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Last updated at 10:27, 17 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 13:31, 13 May 2013

I will plan to revamp UC 3.0.
FNIS6.0+ is not compatible. compatible patch is coming soon.

日本語の説明はブログ にて

This mod makes totally new combat experience. It has focused on precise and responsive combat.
It is not only numerical game settings, enemy action adds special attacks, special spell, dodge, counter, block and bash.
These are depending on behavior of the player and situation.
Moreover, add some new attack animations for special attacks.
Your tactics and operation, more affecting results of combat.


-Smart AI with script
NPC AI is smarter and more natural than previous ones. It is not only adjusting the numerical, NPC react to player or myself.
NPC watches your attack, and then attempt to dodge or block.
Additionally, NPC watches your mistake or passive action, and then aggressive special attack.
These actions only if you are within eyesight of NPC. You would need to attack from out of NPC's sight.

Human NPC is classified broadly into five groups(e.g. archer, mage, melee..).
NPC's behavior frequency is different by groups.

Applied race:human, draugr, dragon priest, skeleton, ash spawn, dwarven centurion, falmer, giant, frost giant.

-Special Attacks
NPC will have special attacks different from normal attack and power attack.
Special attack more deal damage; and deal stagger even if blocking.
NPC cannot special attack when not have stamina.
Human npc animations are created by kill move ones, Other NPC add new some attack animations.

-Timed Block
If the player have been blocking attack for a short time(adjustable in MCM), the block will no damage and cost no stamina, and then attacker is staggering.
This stagger is no effective in described above "stagger resistance", so you would be actively utilized.
However, these effects will be applied only melee attacks from the front. In addition, Player cannot use it when player have low stamina.

When succeeded in timed blocking, screen will stop temporarily(like a hit stop) and blur strongly than usual. You can change the settings in the MCM.

-Infighting Shield
Expand magical shield when you charge a magic(just pressing a button) with the timing of enemy melee attacking at the front.
You parry the enemy attack, you are not damaged, and then attacker staggers.
It consumes 10 magicka on success. Possible range of parrying is limited than timed block.
Enchant effect is not blocked.

-Speed Bonus
Your movement speed and direction affect melee attack damage both dealing and incoming.

If you go forward enemy, increase deal and income damage.
If you go backward enemy, decrease deal and income damage.
The maximum damage is two times than the vanilla. It does not greatly modify the game balance.

-Stagger Resistance (Diminishing returns)
Whenever stagger attack(it mean bash and power attack) hit enemy, NPC have stagger time decreases gradually.
So, your first stagger gets full duration, the second stagger is cut by 0.5 second, the third stun is cut by 1.0 second, and for the fourth stun and beyond you get "Immune."
It will reset the resist after 30 seconds from first stagger.
It keeps the usefulness of stagger attack, but you would not be churning out blindly.
It is a counter-measure of player's stagger attack is too strong.
This function enable to turn off/on in MCM.

- NPC power attacks staggering.
Player is overwhelming advantage. Because player not limited in behavior, when player get stagger by power attack.
So player gets the stagger of limited action same as NPC.
If player cannot control time too long, it would not be fun time. Player's stagger time is shorter than NPC.
That time is different depending on the NPC/weapons type.

- Stamina Cost
The player's weapon swing cost a stamina. This cost add to power attack stamina cost.
Instead, regeneration rate of stamina in combat is higher than vanilla. These can be adjusted in MCM, because it take account of balance with some other mod.

When player's stamina is low, blocking efficient degrades and timed block is disable.

- Headshot
If player succeed in shooting to the head by bow/crossbow, deals extra damage, and then victim gets stagger occasionally.
This extra damage depends on the player's skill in archery and weapon critical damage.
It almost does not detect erroneous head position.

- Cooperation
If dying ally, other NPC try to help that NPC. It is natural.
When human NPC bleed out, mage try to recover NPC health, warrior try to defend NPC.

- Performance and stability script.
It is dynamically attached script only combat at the start. So, it is more stable than the other.
There is no need to wait for the re-spawn.

- Slower movement when attacking with one-hand melee.
- Blocking is a little more effective.
- Blocking attacks costs stamina.
- Player's two-handed attack the enemy when blocking deal more damage and more stamina damage.
- Bash reach is reduced.
- Human enemies restore health when health is low.
- NPC dodge a ranged-attack is reduced speed.

= Common Boss Actor
They are stronger than other NPC.

