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A personal custom key map made and used by me. It allows up 6 or 7 free keys while still retaining a functional controller functions.
Compatible with Lock-On to create a Dark Souls inspired play style!

NEW BETA VERSION! Allows you to us Quick Souls, Dual Parry, and Lock-On together!

Permissions and credits

SSE Version Available here


My personal controller key mapping that I use and modified to my personally taste. The changes are only to the controller key map and do not really and should not affect the keyboard key map at all.  The changed keys are as follow:

(LB) = Sprint
(when held) = Modifier Key


(Select) = Favorites
(w/ key) = Sleep


(Start) = Journal
(w/key) = Tween Menu

(B/O-Button) = Unassigned//Recommended to be assigned to Dual Parry key in MCM
(w/key) = Sneak


(Left Thump Stick) = Movement
(LT click) = Unassigned//Recommended to be assigned to the Lock-On key in MCM


(Left and Right) = Hotkey 1 & 2
(w/key) = Hotkey 3 & 4


(All other keys retain their regular functions!)


This settings allow you to have the B/O-button  (Xbox/PS4) controller free to be assigned to any custom key. It is recommended to be assigned to Dual Wield Parrying (original) or Dual Wield Parrying Re-implementation (remake if the original does not work for you like it did not for me).

The left and right buttons on the D-Padd act as four unassigned Hotkeys but can be reconfigure to anything else within the MCM.


This main now main version has been modified to work in the mod Lock-On mod. It is recommended that you use the LT [Left Thump stick] click as the activation key in the MCM.

Beta Version

Makes the tweak compatible with Lock-On, Quick Souls Menu, and Dual wield Parry all at the same time! Freeing up to 7 keys!
It is still a work progress but it is about 95% complete and will be replacing the main version.

In this version:

Ready Weapon has been moved to LB/L1 + (X)/[_] button

Recommended Configurations

B=Dual Parry

LS(click)= Lock-On hotkey

Up, Down, Left, Right on D-Pad= Hotkeys for Quick Souls


Download with NMM, MMO, or Vortex and install then PLAY!!

Step #1: Extract contents into Data folder and Merge folders (if necessary)
Step #2: Enjoy


Step #1: Disactivate and Uninstall mod.
Step #2: Play Skyrim

Step #1: Go to Skyrim/Data/Interface/Controls/PC
Step #2: Delete the [controlemap.txt] file.
Step #3: Rename the [original.controlmap.txt] file to [controlmap.txt] file.
Step #4: Done and play


Any unmentioned buttons/keys retain normal function and have not been modified....yet. [:D
If you are using a
keypad with your controller it IS compatible and you will be able to have access to all the Hotkeys [1-8], as well as other features available on the keyboard through the keypad.
Additionally: I have also disabled all keyboard hotkeys, Tween Menu, Journal, Sleep, and Auto Move locks that are places on the keyboard that prevent you from using them while using a controller.


For further instructions look at the illustration posted in the pictures section of with this mod.

HIGHLY Recommended Mods

SkyUI (Without it you will NOT be able to assign other actions to the key)
Dual Wield Parrying (Recommended but not required)
Dual Wield Parrying Re-implementation (Recommended but not necessary)
TkDodge (For AWESOMENESS and dodge animation)
Better Jumping (Gives you the abillity to jump while sprinting!)
Ultimate Combat (Enemies will ALSO Dodge)
Immersive Horses
Immersive HUD (Useful if you want to hide the HUD)
Lock-On  (Gives you the ability to lock-on onto one enemy at a time! A very neat feature.)