTap : dodgekey + directionalkey or double-tap direcitonalkey (default:Keyboard)
DodgeKey : dodgekey + directionalkey ONLY.
? Direction(Pad): dodgekey + Automatically detects directions. For gamepad/Xbox controller.(default:GamePad)
? DoubleTap : double-taping direcitonalkey ONLY.

- StaminaCost is setting that dodge adds stamina costs.(default:1)
Formula:StaminaCost+((dodgeDuration-invincibleTime)*7*(1 + (weight of worn armor)*0.02)) = total stamina cost.

- Choose operation to use Forward double-tapping.
Do Nothing : OFF
DodgeRoll : Dodge roll(when player has silent roll perk.)
Sprint : Sprint

Script Dragon Version.
- Keyconfig is Change Hotkey.
Replace the ''Key-Codes'' you wish to use.
The Key-Codes are explained in Dodge.ini list below.

- Choose operation to use Dodge in KeyInput.
0 = Actionkey or Doubletap
1 = Actionkey Only
2 = Double-tap Only

- MagicEquip enables dodge when equipped Magic. Not working well.(false = 0,true = 1)

- StaminaCosts is setting that dodge stamina costs.(default value 1)

- Taptime is eble to changed duration time of the second key press when double-tap.(milli second)

- Choose operation to use Forward double-tapping in ForwardDtapAct.
0 = OFF
1 = Silent roll (when player has silent roll perk.)
2 = Sprint

Do not forgot to save this file after changing.


Q.Does it work with an Xbox 360 Controller?
A.Yes. Please use the SKSE version. Do not use the Script Dragon version.

Q.The mod doesn’t work.
A. Make sure you installed SKSE correctly. Especially, you don't foget to "Data" Folder move to your Skyrim Installation Folder.

Q. Does it use stamina?
A. Yes.

Q. Which armor mod is being used on the video?
A.R18Pn 07 - Torumekian Armor for CBBEV3 and UNP byNPR

Recommended mod

Deadly Combat - Enemy can use the dodge.

Known issues/bugs (very difficult to solve)

- Left dodging has a limited movement distance.
- When use the Action Key(alt) dodge on first-person view, incorrect dodge.
Please Use double-tap.
- The dodge does not work well when equipped Unarmed.

Similar Mods

Dodge Mod by the authorBorgut1337 is similar to this mod. If you’re looking for something similar but there are particular things you don’t like about this mod, you can try to the Dodge Mod.

Special Thanks



2012.07.19 0.1 Release.
2012.07.22 0.2 Double tapping added. Auto tracking load order function added.
2012.07.23 0.3 Alt + forward key, then on the step back bug fixed.
2012.07.28 0.4 Camera does not shake after dodging fixed. Left/Back dodge playback faster(x1.1). KeyCommandMode added.
2012.08.09 0.5 Player not hit from enemy during the dodge(0.6 second). Left/Back dodge playback faster(x1.25).
2012.08.10 0.6 No hit time(0.4 sec.) changed. Dodge playback faster when first-person view (x1.4). dodge stamina costs enabled.
2012.08.15 0.7 Forward roll dodge added. Sometimes not fire no-hit effect bug fixed.
2012.08.23 0.8 Left/Back dodge playback faster(x1.35). Sprinting bug fixed. Short dodge reduced. Enable dodge when equipment spell (WIP). Stack error bug fixed.
2012.08.29 0.9 Dodge when equipment spell function is OFF. It can be changed in the dodge.ini. Dodge when unarmed bug fixed.
2012.10.04 1.0 Improve Dodge when equipment spell. Cannot dodge when overweight and sheath. Fornotworkinguser version is unnecessary.
2012.10.14 1.1 Sprinting bug fixed. KeyInput in ini bug fixed.
2013.01.09 1.2 SKSE ver. released.
2013.01.12 1.21 Initialization of controller bug fixed.
2013.03.26 1.3 (SKSE ver.)Response faster. Dodge is possible even if player do not have silent roll perk bug fixed. Debug message hidden.
2013.08.05 1.4 (SKSE ver.)More natural dodge animation when player equipped magic or staff. Can be a double tilting at the analog stick for dodge. "Simple" input method added.
Unintended dodge with input on the double tapping reduced. Dodge can be hold down sprint key to a first-person view. Continues to sprint bug reduced. Slightly faster response.
2013.08.11 1.41 (SKSE ver.) GamePad mode does not work bug fixed.
2013.10.14 1.42 (SKSE ver.) Dodge does not work while dialog open.


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