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230+ NPCs are given unique spells, enchantments, and items, to make Morrowind deadlier AND more varied. Faction bosses, Artifact owners, and Daedric cultists have been given customized, flavorful make-overs to become more difficult AND more memorable. Players are encouraged to carry resists, dispels, restores, and prepare ahead for big fights.

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||More Deadly Morrowind Denizens||

MDMD is a balance mod inspired by mortimermcmire's Sixth House/Tribunal/Bloodmoon rebalance series and the Morrowind Anti-Cheese mod. This began as an attempt to make the Vvardenfell boss characters feel like actual bossfights, and has ballooned into a full rebalance, making enemies who were meant to be powerful as dangerous and unique as they should be.

When Bethesda made Morrowind, they clearly thought level 20 was as high as a player character would ever get. The most powerful enemies in Vvardenfell tend to clock in around level 20 themselves, despite high-level player characters tending to land around level 30 or above. They realized this was wrong, and overcompensated in Tribunal and Bloodmoon. mortimermcmire fixed that, but this is intended to fix the original mistake with Morrowind.

This mod affects certain faction quest targets, Daedric shrine cultists, non-6th House Dunmer Strongholds, Artifact owners, and faction bosses. Only character stats/items/spell-lists have been changed, not location.

230+ NPCs are modified. 140+ NPC-only spells are added to increase spellcaster variety. 85 uniquely-enchanted items spice up your opponents' options.

Enemies are not just increased in level--they are given unique spell-lists and enchantments based on who they are, where they are, and who they work for. They are given tricks that belong to them alone, making each fight a more unique, memorable encounter.

Daedra Shrines and Dunmer Strongholds are now level ~20 challenges. Cultists of different lords use different strategies. Worshipers of Malacath will hit you with curses; Mehrunes Dagon's boys will overload you with destructive force; Molag Bal's cultists will Paralyze you and torment you with slow-acting torture; Sheogorath's own will come at you with unpredictable tricks. The Redoran of Marandus have enchantments granting them the protection of their ancestors. The bandits of Andasreth make use of a wild collection of scrolls, enchanted items, and other desperate tricks! etc.,

Your Great House Rivals in Bal Isra, Rethan Manor, and Tel Uvirith have gone from being push-overs to full-fledged bossfights with their own unique fighting styles, and access to their factions' exclusive rewards! The Redoran rival is no longer unarmed, but fully geared, and protected by his ancestors with each blow he strikes. The Hlaalu rival has sneaky tricks to disable you and leave you helpless. Tremble in fear at the Telvanni rival's unparalleled rainbow magic and mastery of Dwemer animunculi!

Artifact owners are turned into level 30 bosses, each with new, unique tricks. Sorkvild the Raven, a necromancer, now WEARS the Masque of Clavicus Vile, and summons an army of undead while blasting you with the cold of the grave. Dreveni Hlaren, owner of the Staff of Magnus, now summons a full suit of Bound Armor and will turn your Drain Health tricks back on YOU! etc.,

Faction final bosses are now level 40, and menace with new tricks of their own. Archmagister Gothren can summon even more Dremora, and his offensive magic will teach you why he's on top. Sjoring Hard-Heart now wears some of the best armor around, and his unique hammer powers him up while tearing you down. etc.,

Vampire Ancients are now level 50, and present challenges even to a powerful Nerevarine. Quake in terror at the unrivaled power of Aundae's magic. Run like prey while Berne strikes at you from the shadows with impunity. Die horribly while Quarra butchers you alive with her new axe.

Player characters will now have a reason to prepare for dangerous fights. Stock up on Resist Element, Resist/Cure Paralysis, Restore Attribute, and Dispel options. Enemies will use effects against you they rarely did before. Be prepared to be Blinded, struck with long-lasting poisons, and--yes--to have 1pt Levitation cast on you, forcing you to float around helplessly. They can do that now. They will do that now.

I've spent ~15 hours testing the balance of this mod, but Morrowind is, in fact, a very difficult game to balance. Clever players might still roll over the challenges here. More natural players might find this all very difficult. I am open to feedback about things that need improvement.


If this is too much for you, use MDMD - Bosses, which only affects the bosses of faction questlines and Artifact owners. It reduces it down to 36 characters only.

If this isn't enough for you, MDMD - Creatures, modifies the spell-lists of many monsters. The curses the Undead cast on you are now more dangerous and consistent. The lowly Bonewalker damages your Luck; the Greater Bonewalker does much more reasonable, reduced Strength damage than before; the Bonelord damages your Speed and Agility! The Hunger had a Paralyze it never used--now all its Distintergrate and Paralyze spells are wrapped up into one deadly spell-package! The non-summoned Dremora will now summon help of their own; lesser Dremora calling on Clannfear, Dremora Lords calling in their own Dremora lackey!

||Compatibility & Etc||

This mod has been cleaned with EnchantedEditor.

This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies the altered characters' spell-lists, inventories, or stats. Whichever mod is loaded last will override the changes of the other. I'm willing to mess around to make compatibility patches if anyone has any requests. A full list of every single NPC and how they are changed is included so you can set up your load-order or set your compatabilities as needed. If you make compatability mods between this and other mods that's great too go ahead do my work for me thank you kindly.

This mod is fully compatible with mortimermcmire's rebalance series, it does not touch anything it touches. I strongly recommend them.

This mod changes many characters Morrowind Anti-Cheese changes, but does not do a lot of what it otherwise does. Load MDMD after Anti-Cheese, so MDMD overrides characters with the new spell-lists and enchanted items. In many cases, I've made artifact holders stronger than Anti-Cheese, if only by giving them more useful spell-lists. Anti-Cheese still fixes a ton of poor enchantment designs, spell-effects, exploits, etc, and is very much worth using.

This mod does not alter Umbra. Use MelchiorDarhk's fantastic Umbra mod for that.