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Allows you to attack with TK Dodge.
Also, change the motion of the front rolling.

Permissions and credits
I am sorry, because I can not speak English, I use automatic translation.

The following mods are required.
TK Dodge
Dynamic Animation Replacer Ver1.2

By modifying the rolling motion, it is possible to perform a "rolling attack" that is different from normal rolling under certain conditions and operations.
As a bonus, we also change the normal front rolling motion.

The conditions for the "rolling attack" are as follows.
・During attack motion
・Command formula that imagines flipping input in the opposite direction (eg: ↓, ↑ + Dodge key for front rolling)
・Attack key + Dodge key while moving and input (It is easy to do if you delay Dodge key just a little.)
*You can also use the keyboard

Also, different attack motions are set for each weapon.
The timing/rigidity at which the attack judgment occurs differs depending on the motion.
The current categories are as follows.
・One-handed weapon (front,L,R)
・Dagger (supports all directions)
・Large sword, Senju (front,L,R)
・Battle ax(front,L,R)

You can change the occurrence conditions by setting "_conditions.txt" yourself.
You can also replace the motions in this mod with each other.

Please see the video for details on motion.

Installation NMM or MO

I can not deal with SSE because it does not introduce SSE, but there is no problem at all for converting on your own.
※Please do not upload it to NEXUS.