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This is a minor teak to the controller mapping that I personally use and made. It allowed to free up 9 keys while still having all the normal use on a console controller.

Permissions and credits
ATTENTION: Minor correction on the picture posted with the mod at the bottom section where it stated PC users keys remain the same. This does not mean the mod works with console, in fact it has NOT been tested on console at all. What I meant  to stated is that the keyboard Mapping on PC will not be affected by the changes on the controller key mapping.


My personal Controller mapping that I have been working on and modified to my personally liking. The changes are only to the Controller key mappings and d should not affect the keyboard mapping at all.  The changes are as follows;

(LB) = Sprint
(while held) = Modifier Key

This settings allows you to have the (B) button on a Xbox/ONE or the (O) button PS4 controller free to be assigned to any custom key. It is intended to be use with Dual Wield Parrying (original) or Dual Wield Parrying Re-implementation (remake if the original does not work for you like it did not for me).

The four original D-Pad/Arrow Keys are unassigned and can be set to any Hotkey or custom action within the SKSE Menu. However IF you want an additional four the must be custom set within the CONTROLMAP.TXT file within Date/Interface/PC/Controller by add 0x0100+ (the arrow key number) that you want to into the corresponding lines.


You can also just copy/paste this lines into the file:



(Select) = Favorites
(w/ key) = Sleep


(Start) = Journal
(w/key) = Tween Menu


Download with NMM and install. Enjoy

Step #1: Extract contents into Data folder and Merge folders (if necessary)
Step #2: Enjoy


Step #1: Disactivate and Uninstall mod.
Step #2: Play Skyrim

Step #1: Go to Skyrim/Data/Interface/Controls/PC
Step #2: Delete the controlemap.txt file
Step #3: Rename the original.controlmap.txt file to controlmap.txt file
Step #4: Done and play


Any unmentioned buttons/keys retain normal function and have not been modified as of yet. If you are using a keypad with your controller it IS compatible and you will be able to have access to Hotkeys, as well as other features through the keypad.
Additionally: I have also disabled all keyboard hotkeys, Tween Menu, Journal, Sleep, and Auto Move locks that are places on the keyboard that prevent you from using them while using a controller.


For further instructions look at the illustration posted in the picture section of with this mod.

Mods that are highly recommended with this are:

HIGHLY Recommended Mods

SkyUI (Without it you will NOT be able to assign other actions to the key)
Dual Wield Parrying (Recommended but not required)
Dual Wield Parrying Re-implementation (Recommended but not necessary)
TkDodge (For AWESOMENESS and dodge animation)
Better Jumping (Gives you the abillity to jump while sprinting!)
Ultimate Combat (Enemies will ALSO Dodge)
Immersive Horses
Immersive HUD (Useful if you want to hide the HUD)