- Dragon Priest
Adds dodge spell, shock wave spell that has staggered, automatic tracking spell, delayed bomb spell, water splash at the feet spell.
His health has twice by default. It's adjustable in MCM.
He has a little damage resistance.
Marked for death becomes hard to effectiveness.

- Dwarven Centurion
Adds new whirl slash and two-handed chop animations.
Player cannot be blocking whirl slash.
It sometimes will bash when attack from front.

Centurion has locational damage system.
When you melee-attack from back a few times, centurion will not be able to act while error checking.
When you ranged-attack(bow or projectile spell) on hit around chest, you deal additional damage.
Note: Face is invalid damage.
It has damage resistance.
Marked for death becomes hard to effectiveness.

Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
+Timed Block
Effective Time - Set TimedBlock effective time after starting block stance.
Pause Time - Set pause time when succeeded in timed blocking.
Blur Strength - Set blur strength when succeeded in timed blocking.

+Game Balance Settings
Hardcore Damage - Both player and NPC increased damage. You get faster-paced combat such as "Deadly Combat".
Hardcore Stealth - Stealth is more difficult. It is more affected by sound, light and equipped weight.
NPC are easier to find even from the far away you. NPC continue to search for you for a long time.
Speed Bonus - Your movement speed and direction affect melee attack damage both dealing and incoming.

Stamina regen in comat - Set a multiple of stamina regeneration in combat. 0 is Off.
Weapon swing cost - Set a multiple of stamina cost when weapon swing. In order to apply this change, need to re-equipped. 0 is Off.
Stamina regen while blocking - Reduce stamina regeneration while blocking.

Headshot Sound - Play a sound when suceed headshot.
Headshot Message - Show a mesagge when suceed headshot.

NPC resists stagger - NPC has stagger resist. Whenever stagger attack(it means bash and power attack) hits enemy, NPC have stagger time decreases gradually.
NPC power attack stagger - NPC power attacks staggering with limited control.
NPC bow stagger - NPC bow attack has stagger.
Player bow stagger - Player bow attack has stagger.

AI page
Enable AI - Enable/Disable additional AI
Dodge - Normal:NPC can dodge. Low:NPC is lower frequency of dodge than the normal Disable:NPC cannot dodge.
HPMult - Multiply by health.


SKSE 1.7+
SkyUI 3.1+
Skyrim 1.9.32


Common tasks:
1.Install SKSE.
Don't forget to install the scripts of “Data folder” of SKSE !
2.(Option) Install SkyUI( or SkyUI Away(

Manual Install:

1.Extract the downloaded archive to a temporary location.
2.Then move it to the Skyrim "Data" folder.
3.The folder would be located at: <Steam install folder>SteamsteamappscommonskyrimData
4.Activate the UltimateCombat.esp in your mod launcher by checking its box.
5.Please chose option files.
If you use skyrim 1.8, you must use "option - dll 1.8.151". Data folder move to your skyrim installation folder. Overwrite "tkplugin.dll".
If you use PCEA(PC Exclusive Animation Path), you must use "option - PCEA Patch". Data folder move to your Skyrim installation folder.

Only overwrite the files. You do not have to do other. But, PCEA user don't forget to overwrite patch files.


1.Deactive mod in MCM.
2.Exit game, and then delete this mod using all files.

* Files shared by my mod
Do not erase shared files by mistake when you uninstall this mod.
Don't worry about overwritten files when installed.

Shared File:
- Ultimate Combat & TK Dodge & TK Combat

- Ultimate Combat & TK Dodge

If you use FNIS6.0 or more , it will not work correctly. Requires a patch.
  1. Install TK Dodge.
  2. Install FNIS 6.2. *if you already done, skip this step.
  3. Install FNIS Behavior 6.2 add-on 1 from FNIS optional file.
  4. Run the FNISforUsers.exe (Data\tools\GenerateFNISforUsers\Generate\)
  5. Check in tktk1's "TK Dodge / Ultimate Combat", and then press FNIS update button.

PCEA - Please use PCEA patch. Backup and overwrite file(, sprintbehavior.hkx, magicbehavior.hkx). If you do not use the patch, player get stuck when sprinting or dodging.

SkyRe - Basically it is no problem. But, SkyRe weapons back to their normal values.
In that case, turn off "Weapon swing cost" in ultimate combat MCM.
Or enter command "set xxxCMStaminaLoss to 0" in Console.

