• Custom Summon Spells for Morrowind

    Goblin Summon Spells

    This a mod that adds 2 custom Summons that act just like the othe in game summons.
    1. Summon Goblin 2. Summon Goblin Officer

    Find the HighElf neer Fargoth and He will sell them two you (Not Cheap)

    Install: Just extract this into your datafiles Folder and check the plugin on the launcher
    Compatablilty: This Mo

    uploaded 6:01, 31 Mar 2006 164 4 62kb TheBretonMage

  • Skeleton Race for Morrowind

    -Skeleton as a playable character!
    -4 hair styles to choose from
    -Males only (srry girls)
    - THIS WAS NOT DONE BY ME SO DONT GIVE ME CRADIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    uploaded 23:19, 28 Mar 2006 1,278 18 910kb XTbaggerX

  • Elvaan Race for Morrowind

    This is a small mod that simply adds the new race, Elvaan. This is NOT balanced, good with bow and swords. This does not have a readme. I have not encountered any problems. Enjoy

    uploaded 5:04, 27 Mar 2006 202 2 9kb theprogrammer

  • Ascadia 1 for Morrowind

    Buried in the sea to the west of Ebonheart lies undisturbed, Ascadia-1, the Lost City of the Dwemer.
    Recent archaeological undersea excavation has revealed a locked entrance, opposite the original. Our divers remarked,
    "There's Dwemer in there!" And it is true, the technologically superior, ancient Dwemer still thrive, though more l

    uploaded 5:08, 24 Mar 2006 656 20 40kb morsepone7

  • M7Gladiators for Morrowind

    Watch this re-spawning spectacle while dining on popcorn, salted nuts, and Vivec Cola in the stadium. Or take the fight to them! Watch the Gladiators in combat below the Vivec Foreign Quarter Plaza, through a trap door. Or take a nap and refresh in the adjoining rest area. Uses Morrowind/Tribunal.

    uploaded 3:03, 21 Mar 2006 135 4 28kb morsepone7

  • Void Gear for Morrowind

    At long last! Updated, better than ever before!

    -This mod adds several armor and clothing sets based on the "Void" color
    scheme I devised. Sets include, in no particular order:
    Light, Medium, & Heavy Void Armor
    Void Assassin Armor
    White Void Armor
    Common & Expensive Void Clothing
    BB Common, Expensive, & Exquisite Void Clothing

    uploaded 1:58, 21 Mar 2006 2,113 102 6,590kb Kieve

  • M7Mage Shop1 for Morrowind

    An excellent Mage shop north of Caldera town, complete with rare magical items. By M7. The shop has 4 main rooms, including storage and a loft, and a few surprises. This is Mod #5 For M7. This uses the latest Tribunal & Morrowind esp. files. March 19, 2006.

    uploaded 5:37, 20 Mar 2006 188 4 29kb morsepone7

  • RTS Lorathiel Hair 07 Retextures for Morrowind

    Retextures in both natural and unnatural colors of Lorathiel's 07 hair meshes, in earless and elf versions. All of these meshes, including the earless, only work on elf female heads. There are 5 esps for these. Two esps are for the earless, and the hair meshes are entered as armor. There is a modder esp and a playable esp. In the pl

    uploaded 1:33, 19 Mar 2006 310 15 13,984kb redwoodtreesprite

  • Runescorched Garb for Morrowind

    Glowmapped gear for mage-ninjas.

    uploaded 0:49, 19 Mar 2006 359 22 2,396kb CuteUnit

  • Warriors Rest for Morrowind

    Ok, this is my second mod so bear with me. I made an underground, fully funtional base in Balmora. Fully stocked with 5 Traders trading items of their specialty. (Don't attack them, i made them insanely powerful!!!) I also made plenty of storage for your character. Also, there is a shrine inside the base for your use.Just for fun

    uploaded 0:27, 19 Mar 2006 139 5 100kb rodneyleefetrow

  • Scamp LordDoppleganger 25 for Morrowind

    Hunt down a madman and try to uncover the dark secrets of shapeshifting. The quests start after you meet a man just outside of Wolverine Hall. He mistakenly thinks that you are there to help him investigate a body that has recently washed ashore just south of the Hall. Why has this body suddenly appeared? Who is responsible? And what is the motive

    uploaded 22:31, 17 Mar 2006 273 12 11,887kb Lapain

  • Shields for the Back-MW for Morrowind

    uploaded 13:47, 17 Mar 2006 111 6 303kb bodvar