ASIS, ERSO, Enhanced Enemy AI, Locational Damage, ACE, High Level Enemies,
and almost other mods is compatible with this mod. This Mod is placed after from these mods.

Deadly Combat and Duel - Combat Realism is compatible with this mod. But I don't recommend mixed, because it is unbalance maybe.

Recommended my mod
Ultimate Dragons: Dragon combat overhaul mod was made with the same concept.
TK Dodge: Adds dodge animation for player.
TK HitStop: Player adds a solid feel to weapon strikes and an effect to confirm the hit.

Known / Issue bugs

- Script does not attach to the enemy in combat already.

- When draugr and dragonpriest dodge, they buried in the wall.
If the key person is gone somewhere, please clicking on the object, and then type command "moveto player" in console.

- Rarely, when human enemy special attack, and enable killmove conditions, the position of player's weapon becomes strange.
To fix this bug, reload the save game.
Or type below command in console.
player.sae ragdoll
player.sae getupbegin

-I don't mod existing Perk
-I don't mod magic and bow power.
Special Thanks

2013 05.13 Release.
2013 05.19 The lower the power attack rate e.g. wolves. Upper limit of stagger time player received. Player received stagger overlap fixed. Werewolves freeze bug fixed. Draugr positioned weird bug fixed. Skeleton AI added. Cannot use timed block when player have no stamina. Script and AI adjusted. Draugr dodge abolition. Instead of draugr is more aggressive. Hardcore stealth mode added. Pause and blur when succeeded in timed blocking added.
2013 06.03 1.2 Added stamina cost when weapon swinging(adjustable in MCM). Changed stamina regen rate in combat(adjustable in MCM). Sometimes occur invincible time bug fixed. Killmove bug fixed(maybe). Disable timed block when stamina is low. Headshot added. Behavior frequency is different by NPC classified. Player get stagger is different depending on the NPC/weapons type. Stagger resist and player stagger turn on/off in MCM become available. AshSpawn AI added. Skyrim crash cause step on crossbow trap bug fixed. Unblockable attack(Kick and Bash) for human NPC added.
2013 06.16 1.3 Player's stagger animation depending on the NPC/weapons type. When player back from Werewolf and vampireload some features disable bug fixed. Draugr animation added. Draugr and falmer animation fixed. TimedBlock is available turn off in MCM.
When human NPC bleed out, mage try to recover NPC health, warrior try to defend NPC. Human enemy restore health feature disabled. Ragdoll failure bug fixed(maybe). Exclude NPC has dummy keyword from script. Can be considered a cause any bugs fixed.
2013 08.08 1.4 Giant AI added. Dodge faster. More natural dodge animation when enemy equipped magic or staff. When player weapon equipped, papyrus log error fixed.
2014 02.03 2.0 Add Speed bonus. Add Infighting Shield. Fix vilkas error in papyrus log. Fix issues that addtional AI does not apply to draugr and dragon priest of DLC. Player resist stagger just before attack hit. Reduce stagger time when player hits power attack. Reduce dodge when ranged attack.
Dodge can be toggled in MCM. Timed block can be adjusted in 0.05 intervals. Play sound and show message when player headshots.
2014 02.03 2.01 Fixed script error(aaaUCPlayerAliasScript.psc).
2014 07.13 2.5 Can be toggled on/off by additional AI. Improved infighting shield effect. Enables to change human and falmer dodge frequency. Improved script stability and lightening. Improved AI behavior. Added two magic to dragon priest. Enables to change bow attack stagger rate.
Improved instantly reduce stamina regeneration while blocking. Split into AI and General page of the MCM. Improved animation smoothly at the start of the human additional attacks. No Support for skyrim 1.8.
2014 07.14 2.51 Fixed no stamina regeneration bug. If you no regenerate stamina, please block and then block stop. Improved Dwarven rifle 2nd Generation compatible.
2014 07.15 2.52 Fixed no stamina regeneration bug again. Deleted reduce stamina regeneration while blocking feature.
2015 12.23 2.6   Support TK Dodge2.0. NPC dodge is slow and stable. NPC special attack pre-action is slow. Player can cancel attack with blocking.
2016 01.14 2.7   Bug fixed: Falmer cannot move. Bug fixed: NPC cannot dodge if not install tk dodge. Bug fixed: dragon priest does not through the wall by teleport. Improved: performance when scripts distribute. Improved: performance and stability of some script. Improved: animation of dwarven centurion.